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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11678 Simon Burgess, Gabriel Heller-Sahlgren Motivated to Succeed? Attitudes to Education among Native and Immigrant Pupils in England July 2018 Abstract
11677 George S Naufal, Froilan T. Malit, Jr. Exploitation and the Decision to Migrate: The Role of Abuse and Unfavorable Working Conditions in Filipina Domestic Workers' Desire to Return Abroad July 2018 Abstract
11676 Almukhtar Al-Abri, Ismail H. Genc, George S Naufal The Impact of Government Spending on GDP in a Remitting Country July 2018 Abstract
11675 Anders Frederiksen, Takao Kato, Nina Smith Working Hours and Top Management Appointments: Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data July 2018 Abstract
11674 Daniel Jones, Mirco Tonin, Michael Vlassopoulos Paying for What Kind of Performance? Performance Pay and Multitasking in Mission-Oriented Jobs July 2018 Abstract
11673 Pierre Cahuc, Francis Kramarz, Sandra Nevoux When Short-Time Work Works July 2018 Abstract
11672 Alan B. Krueger, Orley Ashenfelter Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise Sector July 2018 Abstract
11671 Takao Kato, Hideaki Miyajima, Hideo Owan Does Employee Stock Ownership Work? Evidence from Publicly-Traded Firms in Japan July 2018 Abstract
11670 Deepti Goel, Bidisha Barooah Drivers of Student Performance: Evidence from Higher Secondary Public Schools in Delhi July 2018 Abstract
11669 Kalena E. Cortes, Hans Fricke, Susanna Loeb, David S. Song Too Little or Too Much? Actionable Advice in an Early-Childhood Text Messaging Experiment July 2018 Abstract
11668 Francesco Amodio, Jieun Choi, Giacomo De Giorgi, Aminur Rahman Bribes vs. Taxes: Market Structure and Incentives July 2018 Abstract
11667 Philippe Ruh, Stefan Staubli Financial Incentives and Earnings of Disability Insurance Recipients: Evidence from a Notch Design July 2018 Abstract
11666 Jonneke Bolhaar, Nadine Ketel, Bas van der Klaauw Caseworker's Discretion and the Effectiveness of Welfare-to-Work Programs July 2018 Abstract
11665 Roland Benabou, Armin Falk, Jean Tirole Narratives, Imperatives, and Moral Reasoning July 2018 Abstract
11664 Anne Nolan, Alan Barrett Working Beyond 65 in Ireland July 2018 Abstract
11663 Anne Nolan, Alan Barrett The Role of Self-Employment in Ireland's Older Workforce July 2018 Abstract
11662 J. David Brown, John S. Earle, Mee Jung Kim, Kyung Min Lee High-Growth Entrepreneurship July 2018 Abstract
11661 Pedro Carneiro, Kai Liu, Kjell G. Salvanes The Supply of Skill and Endogenous Technical Change: Evidence from a College Expansion Reform July 2018 Abstract
11660 Soham Sahoo, Stephan Klasen Gender Segregation in Education and Its Implications for Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from India July 2018 Abstract
11659 Michela Carlana Implicit Stereotypes: Evidence from Teachers' Gender Bias July 2018 Abstract
11658 Elisabeth Artmann, Nadine Ketel, Hessel Oosterbeek, Bas van der Klaauw Field of Study and Family Outcomes July 2018 Abstract
11657 Jared Ashworth, Tyler Ransom Has the College Wage Premium Continued to Rise? Evidence from Multiple U.S. Surveys July 2018 Abstract
11656 Aastha Rajan, George S Naufal Inter-Spousal Communication in Consanguineous Marriages: Evidence from Egypt July 2018 Abstract
11655 Janet Currie, Michael Mueller-Smith, Maya Rossin-Slater Violence While in Utero: The Impact of Assaults during Pregnancy on Birth Outcomes July 2018 Abstract
11654 Niels-Hugo Blunch My Choice: Female Contraceptive Use Autonomy in Bangladesh July 2018 Abstract
11653 Olivier Bargain, Guy Lacroix, Luca Tiberti Validating the Collective Model of Household Consumption Using Direct Evidence on Sharing July 2018 Abstract
11652 Iga Magda, Aneta Kiełczewska, Nicola Brandt The Effects of Large Universal Child Benefits on Female Labour Supply July 2018 Abstract
11651 Øivind Anti Nilsen, Arvid Raknerud, Diana-Cristina Lancu Public R&D Support and Firms' Performance: A Panel Data Study June 2018 Abstract
11650 Karsten Kohn, Solvejg A. Wewel Skills, Scope, and Success: An Empirical Look at the Start-up Process in Creative Industries in Germany
(forthcoming in: Creativity and Innovation Management)
June 2018 Abstract
11649 Christoph Grimpe, Ulrich Kaiser, Wolfgang Sofka Innovating for the Better? The Role of Advocacy Group Work Experience for Employee Pay June 2018 Abstract
11648 Adam Cook, Isaac Ehrlich Was Higher Education a Major Channel through which the US Became an Economic Superpower in the 20th Century? June 2018 Abstract
11647 Isaac Ehrlich, Adam Cook, Yong Yin What Accounts for the US Ascendancy to Economic Superpower by the Early 20th Century: The Morrill Act – Human Capital Hypothesis June 2018 Abstract
11646 Jennifer Doleac Strategies to Productively Reincorporate the Formerly-Incarcerated into Communities: A Review of the Literature June 2018 Abstract
11645 Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon B. Dahl, Katrine Vellesen Loken, Magne Mogstad Incarceration, Recidivism, and Employment June 2018 Abstract
11644 Robert Dur, Ben Vollaard Salience of Law Enforcement: A Field Experiment June 2018 Abstract
11643 Jason M. Fletcher Estimating Causal Effects of Alcohol Access and Use on a Broad Set of Risky Behaviors: Regression Discontinuity Evidence June 2018 Abstract
11642 Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, Jana Willrodt Willingness to Take Risk: The Role of Risk Conception and Optimism June 2018 Abstract
11641 Conny Wunsch, Eric Strobl Risky Choices and Solidarity: Why Experimental Design Matters June 2018 Abstract
11640 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Manuel Fernandez Sierra The Distribution of the Gender Wage Gap June 2018 Abstract
11639 Joanna Tyrowicz, Lucas van der Velde, Karolina Goraus-Tanska How (Not) to Make Women Work? June 2018 Abstract
11638 Mahdi Majbouri Twins, Family Size, and Female Labor Force Participation in Iran June 2018 Abstract
11637 Damien de Walque, Christine Valente Incentivizing School Attendance in the Presence of Parent-Child Information Frictions June 2018 Abstract
11636 Michael J. Osei, John V. Winters Labor Demand Shocks and Housing Prices across the US: Does One Size Fit All? June 2018 Abstract
11635 Terhi Maczulskij, Petri Böckerman, Tuomas Kosonen Job Displacement, Inter-Regional Mobility and Long-Term Earnings June 2018 Abstract
11634 Martin Biewen, Daniela Plötze The Role of Hours Changes for the Increase in German Earnings Inequality June 2018 Abstract
11633 Neil Rowland, Duncan McVicar, Ian Shuttleworth The Evolution of Catholic-Protestant Labour Market Inequality in Northern Ireland, 1983-2014 June 2018 Abstract
11632 Seamus McGuinness, Paul Redmond Estimating the Effect of an Increase in the Minimum Wage on Hours Worked and Employment in Ireland June 2018 Abstract
11631 Michael Kvasnicka, Thomas Siedler, Nicolas R. Ziebarth The Health Effects of Smoking Bans: Evidence from German Hospitalization Data
(forthcoming in: Health Economics)
June 2018 Abstract
11630 Miriam Gensowski, Torben Heien Nielsen, Nete Munk Nielsen, Maya Rossin-Slater, Miriam Wüst Childhood Health Shocks, Comparative Advantage, and Long-Term Outcomes: Evidence from the Last Danish Polio Epidemic June 2018 Abstract
11629 Elira Kuka Quantifying the Benefits of Social Insurance: Unemployment Insurance and Health June 2018 Abstract
11628 Stefan Bauernschuster, Anastasia Driva, Erik Hornung Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline June 2018 Abstract
11627 Sankar Mukhopadhyay, Jeanne Wendel, Miaomiao Zou Impacts of Shifting Responsibility for High-Cost Individuals on Health Insurance Exchange Plan Premiums and Cost-Sharing Provisions June 2018 Abstract
11626 Conny Wunsch, Renate Strobl Identification of Causal Mechanisms Based on Between-Subject Double Randomization Designs June 2018 Abstract
11625 Davide Azzolini, Alberto Martini, Enrico Rettore, Barbara Romano, Antonio Schizzerotto, Loris Vergolini Testing a Social Innovation in Financial Aid for Low-Income Students: Experimental Evidence from Italy June 2018 Abstract
11624 Sofoklis Goulas, Rigissa Megalokonomou Marathon, Hurdling or Sprint? The Effects of Exam Scheduling on Academic Performance June 2018 Abstract
11623 Italo A. Gutierrez, Oswaldo Molina, Hugo R. Nopo Stand Against Bullying: An Experimental School Intervention June 2018 Abstract
11622 Elena Shvartsman The State of the Economy at Graduation, Wages, and Catch-up Paths: Evidence from Switzerland June 2018 Abstract
11621 Joanna Tyrowicz, Krzysztof Makarski, Marcin Bielecki Inequality in an OLG Economy with Heterogeneous Cohorts and Pension Systems June 2018 Abstract
11620 Maarten Lindeboom, Raymond Montizaan Pension Reform: Disentangling Retirement and Savings Responses June 2018 Abstract
11619 Chiara Canta, Helmuth Cremer Uncertain Altruism and Non-Linear Long-Term Care Policies June 2018 Abstract
11618 Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Anna Hammerschmid, Michael Peters Labor Market and Distributional Effects of an Increase in the Retirement Age June 2018 Abstract
11617 Chris Doucouliagos, Patrice Laroche, Douglas L. Kruse, T. D. Stanley Where Does Profit Sharing Work Best? A Meta-Analysis on the Role of Unions, Culture, and Values June 2018 Abstract
11616 Sabrina Genz, Lutz Bellmann, Britta Matthes Do German Works Councils Counter or Foster the Implementation of Digital Technologies? June 2018 Abstract
11615 John Forth, Alex Bryson State Substitution for the Trade Union Good: The Case of Paid Holiday Entitlements June 2018 Abstract
11614 Eric D. Gould Torn Apart? The Impact of Manufacturing Employment Decline on Black and White Americans June 2018 Abstract
11613 Elie Murard, Seyhun Orcan Sakalli Mass Refugee Inflow and Long-Run Prosperity: Lessons from the Greek Population Resettlement June 2018 Abstract
11612 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Cynthia Bansak, Susan Pozo Refugee Admissions and Public Safety: Are Refugee Settlement Areas More Prone to Crime? June 2018 Abstract
11611 Binnur Balkan, Elif Ozcan Tok, Huzeyfe Torun, Semih Tumen Immigration, Housing Rents, and Residential Segregation: Evidence from Syrian Refugees in Turkey June 2018 Abstract
11610 Michal Burzynski, Frédéric Docquier, Hillel Rapoport The Changing Structure of Immigration to the OECD: What Welfare Effects on Member Countries?
(Forthcoming in: IMF Economic Review)
June 2018 Abstract
11609 Jake Anders, Simon Burgess, Jonathan Portes The Long-Term Outcomes of Refugees: Tracking the Progress of the East African Asians June 2018 Abstract
11608 Alexander M. Danzer, Carsten Feuerbaum, Marc Piopiunik, Ludger Woessmann Growing Up in Ethnic Enclaves: Language Proficiency and Educational Attainment of Immigrant Children June 2018 Abstract
11607 Jessica Leight, Elaine M. Liu Maternal Education, Parental Investment and Non-Cognitive Characteristics in Rural China June 2018 Abstract
11606 Elena Claudia Meroni, Daniela Piazzalunga, Chiara D. Pronzato Use of Extra-School Time and Child Behaviours: Evidence from the UK June 2018 Abstract
11605 Gianmaria Niccodemi, Govert Bijwaard Education, Intelligence and Diseases in Old Age June 2018 Abstract
11604 Maria Ferreira Sequeda, Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Sergio Parra-Cely The Effect of Grade Retention on Secondary School Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment June 2018 Abstract
11603 Giorgio Brunello, Angela Crema, Lorenzo Rocco Testing at Length If It Is Cognitive or Non-Cognitive June 2018 Abstract
11602 Peter Bergman The Risks and Benefits of School Integration for Participating Students: Evidence from a Randomized Desegregation Program June 2018 Abstract
11601 Paul Hufe, Ravi Kanbur, Andreas Peichl Measuring Unfair Inequality: Reconciling Equality of Opportunity and Freedom from Poverty June 2018 Abstract
11600 Sanjay K. Chugh, Wolfgang Lechthaler, Christian Merkl Optimal Fiscal Policy with Labor Selection
(forthcoming: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control)
June 2018 Abstract
11599 Christian Gillitzer, Mathias Sinning Nudging Businesses to Pay Their Taxes: Does Timing Matter? June 2018 Abstract
11598 Jonathan Deslauriers, Benoit Dostie, Robert Gagné, Jonathan Paré Estimating the Impacts of Payroll Taxes: Evidence from Canadian Employer-Employee Tax Data June 2018 Abstract
11597 Alpaslan Akay, Olivier Bargain, Ahmed Elsayed Everybody's a Victim? Global Terror, Well-Being and Political Attitudes June 2018 Abstract
11596 Thushyanthan Baskaran, Sonia R. Bhalotra, Brian Min, Yogesh Uppal Women Legislators and Economic Performance June 2018 Abstract
11595 Maksymilian Kwiek, Helia Marreiros, Michael Vlassopoulos Voting as a War of Attrition June 2018 Abstract
11594 Artjoms Ivlevs, Timothy Hinks Former Communist Party Membership and Bribery in the Post-Socialist Countries
(Forthcoming in: Journal of Comparative Economics)
June 2018 Abstract
11593 John Bennett, Matthew D. Rablen Bribery, Hold-Up and Bureaucratic Structure June 2018 Abstract
11592 David L. Dickinson, David Masclet Using Ethical Dilemmas to Predict Antisocial Choices with Real Payoff Consequences: An Experimental Study June 2018 Abstract
11591 Govert Bijwaard, Mikko Myrskylä, Per Tynelius The Impact of Mental Problems on Mortality and How It Is Moderated by Education June 2018 Abstract
11590 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Damian Clarke, Joseph Gomes, Atheendar Venkataramani Maternal Mortality and Women's Political Participation June 2018 Abstract
11589 Charles Courtemanche, Art Carden, Xilin Zhou, Murugi Ndirangu Do Walmart Supercenters Improve Food Security? June 2018 Abstract
11588 Ian Gazeley, Andrew T. Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Gutierrez Rufrancos Nutrition in Interwar Britain: A Possible Resolution of the Healthy or Hungry 1930s Debate? June 2018 Abstract
11587 Badi H. Baltagi, Bernard Fingleton, Alain Pirotte A Time-Space Dynamic Panel Data Model with Spatial Moving Average Errors June 2018 Abstract
11586 Esther Mirjam Girsberger, Miriam Rinawi, Matthias Krapf Wages and Employment: The Role of Occupational Skills June 2018 Abstract
11585 Duncan McVicar, Andrew Park, Seamus McGuinness Exploiting the Irish Border to Estimate Minimum Wage Impacts in Northern Ireland June 2018 Abstract
11584 Gustavo J Canavire Bacarreza, Luis C. Carvajal-Osorio Two Stories of Wage Dynamics in Latin America: Different Policies, Different Outcomes June 2018 Abstract
11583 James Browne, Herwig Immervoll, Rodrigo Fernandez, Dirk Neumann, Daniele Pacifico, Céline Thévenot Faces of Joblessness in Ireland: A People-Centred Perspective on Employment Barriers and Policies June 2018 Abstract
11582 Céline Piton, Francois Rycx The Unemployment Impact of Product and Labour Market Regulation: Evidence from European Countries June 2018 Abstract
11581 Kathrin Manthei, Dirk Sliwka Multitasking and Subjective Performance Evaluations: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment in a Bank June 2018 Abstract
11580 Luke Boosey, Sebastian J. Goerg The Timing of Discretionary Bonuses: Effort, Signals, and Reciprocity June 2018 Abstract
11579 Arnab K. Basu, Nancy H. Chau, Vidhya Soundararajan Contract Employment as a Worker Discipline Device June 2018 Abstract
11578 Anne Hilger, Christophe Jalil Nordman, Leopold Sarr Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills, Hiring Channels, and Wages in Bangladesh June 2018 Abstract
11577 Eva Van Belle, Ralf Caers, Marijke De Couck, Valentina Di Stasio, Stijn Baert The Signal of Applying for a Job under a Vacancy Referral Scheme June 2018 Abstract
11576 Martin Eckhoff Andresen, Tarjei Havnes Child Care, Parental Labor Supply and Tax Revenue May 2018 Abstract
11575 Takao Kato, Yang Song An Advisor like Me: Does Gender Matter? May 2018 Abstract
11574 Cevat Giray Aksoy, Christopher S. Carpenter, Jeff Frank, Matt L. Huffman Gay Glass Ceilings: Sexual Orientation and Workplace Authority in the UK May 2018 Abstract
11573 Haifeng Nie, Chunbing Xing Education Expansion, Assortative Marriage, and Income Inequality in China May 2018 Abstract
11572 Arnaud Dupuy, Simon Weber Marital Patterns and Income Inequality May 2018 Abstract
11571 Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Emanuela Galasso, Mario Negre Shared Prosperity: Concepts, Data, and Some Policy Examples May 2018 Abstract
11570 Ronald Bachmann, Merve Cim, Colin Green Long-Run Patterns of Labour Market Polarisation: Evidence from German Micro Data May 2018 Abstract
11569 Belton M. Fleisher, William H. McGuire, Yaqin Su, Min Qiang Zhao Innovation, Wages, and Polarization in China May 2018 Abstract
11568 Andrea Garnero, Francois Rycx, Isabelle Terraz Productivity and Wage Effects of Firm-Level Collective Agreements: Evidence from Belgian Linked Panel Data May 2018 Abstract
11567 Priscillia E Hunt, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Gabriel Weinberger High on Crime? Exploring the Effects of Marijuana Dispensary Laws on Crime in California Counties May 2018 Abstract
11566 Silvia Mendolia, Alfredo R. Paloyo, Ian Walker The Effect of Religiosity on Adolescent Risky Behaviors May 2018 Abstract
11565 Bruce S. Shearer, Nibene Habib Somé, Bernard Fortin Measuring Physicians' Response to Incentives: Evidence on Hours Worked and Multitasking May 2018 Abstract
11564 Si Chen, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch Looking at the Bright Side: The Motivation Value of Overconfidence May 2018 Abstract
11563 David Butler, Stephen L. Cheung Mind, Body, Bubble! Psychological and Biophysical Dimensions of Behavior in Experimental Asset Markets May 2018 Abstract
11562 Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino Structural Labour Supply Models and Microsimulation May 2018 Abstract
11561 Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Stefa Hirsch Are Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility Biased by Non-Response? Evidence from the Netherlands
(forthcoming in: Social Choice and Welfare)
May 2018 Abstract
11560 Otávio Bartalotti Regression Discontinuity and Heteroskedasticity Robust Standard Errors: Evidence from a Fixed-Bandwidth Approximation
(forthcoming in: Journal of Econometric Methods)
May 2018 Abstract
11559 Pedro Portugal, António Rua Zooming the Ins and Outs of the U.S. Unemployment with a Wavelet Lens May 2018 Abstract
11558 Amy Finkelstein, Matthew J. Notowidigdo Take-up and Targeting: Experimental Evidence from SNAP May 2018 Abstract
11557 David E. Frisvold, Melinda Pitts State Merit Aid Programs and Youth Labor Market Attachment May 2018 Abstract
11556 Daniel Fackler, Michaela Fuchs, Lisa Hölscher, Claus Schnabel Do Startups Provide Employment Opportunities for Disadvantaged Workers?
(forthcoming in: Industrial and Labor Relations Review)
May 2018 Abstract
11555 Nicole Gürtzgen, André Nolte, Laura Pohlan, Gerard J. van den Berg Do Digital Information Technologies Help Unemployed Job Seekers Find a Job? Evidence from the Broadband Internet Expansion in Germany May 2018 Abstract
11554 Emilio Depetris-Chauvin, Ömer Özak The Origins of the Division of Labor in Pre-Modern Times May 2018 Abstract
11553 Mark Gradstein, Moshe Justman Diversity and Growth May 2018 Abstract
11552 Simon Pierre Boulanger Martel, Lisa Pelling, Eskil Wadensjö Economic Resources, Financial Aid and Remittances May 2018 Abstract
11551 Maurice Schiff Brain Drain-Induced Brain Gain and the Bhagwati Tax: Are Early and Recent Paradigms Compatible? May 2018 Abstract
11550 Heidi Kaila, David E. Sahn, Naveen Sunder Early Life Determinants of Cognitive Ability: A Comparative Study on Madagascar and Senegal May 2018 Abstract
11549 Joop Hartog, Pedro Raposo, Hugo Reis Vocational High School Graduate Wage Gap: The Role of Cognitive Skills and Firms May 2018 Abstract
11548 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Delia Furtado, Huanan Xu Did OPT Policy Changes Help Steer and Retain Foreign Talent into Stem? May 2018 Abstract
11547 Michael C. Knaus A Double Machine Learning Approach to Estimate the Effects of Musical Practice on Student's Skills May 2018 Abstract
11546 Jason M. Fletcher, Jinho Kim Learning Hope and Optimism: Classmate Experiences and Adolescent Development May 2018 Abstract
11545 Rebecca McDonald, Nattavudh Powdthavee The Shadow Prices of Voluntary Caregiving: Using Panel Data of Well-Being to Estimate the Cost of Informal Care May 2018 Abstract
11544 Jason M. Fletcher Environmental Bottlenecks on Children's Genetic Potential for Adult Socioeconomic Attainments: Evidence from a Health Shock May 2018 Abstract
11543 Elena Grinza, Francois Rycx The Impact of Sickness Absenteeism on Productivity: New Evidence from Belgian Matched Panel Data May 2018 Abstract
11542 Soohyung Lee, Heesun Yoo, Minhyuk Nam Impact of the Clean Air Act on Air Pollution and Infant Health: Evidence from South Korea
(forthcoming in: Economics Letters)
May 2018 Abstract
11541 Karen Clay, Margarita Portnykh, Edson R. Severnini Toxic Truth: Lead and Fertility May 2018 Abstract
11540 Gregory DeAngelo, Laura Katherine Gee Peers or Police? Detection and Sanctions in the Provision of Public Goods May 2018 Abstract
11539 Ohto Kanninen, Petri Böckerman, Ilpo Suoniemi Domain-Specific Risk and Public Policy May 2018 Abstract
11538 Eric Cardella, Charlene M. Kalenkoski, Michael Parent Less Is Not More: Information Presentation Complexity and 401(k) Planning Choices May 2018 Abstract
11537 Pia Pinger, Sebastian Schäfer, Heiner Schumacher Locus of Control and Consistent Investment Choices May 2018 Abstract
11536 Albrecht Bohne, Jan Sebastian Nimczik Information Frictions and Learning Dynamics: Evidence from Tax Avoidance in Ecuador May 2018 Abstract
11535 Duccio Gamannossi degl’Innocenti, Matthew D. Rablen Tax Evasion on a Social Network May 2018 Abstract
11534 Olivier Bargain, Delphine Boutin, Hugues Champeaux Women's Political Participation and Intrahousehold Empowerment: Evidence from the Egyptian Arab Spring May 2018 Abstract
11533 Kamila Cygan-Rehm, Daniel Kühnle, Regina T. Riphahn Paid Parental Leave and Families' Living Arrangements
(forthcoming in: Labour Economics)
May 2018 Abstract
11532 Quentin Lippmann, Claudia Senik Math, Girls and Socialism May 2018 Abstract
11531 Soohyung Lee, Chiara Orsini Girls and Boys: Economic Crisis, Fertility, and Birth Outcomes
(forthcoming in: Journal of Applied Econometrics)
May 2018 Abstract
11530 Niels-Hugo Blunch Just like a Woman? New Comparative Evidence on the Gender Income Gap across Eastern Europe and Central Asia May 2018 Abstract
11529 John Bennett, Stephanie Levy Family Ceremonies as a Constraint on Informal Sector Investment: The Case of Sénégal May 2018 Abstract
11528 Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn Ancestral Characteristics of Modern Populations May 2018 Abstract
11527 Gregory Verdugo, Sorana Toma Can Public Housing Decrease Segregation? Lessons and Challenges from Non-European Immigration in France
(forthcoming in: Demography)
May 2018 Abstract
11526 Marianne Roed, Pal Schone, Janis Umblijs Local Labour Market Conditions on Immigrants' Arrival and Children's School Performance May 2018 Abstract
11525 Sankar Mukhopadhyay Comparing Wage Gains from Different Immigrant Legalization Programs May 2018 Abstract
11524 Sankar Mukhopadhyay Language Assimilation and Performance in Achievement Tests among Immigrant Children: Evidence from a Field Experiment May 2018 Abstract
11523 Takao Kato, Antti Kauhanen Performance Pay and Enterprise Productivity: The Details Matter May 2018 Abstract
11522 Rolf Aaberge, Anthony B. Atkinson, Sebastian Königs From Classes to Copulas: Wages, Capital, and Top Incomes
(forthcoming in: The Journal of Economic Inequality)
May 2018 Abstract
11521 Farzana Afridi, Amrita Dhillon, Sherry Xin Li, Swati Sharma Using Social Connections and Financial Incentives to Solve Coordination Failure: A Quasi-Field Experiment in India's Manufacturing Sector May 2018 Abstract
11520 Elena Grinza, Stephan Kampelmann, Francois Rycx L'union fait la force? Evidence for Wage Discrimination in Firms with High Diversity May 2018 Abstract
11519 Nancy H. Chau, Ravi Kanbur Employer Power, Labor Saving Technical Change, and Inequality
(forthcoming in: Festschrift in Honor of Pranab Bardhan)
May 2018 Abstract
11518 Tobias Brändle, Laszlo Goerke The One Constant: A Causal Effect of Collective Bargaining on Employment Growth? May 2018 Abstract
11517 Jan Hagemeier, Jan Svejnar, Joanna Tyrowicz Are Rushed Privatizations Substandard? Analyzing Firm-Level Privatization under Fiscal Pressure May 2018 Abstract
11516 Daniel O. Gilligan, Naureen Karachiwalla, Ibrahim Kasirye, Adrienne Lucas, Derek Neal Educator Incentives and Educational Triage in Rural Primary Schools May 2018 Abstract
11515 Horst Entorf, Jia Hou Financial Education for the Disadvantaged? A Review April 2018 Abstract
11514 Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Nathan Kettlewell, Stefanie Schurer, Sven Silburn The Effect of Quarantining Welfare on School Attendance in Indigenous Communities April 2018 Abstract
11513 Niels-Hugo Blunch, Jeffrey S. Hammer The Last of the Lost Generations? Formal and Non-Formal Education in Ghana during Times of Economic Decline and Recovery April 2018 Abstract
11512 Mercedes Ayuso, Jorge Miguel Bravo, Robert Holzmann Getting Life Expectancy Estimates Right for Pension Policy: Period versus Cohort Approach April 2018 Abstract
11511 Giam Pietro Cipriani, Francesco Pascucci Pension Policies in a Model with Endogenous Fertility
(forthcoming in: Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2018)
April 2018 Abstract
11510 John P. Martin Live Longer, Work Longer: The Changing Nature of the Labour Market for Older Workers in OECD Countries April 2018 Abstract
11509 Nicola Lacetera, Mario Macis Moral Nimby-ism? Understanding Societal Support for Monetary Compensation to Plasma Donors in Canada April 2018 Abstract
11508 Arthur P. Hayen, Tobias J. Klein, Martin Salm Does the Framing of Patient Cost-Sharing Incentives Matter? The Effects of Deductibles vs. No-Claim Refunds April 2018 Abstract
11507 Iga Magda, Roma Keister Working Time Flexibility and Parental 'Quality Time' Spent with Children April 2018 Abstract
11506 John T. Addison, Paulino Teixeira What Do Workers Want? The Shortfall in Employee Participation at the European Workplace April 2018 Abstract
11505 Andrea Essl, Frauke von Bieberstein, Michael Kosfeld, Markus Kröll Sales Performance and Social Preferences April 2018 Abstract
11504 Andy Snell, Heiko Stüber, Jonathan P. Thomas Downward Real Wage Rigidity and Equal Treatment Wage Contracts: Theory and Evidence April 2018 Abstract
11503 Magdalena Smyk, Joanna Tyrowicz, Lucas van der Velde A Cautionary Note on the Reliability of the Online Survey Data: The Case of Wage Indicator
(forthcoming in: Sociological Methods and Research, 2018)
April 2018 Abstract
11502 Olivier Bargain, Karina Doorley, Philippe Van Kerm Minimum Wages and the Gender Gap in Pay: New Evidence from the UK and Ireland
(forthcoming in: Review of Income and Wealth, 2018)
April 2018 Abstract
11501 Alexander Konon, Michael Fritsch, Alexander S. Kritikos Business Cycles and Start-ups across Industries: An Empirical Analysis of German Regions April 2018 Abstract
11500 Gerda Dewit, Holger Görg, Yama Temouri Employment Protection and Firm Relocation: Theory and Evidence
(forthcoming in: Economica, 2018)
April 2018 Abstract
11499 Martyna Marczak, Thomas Beissinger Competitiveness at the Country-Sector Level: New Measures Based on Global Value Chains April 2018 Abstract
11498 Maurizio Bussolo, Simon Commander, Stavros Poupakis Political Connections and Firms: Network Dimensions April 2018 Abstract
11497 Matthew P. Larkin, Zohid Askarov, Chris Doucouliagos, Chris Dubelaar, Maria Klona, Joshua Newton, T. D. Stanley, Andrea Vocino Do House Prices Sink or Ride the Wave of Immigration? April 2018 Abstract
11496 Steven G. Dieterle, Otávio Bartalotti, Quentin Brummet Revisiting the Effects of Unemployment Insurance Extensions on Unemployment: A Measurement Error-Corrected Regression Discontinuity Approach April 2018 Abstract
11495 Karina Doorley Taxation, Work and Gender Equality in Ireland
(forthcoming in: Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 2018)
April 2018 Abstract
11494 Juan J. Dolado, Gergö Motyovszki, Evi Pappa Monetary Policy and Inequality under Labor Market Frictions and Capital-Skill Complementarity April 2018 Abstract
11493 Diana Estévez Schwarz, Eric Sommer Smooth Income Tax Schedules: Derivation and Consequences April 2018 Abstract
11492 Malvina Bondy, Sefi Roth, Lutz Sager Crime is in the Air: The Contemporaneous Relationship between Air Pollution and Crime April 2018 Abstract
11491 Nicola Mastrorocco, Luigi Minale News Media and Crime Perceptions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment April 2018 Abstract
11490 Tom Kirchmaier, Stephen Machin, Matteo Sandi, Robert Witt Prices, Policing and Policy: The Dynamics of Crime Booms and Busts April 2018 Abstract
11489 Jennifer Doleac, Anita Mukherjee The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime April 2018 Abstract
11488 Tim Krieger, Laura Renner, Jens Ruhose Long-Term Relatedness between Countries and International Migrant Selection
(forthcoming in: the Journal of International Economics, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jinteco.2018.04.002)
April 2018 Abstract
11487 Cemal Eren Arbatli, Quamrul Ashraf, Oded Galor, Marc Klemp Diversity and Conflict April 2018 Abstract
11486 Chloe N. East, Philip Luck, Hani Mansour, Andrea Velasquez The Labor Market Effects of Immigration Enforcement April 2018 Abstract
11485 Aslan Zorlu, Joop Hartog The Impact of Language on Socioeconomic Integration of Immigrants April 2018 Abstract
11484 Nicolas Herault, Stephen P. Jenkins How Valid Are Synthetic Panel Estimates of Poverty Dynamics? April 2018 Abstract
11483 Maurice Schiff Beneficial Brain Drain and Non-Migrants' Welfare April 2018 Abstract
11482 Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbjørn Raaum, Knut Røed Immigrant Responses to Social Insurance Generosity April 2018 Abstract
11481 Robert Holzmann, Jacques Wels Status and Progress in Cross-Border Portability of Social Security Benefits April 2018 Abstract
11480 William W. Olney, Dario Pozzoli The Impact of Immigration on Firm-Level Offshoring April 2018 Abstract
11479 Getinet Astatike Haile Organisational Accreditation and Worker Upskilling in Britain April 2018 Abstract
11478 Stephen Machin, Matteo Sandi Autonomous Schools and Strategic Pupil Exclusion April 2018 Abstract
11477 David Carroll, Christopher Heaton, Massimiliano Tani Does It Pay to Graduate from an 'Elite' University in Australia? April 2018 Abstract
11476 Stephen Machin, Sandra McNally, Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela Entry Through the Narrow Door: The Costs of Just Failing High Stakes Exams April 2018 Abstract
11475 Spencer Bastani, Daniel Waldenström How Should Capital Be Taxed? Theory and Evidence from Sweden April 2018 Abstract
11474 Giulia Giupponi, Stephen Machin Changing the Structure of Minimum Wages: Firm Adjustment and Wage Spillovers April 2018 Abstract
11473 Yoon Y. Cho, Ummul Ruthbah Does Workfare Work Well? The Case of the Employment Generation Program for the Poorest in Bangladesh April 2018 Abstract
11472 Britta Gehrke, Brigitte Hochmuth Counteracting Unemployment in Crises: Non-Linear Effects of Short-Time Work Policy April 2018 Abstract
11471 Lieke Kools, Pierre Koning Graded Return-To-Work as a Stepping Stone to Full Work Resumption April 2018 Abstract
11470 Rania Gihleb, Osea Giuntella, Ning Zhang The Effects of Mandatory Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Foster Care Admissions April 2018 Abstract
11469 Osea Giuntella, Jakub Lonsky The Effects of DACA on Health Insurance, Access to Care, and Health Outcomes April 2018 Abstract
11468 Charles Courtemanche, James Marton, Benjamin Ukert, Aaron Yelowitz, Daniela Zapata Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Behaviors after Three Years April 2018 Abstract
11467 Michela Carlana, Marco Tabellini Happily Ever After: Immigration, Natives' Marriage, and Fertility April 2018 Abstract
11466 Pavel Jelnov A New Estimator of Search Duration and Its Application to the Marriage Market April 2018 Abstract
11465 David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon H. Hanson When Work Disappears: Manufacturing Decline and the Falling Marriage-Market Value of Young Men
(forthcoming in: American Economic Review: Insights)
April 2018 Abstract
11464 S Anukriti, Sungoh Kwon, Nishith Prakash Household Savings and Marriage Payments: Evidence from Dowry in India April 2018 Abstract
11463 Alberto Alesina, Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn Traditional Agricultural Practices and the Sex Ratio Today April 2018 Abstract
11462 Giulia Ferrari, Valeria Ferraro, Paola Profeta, Chiara D. Pronzato Do Board Gender Quotas Matter? Selection, Performance and Stock Market Effects April 2018 Abstract
11461 Charles Bellemare, Marion Goussé, Guy Lacroix, Steeve Marchand Physical Disability and Labor Market Discrimination: Evidence from a Field Experiment April 2018 Abstract
11460 Luis Artavia-Mora, Arjun S. Bedi, Matthias Rieger Help, Prejudice and Headscarves April 2018 Abstract
11459 Niall O'Higgins, Clelia Mazzoni, Patrizia Sbriglia Evaluating Trust and Trustworthiness in Social Groups and Networks April 2018 Abstract
11458 Carmine Ornaghi, Mirco Tonin Water Tariffs and Consumers' Inaction April 2018 Abstract
11457 Ernst Fehr, Tony Williams Social Norms, Endogenous Sorting and the Culture of Cooperation April 2018 Abstract
11456 Alex Bryson, Lucy Stokes, David Wilkinson Are Schools Different? Wellbeing and Commitment among Staff in Schools and Elsewhere April 2018 Abstract
11455 Stijn Baert, Suncica Vujic, Simon Amez, Matteo Claeskens, Thomas Daman, Arno Maeckelberghe, Eddy Omey, Lieven De Marez Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: Correlation or Causal Relationship? April 2018 Abstract
11454 Mette Trier Damgaard, Helena Skyt Nielsen Nudging in Education
(forthcoming in: Economics of Education Review, 2018)
April 2018 Abstract
11453 Philipp Lergetporer, Katharina Werner, Ludger Woessmann Does Ignorance of Economic Returns and Costs Explain the Educational Aspiration Gap? Evidence from Representative Survey Experiments April 2018 Abstract
11452 Matias Berthelon, Diana Kruger, Rafael Sánchez Maternal Stress during Pregnancy and Early Childhood Development April 2018 Abstract
11451 Rosemary Elkins, Stefanie Schurer Exploring the Role of Fathers in Non-Cognitive Skill Development over the Lifecourse April 2018 Abstract
11450 Stefanie Schurer, Kristian Trajkovski Understanding the Mechanisms through Which Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect Lifetime Economic Outcomes April 2018 Abstract
11449 Sonja C. Kassenboehmer, Stefanie Schurer Survey Item-Response Behavior as an Imperfect Proxy for Unobserved Ability: Theory and Application April 2018 Abstract
11448 Gerard J. van den Berg, Bettina Drepper A Unique Bond: Twin Bereavement and Lifespan Associations of Identical and Fraternal Twins April 2018 Abstract
11447 Gerard J. van den Berg, Bettina M. Siflinger The Effects of Day Care on Health During Childhood: Evidence by Age March 2018 Abstract
11446 María Laura Alzúa, Habiba Djebbari, Amy J. Pickering A Community Based Program Promotes Sanitation
(forthcoming in: Economic Development and Cultural Change)
March 2018 Abstract
11445 Chloe N. East, Andrew I. Friedson An Apple a Day? Adult Food Stamp Eligibility and Health Care Utilization Among Immigrants March 2018 Abstract
11444 Charles Courtemanche, Andrew I. Friedson, Daniel I. Rees Ambulance Utilization in New York City after the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act March 2018 Abstract
11443 Ronald Bachmann, Rahel Felder Labour Market Transitions, Shocks and Institutions in Turbulent Times: A Cross-Country Analysis March 2018 Abstract
11442 Carlos Carrillo-Tudela, Andrey Launov, Jean-Marc Robin The Fall in German Unemployment: A Flow Analysis March 2018 Abstract
11441 Krzysztof Makarski, Joanna Tyrowicz On Welfare Effects of Increasing Retirement Age
(forthcoming in Journal of Policy Modelling, 2018)
March 2018 Abstract
11440 Mathias Dolls, Karina Doorley, Alari Paulus, Hilmar Schneider, Eric Sommer Demographic Change and the European Income Distribution March 2018 Abstract
11439 Tim Callan, Karina Doorley, Michael Savage Inequality in EU Crisis Countries: How Effective Were Automatic Stabilisers? March 2018 Abstract
11438 James T. Bang, Aniruddha Mitra, Phanindra V. Wunnava Hollowing Out the Middle? Remittances and Income Inequality in Nigeria March 2018 Abstract
11437 Artjoms Ivlevs, Milena Nikolova, Carol Lee Graham Emigration, Remittances and the Subjective Well-Being of Those Staying Behind March 2018 Abstract
11436 Gonzalo Olcina, Fabrizio Panebianco, Yves Zenou Conformism, Social Norms and the Dynamics of Assimilation March 2018 Abstract
11435 Francesca Marchetta, David E. Sahn, Luca Tiberti School or Work? The Role of Weather Shocks in Madagascar March 2018 Abstract
11434 Martin Lundin, Oskar Nordström Skans, Pär Zetterberg Leadership Experiences, Labor Market Entry, and Early Career Trajectories March 2018 Abstract
11433 Christian Belzil, François Poinas Estimating a Model of Qualitative and Quantitative Education Choices in France March 2018 Abstract
11432 Timothy N. Bond, Kevin J. Mumford Teacher Performance Pay in the United States: Incidence and Adult Outcomes March 2018 Abstract
11431 Silvia Mendolia, Paul McNamee, Oleg Yerokhin The Transmission of Mental Health within Households: Does One Partner's Mental Health Influence the Other Partner's Life Satisfaction? March 2018 Abstract
11430 Ian Gazeley, Rose Holmes, Cecilia Lanata Briones, Andrew T. Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Gutierrez Rufrancos Latin American Household Budget Surveys 1913-1970 and What They Tell Us about Economic Inequality among Households March 2018 Abstract
11429 Ian Gazeley, Rose Holmes, Andrew T. Newell The Household Budget Survey in Western Europe, 1795-1965 March 2018 Abstract
11428 Mi Dai, Wei Huang, Yifan Zhang How Do Households Adjust to Trade Liberalization? Evidence from China's WTO Accession March 2018 Abstract
11427 Jeffrey Clemens, Michael R. Strain Minimum Wage Analysis Using a Pre-Committed Research Design: Evidence through 2016 March 2018 Abstract
11426 Pierre Nguimkeu, Augustine Denteh, Rusty Tchernis On the Estimation of Treatment Effects with Endogenous Misreporting March 2018 Abstract
11425 Max Loeffler, Andreas Peichl, Sebastian Siegloch The Sensitivity of Structural Labor Supply Estimations to Modeling Assumptions March 2018 Abstract
11424 Chris Doucouliagos, Martin Paldam, T. D. Stanley Skating on Thin Evidence: Implications for Public Policy
(forthcoming in: European Journal of Political Economy)
March 2018 Abstract
11423 Muhammad Asali A Tale of Two Academic Tracks March 2018 Abstract
11422 Nicholas Barr, Bruce Chapman, Lorraine Dearden, Susan Dynarski Reflections on the US College Loans System: Lessons from Australia and England March 2018 Abstract
11421 Carmen Aina, Eliana Baici, Giorgia Casalone, Francesco Pastore The Economics of University Dropouts and Delayed Graduation: A Survey March 2018 Abstract
11420 Julio Cáceres-Delpiano, Eugenio P. Giolito Minimum Age Requirements and the Impact of School Choice March 2018 Abstract
11419 Ana Rute Cardoso, Paulo Guimaraes, Pedro Portugal, Hugo Reis The Returns to Schooling Unveiled March 2018 Abstract
11418 Barry R. Chiswick The Occupational Status of Jews in the United States on the Eve of the US Civil War March 2018 Abstract
11417 Marie-Anne Valfort Anti-Muslim Discrimination in France: Evidence from a Field Experiment March 2018 Abstract
11416 Ana Petrović, David Manley, Maarten van Ham Freedom from the Tyranny of Neighbourhood: Rethinking Socio-Spatial Context Effects March 2018 Abstract
11415 Mauro Lanati, Alessandra Venturini Cultural Change and the Migration Choice March 2018 Abstract
11414 Irene Mosca, Robert E. Wright Is Personality Endogenous? Evidence from Ireland March 2018 Abstract
11413 Xi Chen, David E. Sahn, Xiaobo Zhang Social Interactions and Stigmatized Behavior: "Donating" Blood Plasma in Rural China March 2018 Abstract
11412 Charles Courtemanche, Augustine Denteh, Rusty Tchernis Estimating the Associations between SNAP and Food Insecurity, Obesity, and Food Purchases with Imperfect Administrative Measures of Participation March 2018 Abstract
11411 David Gill, Victoria L. Prowse Measuring Costly Effort Using the Slider Task March 2018 Abstract
11410 Silvia Garcia Mandico, Pilar Garcia-Gomez, Anne C. Gielen, Owen O'Donnell Earnings Responses to Disability Benefit Cuts March 2018 Abstract
11409 Tomi Kyyrä, Tuuli Paukkeri Using a Kinked Policy Rule to Estimate the Effect of Experience Rating on Disability Inflow March 2018 Abstract
11408 Benjamin Elsner, Florian Wozny The Human Capital Cost of Radiation: Long-Run Evidence from Exposure Outside the Womb March 2018 Abstract
11407 Hemachandra Padhan, Ilham Haouas, Bhagaban Sahoo, Almas Heshmati What Matters for Environmental Quality in the Next-11 Countries: Economic Growth or Income Inequality? March 2018 Abstract
11406 Arnaud Lefranc Intergenerational Earnings Persistence and Economic Inequality in the Long-Run: Evidence from French Cohorts, 1931-1975 March 2018 Abstract
11405 Paolo Brunori, Vito Peragine, Laura Serlenga Upward and Downward Bias When Measuring Inequality of Opportunity March 2018 Abstract
11404 Martin Leites, Xavier Ramos The Effect of Relative Concern on Life Satisfaction: Relative Deprivation and Loss Aversion March 2018 Abstract
11403 Christian Grund, Krystina Titz Further Training and Affective Commitment March 2018 Abstract
11402 Paul Bingley, Lorenzo Cappellari Workers, Firms and Life-Cycle Wage Dynamics March 2018 Abstract
11401 Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Debora Revoltella, Jan Svejnar, Christoph T. Weiss Resource Misallocation in European Firms: The Role of Constraints, Firm Characteristics and Managerial Decisions March 2018 Abstract
11400 Hassan Arouri, Adel Ben Youssef, Francesco Quatraro, Marco Vivarelli The Determinants of Young Firms Growth in Tunisia March 2018 Abstract
11399 John Forth, Alex Bryson The Impact of Management Practices on SME Performance March 2018 Abstract
11398 Cédric Gorinas A Detailed Analysis of Childhood Victimization Using National Registers: Forms and Sequencing of Violence and Domestic Abuse March 2018 Abstract
11397 Tom Kleinepier, Maarten van Ham The Temporal Dynamics of Neighborhood Disadvantage in Childhood and Subsequent Problem Behavior in Adolescence March 2018 Abstract
11396 Elizabeth E. Davis, Won Fy Lee, Aaron J. Sojourner Family-Centered Measures of Access to Early Care and Education March 2018 Abstract
11395 Gianna Claudia Giannelli, Chiara Rapallini Parental Occupation and Children's School Outcomes in Math March 2018 Abstract
11394 Alexander Ahammer, Martin Halla, Nicole Schneeweis The Effect of Prenatal Maternity Leave on Short and Long-Term Child Outcomes March 2018 Abstract
11393 Jordi Blanes i Vidal, Giovanni Mastrobuoni Police Patrols and Crime March 2018 Abstract
11392 Diego Zambiasi, Steven Stillman The Pot Rush: Is Legalized Marijuana a Positive Local Amenity? March 2018 Abstract
11391 Mark Borgschulte, Adriana Corredor-Waldron, Guillermo Marshall A Path Out: Prescription Drug Abuse, Treatment, and Suicide
(forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization)
March 2018 Abstract
11390 Alexander Muravyev, Oleksandr Talavera Unsafe Sex in the City: Risk Pricing in the London Area
(forthcoming in: Scottish journal of political economy, 2018)
March 2018 Abstract
11389 Yusi Ouyang, Abebe Shimeles, Erik Thorbecke Do Developing Countries Enjoy Faster Poverty Reduction as Their Initial Poverty Incidences Decline over Time? A Dynamic Panel Analysis March 2018 Abstract
11388 Yusi Ouyang, Abebe Shimeles, Erik Thorbecke Revisiting Cross-Country Poverty Convergence in the Developing World with a Special Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa March 2018 Abstract
11387 Bohdan Kukharskyy, Michael P. Pflüger Time Is on My Side: Relational Contracts and Aggregate Welfare March 2018 Abstract
11386 Eliav Danziger, Leif Danziger The Optimal Graduated Minimum Wage and Social Welfare March 2018 Abstract
11385 Ragui Assaad, Rana Hendy, Moundir Lassassi, Shaimaa Yassin Explaining the MENA Paradox: Rising Educational Attainment, Yet Stagnant Female Labor Force Participation March 2018 Abstract
11384 Giorgio Bellettini, Carlotta Berti Ceroni, Enrico Cantoni, Chiara Monfardini Family Structure and the Turnout Gender Gap: Evidence from Italy March 2018 Abstract
11383 Jungho Kim Duration of Parental Leave and Women's Employment March 2018 Abstract
11382 Marianne Bertrand, Patricia Cortes, Claudia Olivetti, Jessica Pan Social Norms, Labor Market Opportunities, and the Marriage Gap for Skilled Women March 2018 Abstract
11381 Sarah Bana, Kelly Bedard, Maya Rossin-Slater The Impacts of Paid Family Leave Benefits: Regression Kink Evidence from California Administrative Data March 2018 Abstract
11380 Andy McKay, Andrew T. Newell, Cinzia Rienzo Job Satisfaction among Young Workers in Eastern and Southern Africa: A Comparative Analysis March 2018 Abstract
11379 José Azar, Ioana E. Marinescu, Marshall Steinbaum, Bledi Taska Concentration in US Labor Markets: Evidence from Online Vacancy Data March 2018 Abstract
11378 John T. Addison, Paulino Teixeira, Philipp Grunau, Lutz Bellmann Worker Representation and Temporary Employment in Germany: The Deployment and Extent of Fixed-Term Contracts and Temporary Agency Work March 2018 Abstract
11377 Elke J. Jahn, Michael Rosholm The Cyclicality of the Stepping-Stone Effect of Temporary Agency Employment February 2018 Abstract
11376 Sher Verick The Puzzles and Contradictions of the Indian Labour Market: What Will the Future of Work Look Like? February 2018 Abstract
11375 Daniela Del Boca, Chiara Monfardini, Sarah Grace See Government Education Expenditures, Pre-Primary Education and School Performance: A Cross-Country Analysis February 2018 Abstract
11374 Samuel Lüthi, Stefan C. Wolter Are Apprenticeships Business Cycle Proof? February 2018 Abstract
11373 Alex Bryson, Francis Green Do Private Schools Manage Better?
(published in: National Institute Economic Review, 2018, 243, R17-R26)
February 2018 Abstract
11372 David Wilkinson, Alex Bryson, Lucy Stokes Assessing the Variance in Pupil Attainment: How Important Is the School Attended?
(published in: National Institute Economic Review, 2018, 243, R4-R16)
February 2018 Abstract
11371 Gil S. Epstein, Odelia Heizler (Cohen) Minority Groups and Success in Election Primaries February 2018 Abstract
11370 Massimiliano Tani Selective Immigration, Occupational Licensing, and Labour Market Outcomes of Foreign-Trained Migrants February 2018 Abstract
11369 Martin Guzi, Stepan Mikula Reforms That Keep You at Home: The Effects of Economic Transition on Migration February 2018 Abstract
11368 Yu Aoki, Lualhati Santiago Deprivation, Segregation, and Socioeconomic Class of UK Immigrants: Does English Proficiency Matter? February 2018 Abstract
11367 Ioana E. Marinescu, Nadav Klein, Andrew Chamberlain, Morgan Smart Incentives Can Reduce Bias in Online Reviews February 2018 Abstract
11366 Alessandra Casarico, Mirco Tonin Pay-What-You-Want to Support Independent Information: A Field Experiment on Motivation February 2018 Abstract
11365 Lukas Kießling, Jonas Radbruch, Sebastian Schaube The Impact of Self-Selection on Performance February 2018 Abstract
11364 Tjaša Bjedov, Simon Lapointe, Thierry Madies, Marie Claire Villeval Does Decentralization of Decisions Increase the Stability of Large Groups? February 2018 Abstract
11363 Margaret Maurer-Fazio, Sili Wang Does Marital Status Affect How Firms Interpret Job Applicants' Un/Employment Histories? February 2018 Abstract
11362 Niaz Asadullah, Maliki Madrasah for Girls and Private School for Boys? The Determinants of School Type Choice in Rural and Urban Indonesia February 2018 Abstract
11361 Marco Francesconi, Matthias Parey Early Gender Gaps among University Graduates February 2018 Abstract
11360 Arjun S. Bedi, Tanmoy Majilla, Matthias Rieger Gender Norms and the Motherhood Penalty: Experimental Evidence from India February 2018 Abstract
11359 Charlotte Bartels, Cortnie Shupe Drivers of Participation Elasticities across Europe: Gender or Earner Role within the Household? February 2018 Abstract
11358 Patrick M. Emerson, Shawn D. Knabb Demographic Uncertainty and Generational Consumption Risk with Endogenous Human Capital February 2018 Abstract
11357 Marco Di Maggio, Amir Kermani, Kaveh Majlesi Stock Market Returns and Consumption February 2018 Abstract
11356 Damon Jones, Ioana E. Marinescu The Labor Market Impacts of Universal and Permanent Cash Transfers: Evidence from the Alaska Permanent Fund February 2018 Abstract
11355 Ian Gazeley, Rose Holmes, Andrew T. Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Gutierrez Rufrancos Inequality among European Working Households, 1890-1960 February 2018 Abstract
11354 Michael P. Pflüger City Size, Pollution and Emission Policies February 2018 Abstract
11353 Katharina Janke, David W. Johnston, Carol Propper, Michael A. Shields The Causal Effect of Education on Chronic Health Conditions February 2018 Abstract
11352 Isaac M. Mbiti, Danila Serra Health Workers' Behavior, Patient Reporting and Reputational Concerns: Lab-in-the-Field Experimental Evidence from Kenya February 2018 Abstract
11351 Nadine Ketel, Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek, Bas van der Klaauw Do Dutch Dentists Extract Monopoly Rents? February 2018 Abstract
11350 Michael Coelli, Gigi Foster, Andrew Leigh Do School Principals Respond to Increased Public Scrutiny? New Survey Evidence from Australia February 2018 Abstract
11349 Chantal Oggenfuss, Stefan C. Wolter Are They Coming Back? The Mobility of University Students in Switzerland after Graduation February 2018 Abstract
11348 Alex Bryson, Lucy Stokes, David Wilkinson Can HRM Improve Schools' Performance? February 2018 Abstract
11347 W. Stanley Siebert, Xiangdong Wei, Ho Lun Wong, Xiang Zhou Student Feedback, Parent-Teacher Communication, and Academic Performance: Experimental Evidence from Rural China February 2018 Abstract
11346 Kaveh Majlesi, Gaia Narciso International Import Competition and the Decision to Migrate: Evidence from Mexico February 2018 Abstract
11345 Anna Maria Mayda, Francesc Ortega, Giovanni Peri, Kevin Y. Shih, Chad Sparber The Effect of the H-1B Quota on the Employment and Selection of Foreign-Born Labor February 2018 Abstract
11344 Andrew Clarke, Ana Ferrer, Mikal Skuterud A Comparative Analysis of the Labour Market Performance of University-Educated Immigrants in Australia, Canada, and the United States: Does Policy Matter? February 2018 Abstract
11343 Olivier Dagnelie, Anna Maria Mayda, Jean Francois Maystadt The Labor Market Integration of Refugees to the United States: Do Entrepreneurs in the Network Help? February 2018 Abstract
11342 Michal Myck, Monika Oczkowska Shocked by Therapy? Unemployment in the First Years of the Socio-Economic Transition in Poland and its Long-Term Consequences
(forthcoming in: Economics of Transition, 2018)
February 2018 Abstract
11341 Agnieszka Ch?o?-Domi?czak, Marek Góra, Irena E. Kotowska, Iga Magda, Anna Ruzik-Sierdzi?ska, Pawel Strzelecki The Impact of Life-Course Developments on Pensions in the NDC Systems in Poland, Italy and Sweden and Point System in Germany February 2018 Abstract
11340 Øystein Hernaes Distributional Effects of Welfare Reform for Young Adults: An Unconditional Quantile Regression Approach February 2018 Abstract
11339 Massimiliano Bratti, Maurizio Conti, Giovanni Sulis Employment Protection, Temporary Contracts and Firm-Provided Training: Evidence from Italy February 2018 Abstract
11338 Gerard J. van den Berg, Alexander Paul, Steffen Reinhold Economic Conditions, Parental Employment and Health of Newborns February 2018 Abstract
11337 Shyamal Chowdhury, Matthias Sutter, Klaus F. Zimmermann Evaluating Intergenerational Persistence of Economic Preferences: A Large Scale Experiment with Families in Bangladesh February 2018 Abstract
11336 Pietro Biroli, Teodora Boneva, Akash Raja, Christopher Rauh Parental Beliefs about Returns to Child Health Investments February 2018 Abstract
11335 David Manley, Maarten van Ham, Lina Hedman Experienced and Inherited Disadvantage: A Longitudinal Study of Early Adulthood Neighbourhood Careers of Siblings February 2018 Abstract
11334 Gordon B. Dahl, Anne C. Gielen Intergenerational Spillovers in Disability Insurance February 2018 Abstract
11333 Francesco Fasani, Tommaso Frattini, Luigi Minale (The Struggle for) Refugee Integration into the Labour Market: Evidence from Europe February 2018 Abstract
11332 Tilman Brück, Clotilde Mahe, Wim Naudé Return Migration and Self-Employment: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan February 2018 Abstract
11331 Alexia Lochmann, Hillel Rapoport, Biagio Speciale The Effect of Language Training on Immigrants' Economic Integration: Empirical Evidence from France February 2018 Abstract
11330 Sankar Mukhopadhyay, Miaomiao Zou Will Skill-Based Immigration Policies Lead to Lower Remittances? An Analysis of the Relations between Education, Sponsorship, and Remittances February 2018 Abstract
11329 Arnaud Dupuy Migration in China: To Work or to Wed? February 2018 Abstract
11328 Julia Jauer, Thomas Liebig, John P. Martin, Patrick A. Puhani Migration as an Adjustment Mechanism in the Crisis? A Comparison of Europe and the United States 2006–2016 February 2018 Abstract
11327 Mira Fischer, Dirk Sliwka Confidence in Knowledge or Confidence in the Ability to Learn: An Experiment on the Causal Effects of Beliefs on Motivation February 2018 Abstract
11326 Eduardo Fe, David Gill Cognitive Skills and the Development of Strategic Sophistication February 2018 Abstract
11325 Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta, Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera, Francesco Pastore Overeducation Wage Penalty among Ph.D. Holders: An Unconditional Quantile Regression Analysis on Italian Data February 2018 Abstract
11324 Luna Bellani, Vigile Marie Fabella Upward Income Mobility and Legislator Support for Education Policies February 2018 Abstract
11323 Gordon B. Dahl, Andreas Kotsadam, Dan-Olof Rooth Does Integration Change Gender Attitudes? The Effect of Randomly Assigning Women to Traditionally Male Teams February 2018 Abstract
11322 Mahdi Majbouri Fertility and the Puzzle of Female Employment in the Middle East February 2018 Abstract
11321 Aderonke Osikominu, Gregor Pfeifer Perceived Wages and the Gender Gap in STEM Fields February 2018 Abstract
11320 Christian Pfeifer, Gesine Stephan Why Women Don't Ask: Gender Differences in Fairness Perceptions of Own Wages and Subsequent Wage Growth February 2018 Abstract
11319 Pramod Kumar Sur, Masaru Sasaki Measuring Customer Discrimination: Evidence from the Professional Cricket League in India February 2018 Abstract
11318 Conchita D'Ambrosio, Andrew E. Clark, Marta Barazzetta Unfairness at Work: Well-Being and Quits
(published in: Labour Economics, 2018, 51, 307-316)
February 2018 Abstract
11317 Michèle Belot, Noemi Berlin, Jonathan James, Valeria Skafida The Formation and Malleability of Dietary Habits: A Field Experiment with Low Income Families February 2018 Abstract
11316 Núria Rodríguez-Planas Mortgage Finance and Culture
(forthcoming in: Journal of Regional Science, 2018)
February 2018 Abstract
11315 Gweneth Leigh, Andrew Leigh The Misaddressed Letter Experiment February 2018 Abstract
11314 Christian Merkl, Heiko Stüber Value Added, Wages, and Labor Market Flows at the Establishment Level
(forthcoming: Applied Economics Letters.)
February 2018 Abstract
11313 Effrosyni (Efi) Adamopoulou, Emmanuele Bobbio, Marta De Philippis, Federico Giorgi Reallocation and the Role of Firm Composition Effects on Aggregate Wage Dynamics February 2018 Abstract
11312 Simon Janssen, Jens Mohrenweiser The Shelf Life of Incumbent Workers during Accelerating Technological Change: Evidence from a Training Regulation Reform February 2018 Abstract
11311 Grace Weishi Gu, Eswar Prasad New Evidence on Cyclical Variation in Labor Costs in the U.S. January 2018 Abstract
11310 Aaron J. Sojourner, José Pacas The Relationship between Union Membership and Net Fiscal Impact January 2018 Abstract
11309 Boris Hirsch, Steffen Müller Firm Wage Premia, Industrial Relations, and Rent Sharing in Germany January 2018 Abstract
11308 Susan Payne Carter, Abigail Wozniak Making Big Decisions: The Impact of Moves on Marriage among U.S. Army Personnel January 2018 Abstract
11307 David A. Jaeger, Joakim Ruist, Jan Stuhler Shift-Share Instruments and the Impact of Immigration January 2018 Abstract
11306 Joni Hersch, Jennifer Bennett Shinall Imputation Match Bias in Immigrant Wage Convergence January 2018 Abstract
11305 Judite Goncalves, Pedro S. Martins The Effect of Self-Employment on Health: Evidence from Longitudinal Social Security Data January 2018 Abstract
11304 Timothy J. Halliday, Bhashkar Mazumder, Ashley Wong Intergenerational Health Mobility in the US January 2018 Abstract
11303 Hans K. Hvide, Paul Oyer Dinner Table Human Capital and Entrepreneurship January 2018 Abstract
11302 Daniele Biancardi, Massimiliano Bratti The Effect of the First Italian Research Evaluation Exercise on Student Enrolment Choices January 2018 Abstract
11301 Karine Torosyan, Norberto Pignatti, Maksym Obrizan Job Market Outcomes of IDPs: The Case of Georgia
(Forthcoming in: Journal of Comparative Economics, 2018)
January 2018 Abstract
11300 Inna Petrunyk, Christian Pfeifer Shortening the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Germany January 2018 Abstract
11299 Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, Jens Suedekum Adjusting to Globalization in Germany January 2018 Abstract
11298 Seetha Menon, Andrea Salvatori, Wouter Zwysen The Effect of Computer Use on Job Quality: Evidence from Europe January 2018 Abstract
11297 Grace Lordan, David Neumark People versus Machines: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Automatable Jobs January 2018 Abstract
11296 Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti, Levent Ülkü Stochastic Complementarity January 2018 Abstract
11295 Joanna Tyrowicz, Irene van Staveren Identifying Age Penalty in Women's Wages: New Method and Evidence from Germany 1984-2014
(forthcoming in Feminist Economics, 2018)
January 2018 Abstract
11294 Iván Fernández-Val, Aico van Vuuren, Francis Vella Nonseparable Sample Selection Models with Censored Selection Rules: An Application to Wage Decompositions January 2018 Abstract
11293 Nick Drydakis Economic Pluralism in the Study of Wage Discrimination: A Note
(forthcoming in: International Journal of Manpower)
January 2018 Abstract
11292 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Irma Clots-Figueras, Lakshmi Iyer Religion and Abortion: The Role of Politician Identity January 2018 Abstract
11291 Jason M. Fletcher Crushing Hope: Short Term Responses to Tragedy Vary by Hopefulness January 2018 Abstract
11290 Angelo Antoci, Laura Bonelli, Fabio Paglieri, Tommaso G. Reggiani, Fabio Sabatini Civility and Trust in Social Media January 2018 Abstract
11289 Matthias Kräkel Empowerment and the Dark Side of Delegation January 2018 Abstract
11288 Uschi Backes-Gellner, Holger Herz, Michael Kosfeld, Yvonne Oswald Do Preferences and Biases Predict Life Outcomes? Evidence from Education and Labor Market Entry Decisions January 2018 Abstract
11287 Eyal Baharad, Leif Danziger Voting in Hiring Committees: Which "Almost" Rule Is Optimal?
(published in: Group Decision and Negotiation, 2018, 27, 129-151)
January 2018 Abstract
11286 Stephen D. O'Connell Can Quotas Increase the Supply of Candidates for Higher-Level Positions? Evidence from Local Government in India January 2018 Abstract
11285 Magnus Carlsson, Luca Fumarco, Dan-Olof Rooth Does Labor Market Tightness Affect Ethnic Discrimination in Hiring?
(published in: Applied Economics, 2018, 50(24), 2652–2663)
January 2018 Abstract
11284 Magnus Carlsson, Abdulaziz Abrar Reshid, Dan-Olof Rooth Neighborhood Signaling Effects, Commuting Time, and Employment: Evidence from a Field Experiment
(forthcoming in: International Journal of Manpower)
January 2018 Abstract
11283 Marc Piopiunik, Guido Schwerdt, Lisa Simon, Ludger Woessmann Skills, Signals, and Employability: An Experimental Investigation January 2018 Abstract
11282 Francisca M. Antman Women and Migration
(forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Women and the Economy)
January 2018 Abstract
11281 Francesc Ortega, Ryan Edwards, Amy Hsin The Economic Effects of Providing Legal Status to DREAMers January 2018 Abstract
11280 Massimiliano Bratti, Luca De Benedictis, Gianluca Santoni Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Diasporas and Exports January 2018 Abstract
11279 Giovanni Facchini, Maggie Y. Liu, Anna Maria Mayda, Minghai Zhou China's "Great Migration": The Impact of the Reduction in Trade Policy Uncertainty January 2018 Abstract
11278 Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon B. Dahl, Katrine Vellesen Loken, Magne Mogstad Intergenerational Effects of Incarceration
(published in: AEA Papers and Proceedings, 2018, 108, 234-240.)
January 2018 Abstract
11277 Nancy H. Chau, Yanyan Liu, Vidhya Soundararajan Political Activism as a Determinant of Clientelistic Transfers: Evidence from an Indian Public Works Program January 2018 Abstract
11276 José Alberto Molina, J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, Jorge Velilla Intertemporal Labor Supply: A Household Collective Approach January 2018 Abstract
11275 Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner, Victoria L. Prowse Insurance, Redistribution, and the Inequality of Lifetime Income January 2018 Abstract
11274 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Uma Kambhampati, Samantha Rawlings, Zahra Siddique Intimate Partner Violence and the Business Cycle
January 2018 Abstract
11273 Alex Bryson, George MacKerron How Does Terrorism Affect Individuals' Wellbeing? January 2018 Abstract
11272 Alexander M. Danzer, Barbara Dietz The Economic and Social Determinants of Migrants' Well-Being during the Global Financial Crisis
(forthcoming as 'Migrants’ well-being during the global financial crisis: economic and social predictors' in: Journal of Comparative Economics, 2018)
January 2018 Abstract
11271 J. Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal, José Alberto Molina, Jorge Velilla Telework, the Timing of Work, and Instantaneous Well-Being: Evidence from Time Use Data January 2018 Abstract
11270 Matteo Picchio, Claudia Pigini, Stefano Staffolani, Alina Verashchagina If Not Now, When? The Timing of Childbirth and Labour Market Outcomes January 2018 Abstract
11269 Anna Busse, Christina Gathmann Free Daycare and its Effects on Children and their Families January 2018 Abstract
11268 Michael C. Knaus, Michael Lechner, Anne K. Reimers For Better or Worse? The Effects of Physical Education on Child Development January 2018 Abstract
11267 Magdalena Bennett, Peter Bergman Better Together? Social Networks in Truancy and the Targeting of Treatment January 2018 Abstract
11266 Daniel S. Hamermesh Why Are Professors "Poorly Paid"? January 2018 Abstract
11265 Olympia Bover, Laura Hospido, Ernesto Villanueva The Impact of High School Financial Education on Financial Knowledge and Choices: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Spain January 2018 Abstract
11264 Samuel Mühlemann, Gerard A. Pfann, Harald Pfeifer, Hans Dietrich The Effects of Supply Shocks in the Market for Apprenticeships: Evidence from a German High School Reform January 2018 Abstract
11263 Ryan Brown, Hani Mansour, Stephen D. O'Connell Closing the Gender Gap in Leadership Positions: Can Expanding the Pipeline Increase Parity? January 2018 Abstract
11262 Matthias Doepke, Michèle Tertilt Women's Empowerment, the Gender Gap in Desired Fertility, and Fertility Outcomes in Developing Countries January 2018 Abstract
11261 Wifag Adnan, Sami H. Miaari Voting Patterns and the Gender Wage Gap
(Forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)
January 2018 Abstract
11260 Z. Eylem Gevrek, Christian Neumeier, Deniz Gevrek Explaining the Gender Test Score Gap in Mathematics: The Role of Gender Inequality January 2018 Abstract
11259 Mireia Borrell-Porta, Joan Costa-Font, Julia Philipp The 'Mighty Girl' Effect: Does Parenting Daughters Alter Attitudes towards Gender Roles? January 2018 Abstract
11258 Robert W. Fairlie, Frank M. Fossen Opportunity versus Necessity Entrepreneurship: Two Components of Business Creation January 2018 Abstract
11257 David Cornille, Francois Rycx, Ilan Tojerow Heterogeneous Effects of Credit Constraints on SMEs' Employment: Evidence from the Great Recession January 2018 Abstract
11256 Hartmut Lehmann, Norberto Pignatti Informal Employment Relationships and the Labor Market: Is There Segmentation in Ukraine?
(a thoroughly revised version is forthcoming in: Journal of Comparative Economics 2018)
January 2018 Abstract
11255 Sascha O. Becker, Stephan Heblich, Daniel M. Sturm The Impact of Public Employment: Evidence from Bonn January 2018 Abstract
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