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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
12042 Olga Demidova, Alena Kolyagina, Francesco Pastore Marshallian vs Jacobs Effects: Which One Is Stronger? Evidence for Russia Unemployment Dynamics December 2018 Abstract
12041 Tymon Sloczynski Average Gaps and Oaxaca–Blinder Decompositions: A Cautionary Tale about Regression Estimates of Racial Differences in Labor Market Outcomes December 2018 Abstract
12040 Michael Lechner Modified Causal Forests for Estimating Heterogeneous Causal Effects December 2018 Abstract
12039 Michael C. Knaus, Michael Lechner, Anthony Strittmatter Machine Learning Estimation of Heterogeneous Causal Effects: Empirical Monte Carlo Evidence December 2018 Abstract
12038 Bruce D. Meyer, Nikolas Mittag Misreporting of Government Transfers: How Important Are Survey Design and Geography? December 2018 Abstract
12037 Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Tiziano Ropele Inflation Expectations and Firm Decisions: New Causal Evidence December 2018 Abstract
12036 Alessio Muscillo, Paolo Pin, Tiziano Razzolini, Francesco Serti Does "Network Closure" Beef up Import Premium? December 2018 Abstract
12035 David Audretsch, Marian Hafenstein, Alexander S. Kritikos, Alexander Schiersch Firm Size and Innovation in the Service Sector December 2018 Abstract
12034 Joshua S. Gans, Andrew Leigh, Martin Schmalz, Adam Triggs Inequality and Market Concentration, When Shareholding Is More Skewed Than Consumption December 2018 Abstract
12033 Sylke V. Schnepf, Beatrice d'Hombres International Mobility of Students in Italy and the UK: Does It Pay off and for Whom? December 2018 Abstract
12032 Jane Falkingham, Corrado Giulietti, Jackline Wahba, Chuhong Wang The Impact of Brexit on International Students' Return Intentions December 2018 Abstract
12031 Christoph Eder, Martin Halla On the Origin and Composition of the German East-West Population Gap December 2018 Abstract
12030 Herbert Brücker, Albrecht Glitz, Adrian Lerche, Agnese Romiti Occupational Recognition and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes December 2018 Abstract
12029 Chloe N. East, Andrea Velasquez The Effect of Increasing Immigration Enforcement on the Labor Supply of High-Skilled Citizen Women December 2018 Abstract
12028 Chad Sparber Substitution between Groups of Highly-Educated, Foreign-Born, H-1B Workers December 2018 Abstract
12027 David Carroll, Jaai Parasnis, Massimiliano Tani Teaching, Gender and Labour Market Incentives December 2018 Abstract
12026 Iga Magda, Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska Do Female Managers Help to Lower Within-Firm Gender Pay Gaps? Public Institutions vs. Private Enterprises
(forthcoming in: Feminist Economics)
December 2018 Abstract
12025 Daniel Fernández-Kranz, Jennifer Louise Roff, Hugette Sun Can Reduced Child Support Make Joint Custody Bad for Children? The Role of Economic Incentives in U.S. Divorce Law on Child Outcomes December 2018 Abstract
12024 Andriana Bellou, Emanuela Cardia Great Depression and the Rise of Female Employment: A New Hypothesis December 2018 Abstract
12023 Lídia Farré, Libertad Gonzalez Does Paternity Leave Reduce Fertility? December 2018 Abstract
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