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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11658 Elisabeth Artmann, Nadine Ketel, Hessel Oosterbeek, Bas van der Klaauw Field of Study and Family Outcomes July 2018 Abstract
11657 Jared Ashworth, Tyler Ransom Has the College Wage Premium Continued to Rise? Evidence from Multiple U.S. Surveys July 2018 Abstract
11656 Aastha Rajan, George S Naufal Inter-Spousal Communication in Consanguineous Marriages: Evidence from Egypt July 2018 Abstract
11655 Janet Currie, Michael Mueller-Smith, Maya Rossin-Slater Violence While in Utero: The Impact of Assaults during Pregnancy on Birth Outcomes July 2018 Abstract
11654 Niels-Hugo Blunch My Choice: Female Contraceptive Use Autonomy in Bangladesh July 2018 Abstract
11653 Olivier Bargain, Guy Lacroix, Luca Tiberti Validating the Collective Model of Household Consumption Using Direct Evidence on Sharing July 2018 Abstract
11652 Iga Magda, Aneta Kiełczewska, Nicola Brandt The Effects of Large Universal Child Benefits on Female Labour Supply July 2018 Abstract
11651 Řivind Anti Nilsen, Arvid Raknerud, Diana-Cristina Lancu Public R&D Support and Firms' Performance: A Panel Data Study June 2018 Abstract
11650 Karsten Kohn, Solvejg A. Wewel Skills, Scope, and Success: An Empirical Look at the Start-up Process in Creative Industries in Germany
(forthcoming in: Creativity and Innovation Management)
June 2018 Abstract
11649 Christoph Grimpe, Ulrich Kaiser, Wolfgang Sofka Innovating for the Better? The Role of Advocacy Group Work Experience for Employee Pay June 2018 Abstract
11648 Adam Cook, Isaac Ehrlich Was Higher Education a Major Channel through which the US Became an Economic Superpower in the 20th Century? June 2018 Abstract
11647 Isaac Ehrlich, Adam Cook, Yong Yin What Accounts for the US Ascendancy to Economic Superpower by the Early 20th Century: The Morrill Act – Human Capital Hypothesis June 2018 Abstract
11646 Jennifer Doleac Strategies to Productively Reincorporate the Formerly-Incarcerated into Communities: A Review of the Literature June 2018 Abstract
11645 Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon B. Dahl, Katrine Vellesen Loken, Magne Mogstad Incarceration, Recidivism, and Employment June 2018 Abstract
11644 Robert Dur, Ben Vollaard Salience of Law Enforcement: A Field Experiment June 2018 Abstract
11643 Jason M. Fletcher Estimating Causal Effects of Alcohol Access and Use on a Broad Set of Risky Behaviors: Regression Discontinuity Evidence June 2018 Abstract
11642 Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, Jana Willrodt Willingness to Take Risk: The Role of Risk Conception and Optimism June 2018 Abstract
11641 Conny Wunsch, Eric Strobl Risky Choices and Solidarity: Why Experimental Design Matters June 2018 Abstract
11640 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Manuel Fernandez Sierra The Distribution of the Gender Wage Gap June 2018 Abstract
11639 Joanna Tyrowicz, Lucas van der Velde, Karolina Goraus-Tanska How (Not) to Make Women Work? June 2018 Abstract
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