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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11234 Jesper Alex-Petersen, Petter Lundborg, Dan-Olof Rooth Long-Term Effects of Childhood Nutrition: Evidence from a School Lunch Reform December 2017 Abstract
11233 Kashi Kafle, Dean Jolliffe, Alex Winter-Nelson Do Different Types of Assets Have Differential Effects on Child Education? Evidence from Tanzania December 2017 Abstract
11232 Jason M. Fletcher, Mansur Tokmouline The Effects of Academic Probation on College Success: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Four Texas Universities December 2017 Abstract
11231 Jared Ashworth, V. Joseph Hotz, Arnaud Maurel, Tyler Ransom Changes across Cohorts in Wage Returns to Schooling and Early Work Experiences December 2017 Abstract
11230 Dan Zeltzer Gender Homophily in Referral Networks: Consequences for the Medicare Physician Earnings Gap December 2017 Abstract
11229 Christian Grund, Axel Minten, Nevena Toporova The Motivation of Temporary Agency Workers: An Empirical Analysis December 2017 Abstract
11228 Josse Delfgaauw, Robert Dur, Michiel Souverijn Team Incentives, Task Assignment, and Performance: A Field Experiment
(forthcoming in: The Leadership Quarterly)
December 2017 Abstract
11227 Alice Solda, Marie Claire Villeval Exclusion and Reintegration in a Social Dilemma December 2017 Abstract
11226 Bénédicte Apouey, Cahit Guven, Claudia Senik Retirement and Unexpected Health Shocks December 2017 Abstract
11225 Sabien Dobbelaere, Kozo Kiyota Labor Market Imperfections, Markups and Productivity in Multinationals and Exporters
(forthcoming in: Labour Economics)
December 2017 Abstract
11224 Russell Weinstein Geography and Employer Recruiting December 2017 Abstract
11223 Alex Bryson, Richard B. Freeman, Rafael Gomez, Paul Willman The Twin Track Model of Employee Voice: An Anglo-American Perspective on Union Decline and the Rise of Alternative Forms of Voice December 2017 Abstract
11222 Alex Bryson, Harald Dale-Olsen Does Sick Pay Affect Workplace Absence? December 2017 Abstract
11221 Robert Breunig, Syed Hasan, Boyd Hunter Financial Stress and Indigenous Australians December 2017 Abstract
11220 Michael Johannes Böhm The Price of Polarization: Estimating Task Prices under Routine-Biased Technical Change December 2017 Abstract
11219 Tal Modai-Snir, Maarten van Ham The Roles of Increasing Inequality and Divergent Urban Development in Understanding Spatial Polarization in Tel-Aviv December 2017 Abstract
11218 Lina Hedman, Maarten van Ham, Tiit Tammaru Three Generations of Intergenerational Transmission of Neighbourhood Context December 2017 Abstract
11217 Stefan C. Wolter, Maria Zumbühl The Native-Migrant Gap in the Progression into and through Upper-Secondary Education December 2017 Abstract
11216 Le Wen, Sholeh A. Maani A Panel Study of Immigrants' Overeducation and Earnings in Australia
(published in International Migration, 2018, 1-24, (DOI: 10.1111/imig.12425))
December 2017 Abstract
11215 Artjoms Ivlevs, Michail Veliziotis Beyond Conflict: Long-Term Labour Market Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Post-Socialist Countries
(Published in: Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2018, 105, 131-146)
December 2017 Abstract
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