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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11254 José Azar, Ioana E. Marinescu, Marshall Steinbaum Labor Market Concentration December 2017 Abstract
11253 Eugénie Joltreau, Katrin Sommerfeld Why Does Emissions Trading under the EU ETS Not Affect Firms' Competitiveness? Empirical Findings from the Literature December 2017 Abstract
11252 Timo Baas, Ansgar H. Belke Oil Price Shocks, Monetary Policy and Current Account Imbalances within a Currency Union December 2017 Abstract
11251 David W. Johnston, Michael A. Shields, Agne Suziedelyte World Commodity Prices, Job Security and Health: Evidence from the Mining Industry December 2017 Abstract
11250 Joanna Tyrowicz, Magdalena Smyk Wage Inequality and Structural Change
(forthcoming in Social Indicators Research, DOI:10.1007/s11205-018-1846-y)
December 2017 Abstract
11249 Joanna Tyrowicz Labor Reallocation and Demographics
(published in: Journal of Comparative Economics, 2018, 46(1), pages 381-412)
December 2017 Abstract
11248 Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo, Thomas Le Barbanchon The Effectiveness of Hiring Credits December 2017 Abstract
11247 Adriana Anamaria Davidescu, Friedrich Schneider Nature of the Relationship between Minimum Wage and the Shadow Economy Size: An Empirical Analysis for the Case of Romania December 2017 Abstract
11246 Marco Caliendo, Alexandra Fedorets, Malte Preuß, Carsten Schröder, Linda Wittbrodt The Short-Term Distributional Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform December 2017 Abstract
11245 Ahmed Elsayed, Jackline Wahba Political Change and Informality: Evidence from the Arab Spring
(Accepted for publication in: Economics of Transition, 2018)
December 2017 Abstract
11244 Stefano Gagliarducci, Massimiliano Gaetano Onorato, Francesco Sobbrio, Guido Tabellini War of the Waves: Radio and Resistance during World War II December 2017 Abstract
11243 Joshua Lewis, Edson R. Severnini Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Rural Electrification: Evidence from the Historical Rollout of the U.S. Power Grid December 2017 Abstract
11242 Chiara Kofol, Maryam Naghsh Nejad Child Labor and the Arrival of Refugees: Evidence from Tanzania December 2017 Abstract
11241 Massimiliano Tani Skilled Migration Policy and the Labour Market Performance of Immigrants December 2017 Abstract
11240 Ahmed Elsayed, Rania Roushdy Empowering Women under Social Constraints: Evidence from a Field Intervention in Rural Egypt December 2017 Abstract
11239 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Rachel Brulé, Sanchari Roy Women's Inheritance Rights Reform and the Preference for Sons in India
December 2017 Abstract
11238 Ay?e Abbaso?lu Özgören, Banu Ergöçmen, Aysit Tansel Birth and Employment Transitions of Women in Turkey: Conflicting or Compatible Roles? December 2017 Abstract
11237 Richard Blundell, Luigi Pistaferri, Itay Saporta-Eksten Children, Time Allocation and Consumption Insurance December 2017 Abstract
11236 Emma Antrobus, Victoria Baranov, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Lorraine Mazerolle, Agnieszka Tymula The Risk and Time Preferences of Young Truants and Their Parents December 2017 Abstract
11235 Peter Rupert, Giulio Zanella Grandchildren and Their Grandparents' Labor Supply December 2017 Abstract
11234 Jesper Alex-Petersen, Petter Lundborg, Dan-Olof Rooth Long-Term Effects of Childhood Nutrition: Evidence from a School Lunch Reform December 2017 Abstract
11233 Kashi Kafle, Dean Jolliffe, Alex Winter-Nelson Do Different Types of Assets Have Differential Effects on Child Education? Evidence from Tanzania December 2017 Abstract
11232 Jason M. Fletcher, Mansur Tokmouline The Effects of Academic Probation on College Success: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Four Texas Universities December 2017 Abstract
11231 Jared Ashworth, V. Joseph Hotz, Arnaud Maurel, Tyler Ransom Changes across Cohorts in Wage Returns to Schooling and Early Work Experiences December 2017 Abstract
11230 Dan Zeltzer Gender Homophily in Referral Networks: Consequences for the Medicare Physician Earnings Gap December 2017 Abstract
11229 Christian Grund, Axel Minten, Nevena Toporova The Motivation of Temporary Agency Workers: An Empirical Analysis December 2017 Abstract
11228 Josse Delfgaauw, Robert Dur, Michiel Souverijn Team Incentives, Task Assignment, and Performance: A Field Experiment
(forthcoming in: The Leadership Quarterly)
December 2017 Abstract
11227 Alice Solda, Marie Claire Villeval Exclusion and Reintegration in a Social Dilemma December 2017 Abstract
11226 Bénédicte Apouey, Cahit Guven, Claudia Senik Retirement and Unexpected Health Shocks December 2017 Abstract
11225 Sabien Dobbelaere, Kozo Kiyota Labor Market Imperfections, Markups and Productivity in Multinationals and Exporters
(forthcoming in: Labour Economics)
December 2017 Abstract
11224 Russell Weinstein Geography and Employer Recruiting December 2017 Abstract
11223 Alex Bryson, Richard B. Freeman, Rafael Gomez, Paul Willman The Twin Track Model of Employee Voice: An Anglo-American Perspective on Union Decline and the Rise of Alternative Forms of Voice December 2017 Abstract
11222 Alex Bryson, Harald Dale-Olsen Does Sick Pay Affect Workplace Absence? December 2017 Abstract
11221 Robert Breunig, Syed Hasan, Boyd Hunter Financial Stress and Indigenous Australians December 2017 Abstract
11220 Michael Johannes Böhm The Price of Polarization: Estimating Task Prices under Routine-Biased Technical Change December 2017 Abstract
11219 Tal Modai-Snir, Maarten van Ham The Roles of Increasing Inequality and Divergent Urban Development in Understanding Spatial Polarization in Tel-Aviv December 2017 Abstract
11218 Lina Hedman, Maarten van Ham, Tiit Tammaru Three Generations of Intergenerational Transmission of Neighbourhood Context December 2017 Abstract
11217 Stefan C. Wolter, Maria Zumbühl The Native-Migrant Gap in the Progression into and through Upper-Secondary Education December 2017 Abstract
11216 Le Wen, Sholeh A. Maani A Panel Study of Immigrants' Overeducation and Earnings in Australia
(published in International Migration, 2018, 1-24, (DOI: 10.1111/imig.12425))
December 2017 Abstract
11215 Artjoms Ivlevs, Michail Veliziotis Beyond Conflict: Long-Term Labour Market Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Post-Socialist Countries
(Published in: Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2018, 105, 131-146)
December 2017 Abstract
11214 Bin Xie The Effects of Immigration Quotas on Wages, the Great Black Migration, and Industrial Development December 2017 Abstract
11213 Peter A. Savelyev, Kegon T.K. Tan Socioemotional Skills, Education, and Health-Related Outcomes of High-Ability Individuals
(forthcoming in: American Journal of Health Economics)
December 2017 Abstract
11212 Jan Bietenbeck, Sanna Ericsson, Fredrick M. Wamalwa Preschool Attendance, School Progression, and Cognitive Skills in East Africa December 2017 Abstract
11211 Daniele Checchi, Maria De Paola The Effect of Multigrade Classes on Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills: Causal Evidence Exploiting Minimum Class Size Rules in Italy December 2017 Abstract
11210 Aysit Tansel, Halil Ibrahim Keskin Education Effects on Days Hospitalized and Days out of Work by Gender: Evidence from Turkey December 2017 Abstract
11209 Sanghamitra Kanjilal-Bhaduri, Francesco Pastore Returns to Education and Female Participation Nexus: Evidence from India December 2017 Abstract
11208 Bethlehem A. Argaw, Patrick A. Puhani Does Class Size Matter for School Tracking Outcomes after Elementary School? Quasi-Experimental Evidence Using Administrative Panel Data from Germany December 2017 Abstract
11207 Andreas Grunewald, Matthias Kräkel Fake News December 2017 Abstract
11206 Nattavudh Powdthavee, Anke C. Plagnol, Paul Frijters, Andrew E. Clark Who Got the Brexit Blues? Using a Quasi-Experiment to Show the Effect of Brexit on Subjective Wellbeing in the UK December 2017 Abstract
11205 Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, Rachel Griffith, Martin O’Connell, Kate Smith, Frederic Vermeulen A New Year, a New You? Heterogeneity and Self-Control in Food Purchases December 2017 Abstract
11204 Michael Jetter, Ingebjørg Kristoffersen Financial Shocks and the Erosion of Interpersonal Trust: Evidence from Longitudinal Data
(forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2018)
December 2017 Abstract
11203 Lea Cassar, Stephan Meier Intentions for Doing Good Matter for Doing Well: The (Negative) Signaling Value of Prosocial Incentives December 2017 Abstract
11202 Eugenio Garibaldi, Pietro Garibaldi Ordering History Through the Timeline December 2017 Abstract
11201 Michael Jetter, Jay K. Walker Gender Differences in Competitiveness and Risk-Taking among Children, Teenagers, and College Students: Evidence from Jeopardy! December 2017 Abstract
11200 Marco Bertoni, Giorgio Brunello, Lorenzo Cappellari Parents, Siblings and Schoolmates: The Effects of Family-School Interactions on Educational Achievement and Long-Term Labor Market Outcomes December 2017 Abstract
11199 Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla, Bernhard Schmidpeter, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer Grandmothers' Labor Supply December 2017 Abstract
11198 Erich Battistin, Marco Ovidi Rising Stars December 2017 Abstract
11197 David N. Margolis, Luis Miotti Why Do French Engineers Find Stable Jobs Faster than PhDs? December 2017 Abstract
11196 Mathias Beck, Martin Junge, Ulrich Kaiser Public Funding and Corporate Innovation December 2017 Abstract
11195 Wim Naudé Cities and Entrepreneurs over Time: Like a Horse and Carriage?
(A revised version is forthcoming as a chapter in Dastbaz,M., Naudé, W. and Manoochehri, J. eds. (2018). Smart Futures, Challenges of Urbanisation, and Social Sustainability. Springer.)
December 2017 Abstract
11194 Wim Naudé, Paula Nagler Technological Innovation and Inclusive Growth in Germany December 2017 Abstract
11193 Robert Holzmann, Jennifer Alonso-García, Heloise Labit-Hardy, Andres M. Villegas NDC Schemes and Heterogeneity in Longevity: Proposals for Redesign December 2017 Abstract
11192 James Browne, Herwig Immervoll Mechanics of Replacing Benefit Systems with a Basic Income: Comparative Results from a Microsimulation Approach
(published in a special issue of the Journal of Economic Inequality, honouring the work of Sir Anthony “Tony” Atkinson. DOI 10.1007/s10888-017-9366-6. Also available as OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper)
December 2017 Abstract
11191 Barbara Broadway, Roger Wilkins Probing the Effects of the Australian System of Minimum Wages on the Gender Wage Gap December 2017 Abstract
11190 Marco Caliendo, Alexandra Fedorets, Malte Preuß, Carsten Schröder, Linda Wittbrodt The Short-Run Employment Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform December 2017 Abstract
11189 Murat Iyigun, Nathan Nunn, Nancy Qian The Long-Run Effects of Agricultural Productivity on Conflict, 1400-1900 November 2017 Abstract
11188 Ghassan Baliki, Tilman Brück, Neil T.N. Ferguson, Sindu W. Kebede Micro-Foundations of Fragility: Concepts, Measurement and Application November 2017 Abstract
11187 Victoria Baranov, Sonia R. Bhalotra, Pietro Biroli, Joanna Maselko Maternal Depression, Women’s Empowerment, and Parental Investment: Evidence from a Large Randomized Control Trial
November 2017 Abstract
11186 Melanie K. Jones, Duncan McVicar The Dynamics of Disability and Benefit Receipt in Britain November 2017 Abstract
11185 Felix FitzRoy, Michael A. Nolan Education, Income and Happiness: Panel Evidence for the UK November 2017 Abstract
11184 David G. Blanchflower, Andrew J. Oswald Unhappiness and Pain in Modern America: A Review Essay, and Further Evidence, on Carol Graham's Happiness for All?
(forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Literature)
November 2017 Abstract
11183 Laszlo Goerke, Olga Lorenz Commuting and Sickness Absence November 2017 Abstract
11182 Johannes S. Kunz, Kevin E. Staub, Rainer Winkelmann Estimating Fixed Effects: Perfect Prediction and Bias in Binary Response Panel Models, with an Application to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program November 2017 Abstract
11181 Julie Moschion, Nattavudh Powdthavee The Welfare Implications of Addictive Substances: A Longitudinal Study of Life Satisfaction of Drug Users November 2017 Abstract
11180 Joan Costa-Font, Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell Can Regional Decentralisation Shift Health Care Preferences? November 2017 Abstract
11179 Nick Drydakis, Katerina Sidiropoulou, Swetketu Patnaik, Sandra Selmanovic, Vasiliki Bozani Masculine vs Feminine Personality Traits and Women's Employment Outcomes in Britain: A Field Experiment
(forthcoming in: International Journal of Manpower)
November 2017 Abstract
11178 Lina Hedman, David Manley, Maarten van Ham Sorting out Neighbourhood Effects Using Sibling Data November 2017 Abstract
11177 Clémentine Van Effenterre Papa Does Preach: Daughters and Polarisation of Attitudes toward Abortion November 2017 Abstract
11176 Jeanne Lafortune, Corinne Low Betting the House: How Assets Influence Marriage Selection, Marital Stability, and Child Investments November 2017 Abstract
11175 Nico Pestel Searching on Campus? Marriage Market Effects of the Student Gender Composition November 2017 Abstract
11174 Mehtabul Azam Are Urban-Rural Welfare Differences Growing in India? November 2017 Abstract
11173 Frédéric Docquier, Aysit Tansel, Riccardo Turati Do Emigrants Self-Select along Cultural Traits? Evidence from the MENA Countries November 2017 Abstract
11172 Simone Bertoli, Elie Murard Migration and Co-Residence Choices: Evidence from Mexico November 2017 Abstract
11171 Julia Bredtmann, Klaus Nowotny, Sebastian Otten Linguistic Distance, Networks and Migrants' Regional Location Choice November 2017 Abstract
11170 Matteo Bobba, Luca Flabbi, Santiago Levy Algazi Labor Market Search, Informality and Schooling Investments November 2017 Abstract
11169 Marco Caliendo, Steffen Künn, Robert Mahlstedt Mobility Assistance Programmes for Unemployed Workers, Job Search Behaviour and Labour Market Outcomes November 2017 Abstract
11168 David Neumark, Timothy Young Government Programs Can Improve Local Labor Markets, But Do They? A Re-Analysis of Ham, Swenson, Imrohoro?lu, and Song (2011) November 2017 Abstract
11167 Bruno Contini, J. Ignacio Garcia Perez, Toralf Pusch, Roberto Quaranta New Approaches to the Study of Long-Term Non-Employment Duration in Italy, Germany and Spain November 2017 Abstract
11166 Jeffrey A. Groen, Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia Snooze or Lose: High School Start Times and Academic Achievement November 2017 Abstract
11165 Jacek Liwi?ski, Francesco Pastore Are School-Provided Skills Useful at Work? Results of the Wiles Test November 2017 Abstract
11164 Abdurrahman Aydemir, Hakki Yazici Intergenerational Education Mobility and the Level of Development: Evidence from Turkey November 2017 Abstract
11163 Annette Cerulli-Harms Generation Internship: The Impact of Internships on Early Labour Market Performance November 2017 Abstract
11162 Marco Bertoni, Stephen Gibbons, Olmo Silva School Choice during a Period of Radical School Reform: Evidence from the Academy Programme November 2017 Abstract
11161 Erich Battistin, Lorenzo Neri School Performance, Score Inflation and Economic Geography November 2017 Abstract
11160 Sumon K. Bhaumik, Ira N. Gang, Myeong-Su Yun Poverty's Deconstruction: Beyond the Visible November 2017 Abstract
11159 Nauro F Campos, Paul De Grauwe, Yuemei Ji Structural Reforms, Growth and Inequality: An Overview of Theory, Measurement and Evidence November 2017 Abstract
11158 Thomas Deckers, Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch Socio-Economic Status and Inequalities in Children's IQ and Economic Preferences November 2017 Abstract
11157 Xavier Ramos, Dirk Van de gaer Is Inequality of Opportunity Robust to the Measurement Approach? November 2017 Abstract
11156 Sabien Dobbelaere, Jacques Mairesse Comparing Micro-Evidence on Rent Sharing from Two Different Econometric Models
(published in: Labour Economics, 2018, 52, 18-26)
November 2017 Abstract
11155 Guoqian Xi, Jörn Block, Frank Lasch, Frank Robert, Roy Thurik How Does Firm Survival Differ between Business Takeovers and New Venture Start-ups? November 2017 Abstract
11154 Uwe Jirjahn Foreign Ownership and Intra-Firm Union Density in Germany November 2017 Abstract
11153 Shuangqi Wu, Simon Appleton, Lina Song, Jinmin Wang The Determinants of Virtue: Modelling Changes in the CSR Ratings of Chinese Firms November 2017 Abstract
11152 Anat Alexandron-Lavon, Gil S. Epstein, Renana Lindner Pomerantz The Effect of Ideological Positions on Job Market Interaction November 2017 Abstract
11151 Rita K. Almeida, Carlos Henrique Corseuil, Jennifer P. Poole The Impact of Digital Technologies on Worker Tasks: Do Labor Policies Matter? November 2017 Abstract
11150 Qingjie Xia, Shi Li, Lina Song Urban Consumption Inequality in China, 1995–2013 November 2017 Abstract
11149 Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang Inequality, Good Governance and Endemic Corruption November 2017 Abstract
11148 Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang Taxation, Social Protection, and Governance Decentralization November 2017 Abstract
11147 Nizamul Islam, Ugo Colombino The Case for NIT+FT in Europe: An Empirical Optimal Taxation Exercise November 2017 Abstract
11146 Raul Ramos Migration Aspirations among NEETs in Selected MENA Countries November 2017 Abstract
11145 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Esther Arenas-Arroyo The Changing Family Structure of American Children with Unauthorized Parents November 2017 Abstract
11144 Björn Anders Gustafsson, Hanna Mac Innes, Torun Österberg Older People in Sweden Without Means: On the Importance of Age at Immigration for Being 'Twice Poor'
(forthcomig in Aging and Society, 2018)
November 2017 Abstract
11143 Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Albert Saiz Immigrant Locations and Native Residential Preferences: Emerging Ghettos or New Communities? November 2017 Abstract
11142 Ulla Hämäläinen, Kristian Koerselman, Roope Uusitalo Graduation Incentives Through Conditional Student Loan Forgiveness November 2017 Abstract
11141 Juanna Schrøter Joensen, Helena Skyt Nielsen Spillovers in Education Choice
(Journal of Public Economics, 2018, 157, 158-183)
November 2017 Abstract
11140 Casey Boyd-Swan, Chris M. Herbst Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in the Labor Market for Child Care Teachers November 2017 Abstract
11139 Patrick A. Puhani Do Boys Benefit from Male Teachers in Elementary School? Evidence from Administrative Panel Data November 2017 Abstract
11138 Markus Frölich, Martin Huber Including Covariates in the Regression Discontinuity Design November 2017 Abstract
11137 Achmad Tohari, Christopher Parsons, Anu Rammohan Does Information Empower the Poor? Evidence from Indonesia's Social Security Card November 2017 Abstract
11136 Radim Bohacek, Michal Myck Economic Consequences of Political Persecution November 2017 Abstract
11135 Andrew E. Clark, Tom Lee Early-Life Correlates of Later-Life Well-Being: Evidence from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
(forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)
November 2017 Abstract
11134 Haoming Liu, Alberto Salvo Severe Air Pollution and School Absences: Longitudinal Data on Expatriates in North China November 2017 Abstract
11133 Artjoms Ivlevs Adverse Welfare Shocks and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: Evidence from the Global Economic Crisis
(forthcoming in: Review of Income and Wealth)
November 2017 Abstract
11132 Peng Zhang, Olivier Deschenes, Kyle C. Meng, Junjie Zhang Temperature Effects on Productivity and Factor Reallocation: Evidence from a Half Million Chinese Manufacturing Plants November 2017 Abstract
11131 Ernst Fehr, Tony Williams Creating an Efficient Culture of Cooperation November 2017 Abstract
11130 Eugenio Proto, Daniel Sgroi, Mahnaz Nazneen The Effect of Positive Mood on Cooperation in Repeated Interaction November 2017 Abstract
11129 Steffen Altmann, Christian Traxler, Philipp Weinschenk Deadlines and Cognitive Limitations November 2017 Abstract
11128 Matthias Heinz, Sabrina Jeworrek, Vanessa Mertins, Heiner Schumacher, Matthias Sutter Measuring Indirect Effects of Unfair Employer Behavior on Worker Productivity: A Field Experiment November 2017 Abstract
11127 Stijn Baert, Brecht Neyt, Eddy Omey, Dieter Verhaest Student Work, Educational Achievement, and Later Employment: A Dynamic Approach November 2017 Abstract
11126 Vladimir Gimpelson, Rostislav Kapeliushnikov Age and Education in the Russian Labour Market Equation November 2017 Abstract
11125 Georg Graetz Human Capital, Signaling, and Employer Learning: What Insights Do We Gain from Regression Discontinuity Designs? November 2017 Abstract
11124 Britt Ostergaard Larsen, Nicolai Kristensen Building Human or Criminal Capital? School Peer Effects on Future Offending November 2017 Abstract
11123 Jaap Nieuwenhuis, Tiit Tammaru, Maarten van Ham, Lina Hedman, David Manley Does Segregation Reduce Socio-Spatial Mobility? Evidence from Four European Countries with Different Inequality and Segregation Contexts October 2017 Abstract
11122 Inés P. Murillo Huertas, Raul Ramos, Hipólito Simón Revisiting Interregional Wage Differentials: New Evidence from Spain with Matched Employer-Employee Data October 2017 Abstract
11121 Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner, Holger Lüthen The Rising Longevity Gap by Lifetime Earnings: Distributional Implications for the Pension System October 2017 Abstract
11120 Eric Sommer Wealth Transfers and Tax Planning: Evidence for the German Bequest Tax October 2017 Abstract
11119 Francesca Barigozzi, Helmuth Cremer, Kerstin Roeder Until Taxes Do Us Part: Tax Penalties or Bonuses and the Marriage Decision October 2017 Abstract
11118 Archana Dang, Pushkar Maitra, Nidhiya Menon Labor Market Engagement and the Health of Working Adults: Evidence from India October 2017 Abstract
11117 Patrick Opoku Asuming, Hyuncheol Bryant Kim, Armand Sim Long-Run Consequences of Health Insurance Promotion: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ghana October 2017 Abstract
11116 Thomas K. Bauer, Matthias Giesecke, Laura Janisch Forced Migration and Mortality October 2017 Abstract
11115 Oladele Akogun, Andrew Dillon, Jed Friedman, Ashesh Prasann, Pieter Serneels Productivity and Health: Alternative Productivity Estimates Using Physical Activity October 2017 Abstract
11114 John T. Addison, Liwen Chen, Orgul Demet Ozturk Occupational Match Quality and Gender over Two Cohorts October 2017 Abstract
11113 Alexander Hijzen, Pedro S. Martins, Jante Parlevliet Collective Bargaining through the Magnifying Glass: A Comparison between the Netherlands and Portugal October 2017 Abstract
11112 Alex Bryson Mutual Gains? Is There a Role for Employee Engagement in the Modern Workplace?
(published in: Bosio, G., Minola, T., Origio, F., and Tomelleri, S. (eds), Rethinking Entrepreneurial Human Capital, Springer, 2018)
October 2017 Abstract
11111 Erling Barth, Alex Bryson, Harald Dale-Olsen Union Density, Productivity and Wages October 2017 Abstract
11110 Michael R. Ransom, Tyler Ransom Do High School Sports Build or Reveal Character?
(Published in: Economics of Education Review, 2018, 64 (1), 75-89)
October 2017 Abstract
11109 Lisa Dickson, T. H. Gindling, James Kitchin The Education and Employment Effects of DACA, In-State Tuition and Financial Aid for Undocumented Immigrants October 2017 Abstract
11108 Benoit Dostie, Mohsen Javdani Not for the Profit, but for the Training? Gender Differences in Training in the For-Profit and Non-Profit Sectors October 2017 Abstract
11107 Judith Delaney, Paul J. Devereux More Education, Less Volatility? The Effect of Education on Earnings Volatility over the Life Cycle October 2017 Abstract
11106 Rita Ginja, Jenny Jans, Arizo Karimi Parental Investments in Early Life and Child Outcomes: Evidence from Swedish Parental Leave Rules October 2017 Abstract
11105 Dan Lerner, Ingrid Verheul, Roy Thurik Entrepreneurship & Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Large-Scale Study Involving the Clinical Condition of ADHD October 2017 Abstract
11104 Guoqian Xi, Jörn Block, Frank Lasch, Frank Robert, Roy Thurik Mode of Entry into Hybrid Entrepreneurship: New Venture Start-Up versus Business Takeover October 2017 Abstract
11103 Jolanda Hessels, Wim Naudé The Intersection of the Fields of Entrepreneurship and Development Economics: A Review towards a New View October 2017 Abstract
11102 Reto Odermatt, Alois Stutzer Subjective Well-Being and Public Policy
(published in: Ed Diener, Shigehiro Oishi and Louis Tay (eds.), Handbook of Well-Being. Noba Scholar Handbook Series: Subjective Well-being. Salt Lake City, UT: DEF Publishers, 2018. )
October 2017 Abstract
11101 Neha Agarwal, Hans-Peter Kohler, Subha Mani Dynamics in Physical Functioning Limitations October 2017 Abstract
11100 Irene Mosca, Robert E. Wright Working, Volunteering and Mental Health in the Later Years October 2017 Abstract
11099 Bert van Landeghem, Anneleen Vandeplas The Relationship between Status and Happiness: Evidence from the Caste System in Rural India October 2017 Abstract
11098 Reto Odermatt, Nattavudh Powdthavee, Alois Stutzer Overoptimistic Entrepreneurs: Predicting Wellbeing Consequences of Self-Employment October 2017 Abstract
11097 Jonathan F. Schulz, Petra Thiemann, Christian Thöni Nudging Generosity: Choice Architecture and Cognitive Factors in Charitable Giving October 2017 Abstract
11096 Tobias Thomas, Moritz Heß, Gert G. Wagner Reluctant to Reform? A Note on Risk-Loving Politicians and Bureaucrats October 2017 Abstract
11095 Robert Dur, Max van Lent Serving the Public Interest in Several Ways: Theory and Empirics
(published in: Labour Economics, 2018, 51, 13-24..)
October 2017 Abstract
11094 Riccardo Magnani, Luca Piccoli, Martine Carré, Amedeo Spadaro Would a Euro's Depreciation Improve the French Economy? October 2017 Abstract
11093 Sabyasachi Das, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Rajas Saroy Efficiency Consequences of Affirmative Action in Politics: Evidence from India October 2017 Abstract
11092 Ugo Trivellato Microdata for Social Sciences and Policy Evaluation as a Public Good
(forthcoming in: Crato N. and P. Paruolo (Eds), Data-driven Policy Impact Evaluation: How Microdata is Transforming Policy Design, Springer, 2018)
October 2017 Abstract
11091 Pedro Maia Gomes Heterogeneity and the Public Sector Wage Policy
(forthcoming in: the International Economic Review)
October 2017 Abstract
11090 Emile Cammeraat, Egbert L. W. Jongen, Pierre Koning Preventing NEETs during the Great Recession: The Effects of a Mandatory Activation Program for Young Welfare Recipients October 2017 Abstract
11089 Felix Bransch, Michael Kvasnicka Male Gatekeepers Gender Bias in the Publishing Process? October 2017 Abstract
11088 Elena Grinza, Francesco Devicienti, Mariacristina Rossi, Davide Vannoni How Entry into Parenthood Shapes Gender Role Attitudes: New Evidence from Longitudinal UK Data October 2017 Abstract
11087 Julia Bredtmann, Sebastian Otten, Christian Rulff Husband's Unemployment and Wife's Labor Supply: The Added Worker Effect across Europe
(forthcoming in: Industrial and Labor Relations Review)
October 2017 Abstract
11086 Sudipa Sarkar, Soham Sahoo, Stephan Klasen Employment Transitions of Women in India: A Panel Analysis October 2017 Abstract
11085 Irene Mosca, Vincent O'Sullivan, Robert E. Wright Maternal Employment and Child Outcomes: Evidence from the Irish Marriage Bar October 2017 Abstract
11084 Nicolas Frémeaux, Arnaud Lefranc Assortative Mating and Earnings Inequality in France October 2017 Abstract
11083 Ghazala Azmat, Stefania Simion Higher Education Funding Reforms: A Comprehensive Analysis of Educational and Labor Market Outcomes in England October 2017 Abstract
11082 Graziella Bertocchi, Arcangelo Dimico, Francesco Lancia, Alessia Russo Youth Enfranchisement, Political Responsiveness and Education Expenditure: Evidence from the U.S. October 2017 Abstract
11081 Luca Moretti, Martin Mayerl, Samuel Mühlemann, Peter Schlögl, Stefan C. Wolter So Similar and Yet So Different: A Comparative Analysis of a Firm's Cost and Benefits of Apprenticeship Training in Austria and Switzerland October 2017 Abstract
11080 Martin Biewen, Madalina Tapalaga Early Tracking, Academic vs. Vocational Training and the Value of 'Second Chance' Options October 2017 Abstract
11079 Phuc Luong, Lester Lusher, Vasil Yasenov Sleep and Student Success: The Role of Regularity vs. Duration October 2017 Abstract
11078 Amy Hsin, Francesc Ortega The Effects of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals on the Educational Outcomes of Undocumented Students October 2017 Abstract
11077 Sebastian Till Braun, Anica Kramer, Michael Kvasnicka Local Labor Markets and the Persistence of Population Shocks October 2017 Abstract
11076 Maria Vaalavuo, Maarten van Ham, Timo M. Kauppinen Income Increase and Moving to a Better Neighbourhood: An Enquiry into Ethnic Differences in Finland October 2017 Abstract
11075 Christoph Albert, Joan Monras Immigrants' Residential Choices and Their Consequences October 2017 Abstract
11074 Liang Zheng, Zhong Zhao What Drives Spatial Clusters of Entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from Economic Census Data
(published: China Economic Review, 2017, 46, 228-248 [Details & Download])
October 2017 Abstract
11073 Simonetta Longhi Spatial-Ethnic Inequalities: The Role of Location in the Estimation of Ethnic Wage Differentials October 2017 Abstract
11072 Martin Biewen, Bernd Fitzenberger, Jakob de Lazzer Rising Wage Inequality in Germany: Increasing Heterogeneity and Changing Selection into Full-Time Work October 2017 Abstract
11071 Ian Gazeley, Andrew T. Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Gutierrez Rufrancos What Really Happened to British Inequality in the Early 20th Century? Evidence from National Household Expenditure Surveys 1890–1961 October 2017 Abstract
11070 Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Sarah Dahmann, Nicolas Salamanca, Anna Zhu Intergenerational Disadvantage: Learning about Equal Opportunity from Social Assistance Receipt October 2017 Abstract
11069 Sarah Kuypers, Ive Marx The Truly Vulnerable: Integrating Wealth into the Measurement of Poverty and Social Policy Effectiveness October 2017 Abstract
11068 Donald O. Parsons Employer-Provided Severance Pay: The Emergence of Job Displacement Insurance, 1930–1954 October 2017 Abstract
11067 Donald O. Parsons Voluntary Employer-Provided Severance Pay October 2017 Abstract
11066 Uwe Jirjahn, Stephen C. Smith Nonunion Employee Representation: Theory and the German Experience with Mandated Works Councils
(forthcoming in: Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics)
October 2017 Abstract
11065 Irina Frei, Christian Grund Antecedents of Overtime Work: The Case of Junior Academics October 2017 Abstract
11064 Michael Oberfichtner, Claus Schnabel The German Model of Industrial Relations: (Where) Does It Still Exist?
(forthcoming in: Journal of Economics and Statistics (Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik))
October 2017 Abstract
11063 Rüdiger Bachmann, Christian Bayer, Christian Merkl, Stefan Seth, Heiko Stüber, Felix Wellschmied Worker Churn and Employment Growth at the Establishment Level October 2017 Abstract
11062 Giorgio Brunello, Elisabetta Lodigiani, Lorenzo Rocco Does Low Skilled Immigration Cause Human Capital Polarization? Evidence from Italian Provinces October 2017 Abstract
11061 Michael A. Clemens Testing for Repugnance in Economic Transactions: Evidence from Guest Work in the Gulf
(forthcoming in: Journal of Legal Studies)
September 2017 Abstract
11060 Massimiliano Bratti, Claudio Deiana, Enkelejda Havari, Gianluca Mazzarella, Elena Claudia Meroni What Are You Voting For? Proximity to Refugee Reception Centres and Voting in the 2016 Italian Constitutional Referendum September 2017 Abstract
11059 Federica Liberini, Andrew J. Oswald, Eugenio Proto, Michela Redoano Was Brexit Caused by the Unhappy and the Old? September 2017 Abstract
11058 Yuanyuan Chen, Le Wang, Min Zhang Informal Search, Bad Search? The Effects of Job Search Method on Wages among Rural Migrants in Urban China
(forthcoming in: Journal of Population Economics, 2017)
September 2017 Abstract
11057 Viktor Bozhinov, Christopher Koch, Thorsten Schank Has the Push for Equal Gender Representation Changed the Role of Women on German Supervisory Boards? September 2017 Abstract
11056 Muhammad Asali, Norberto Pignatti, Sophiko Skhirtladze Employment Discrimination in a Former Soviet Union Republic: Evidence from a Field Experiment September 2017 Abstract
11055 Lutz Bellmann, Marco Caliendo, Stefan Tübbicke The Post-Reform Effectiveness of the New German Start-Up Subsidy for the Unemployed September 2017 Abstract
11054 John S. Heywood, Uwe Jirjahn, Annika Pfister Product Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany September 2017 Abstract
11053 Luis A. Gil-Alana, Zeynel Abidin Ozdemir, Aysit Tansel Long Memory in Turkish Unemployment Rates
(forthcoming in Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2018)
September 2017 Abstract
11052 Ragui Assaad, Caroline Krafft, Shaimaa Yassin Comparing Retrospective and Panel Data Collection Methods to Assess Labor Market Dynamics September 2017 Abstract
11051 Christian Merkl, Heiko Stüber Wage Cyclicalities and Labor Market Dynamics at the Establishment Level: Theory and Evidence September 2017 Abstract
11050 Francesco C. Billari, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella Broadband Internet, Digital Temptations, and Sleep September 2017 Abstract
11049 Maurice Schiff, Yanling Wang Education, Governance, and Trade- and Distance-Related Technology Diffusion: Accounting for the Latin America-East Asia TFP Gap, and the TFP Impact of South America's Greater Distance to the North September 2017 Abstract
11048 Isaac Ehrlich, Dunli Li, Zhiqiang Liu The Role of Entrepreneurial Human Capital as a Driver of Endogenous Economic Growth September 2017 Abstract
11047 James J. Heckman, John Eric Humphries, Gregory Veramendi The Non-Market Benefits of Education and Ability September 2017 Abstract
11046 Jan Kabátek, David C. Ribar Teenage Daughters as a Cause of Divorce September 2017 Abstract
11045 Daniela Piazzalunga The Gender Wage Gap among College Graduates in Italy
(published in: Italian Economic Journal, 2018, doi: 10.1007/s40797-017-0069-8)
September 2017 Abstract
11044 Katrin John, Stephan L. Thomsen Gender Differences in the Development of Other-Regarding Preferences September 2017 Abstract
11043 Shuai Chen, Jan C. van Ours Subjective Well-Being and Partnership Dynamics: Are Same-Sex Relationships Different? September 2017 Abstract
11042 Rémi Piatek, Miriam Gensowski A Multinomial Probit Model with Latent Factors: Identification and Interpretation without a Measurement System September 2017 Abstract
11041 Manuel F. Bagues, Mauro Sylos-Labini, Natalia Zinovyeva A Walk on the Wild Side: 'Predatory' Journals and Information Asymmetries in Scientific Evaluations September 2017 Abstract
11040 Amelie Schiprowski The Role of Caseworkers in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from Unplanned Absences September 2017 Abstract
11039 Veronica Escudero, Jochen Kluve, Elva López Mourelo, Clemente Pignatti Active Labour Market Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean: Evidence from a Meta Analysis September 2017 Abstract
11038 Paula Gonzalez, Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas, Sarmistha Pal Dual Practice by Health Workers: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia September 2017 Abstract
11037 Ian Gazeley, Rose Holmes, Andrew T. Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Gutierrez Rufrancos Escaping from Hunger before WW1: Nutrition and Living Standards in Western Europe and USA in the Late Nineteenth Century September 2017 Abstract
11036 Guy Michaels, Dzhamilya Nigmatulina, Ferdinand Rauch, Tanner Regan, Neeraj Baruah, Amanda Dahlstrand-Rudin Planning Ahead for Better Neighborhoods: Long Run Evidence from Tanzania September 2017 Abstract
11035 Martín Caruso Bloeck, Sebastian Galiani, Pablo Ibarrarán Long-Term Care in Latin America and the Caribbean? Theory and Policy Considerations September 2017 Abstract
11034 Juliana Mesén Vargas, Bruno Van der Linden Is There Always a Trade-off between Insurance and Incentives? The Case of Unemployment with Subsistence Constraints September 2017 Abstract
11033 Florian Buhlmann, Benjamin Elsner, Andreas Peichl Tax Refunds and Income Manipulation Evidence from the EITC
(forthcoming in: International Tax and Public Finance)
September 2017 Abstract
11032 Henri Fraisse Households Debt Restructuring: The Re-default Effect of a Debt Suspension September 2017 Abstract
11031 Sascha Behnk, Li Hao, Ernesto Reuben Partners in Crime: Diffusion of Responsibility in Antisocial Behaviors September 2017 Abstract
11030 Daniel Alonso-Soto, Hugo R. Nopo How Do Latin American Migrants in the U.S. Stand on Schooling Premium? What Does It Reveal about Education Quality in Their Home Countries? September 2017 Abstract
11029 Yaqin Su, Petros Tesfazion, Zhong Zhao Where Are Migrants from? Inter- vs. Intra-Provincial Rural-Urban Migration in China
(published in: China Economic Review, 2018, 47, 142-155 [Details & Download])
September 2017 Abstract
11028 Esther Mirjam Girsberger Migration, Education and Work Opportunities September 2017 Abstract
11027 Tommaso Frattini, Elena Meschi The Effect of Immigrant Peers in Vocational Schools September 2017 Abstract
11026 Massimiliano Bratti, Stefano Verzillo The 'Gravity' of Quality: Research Quality and Universities' Attractiveness in Italy September 2017 Abstract
11025 Joniada Milla The Context-Bound University Selectivity Premium September 2017 Abstract
11024 Petra Thiemann The Persistent Effects of Short-Term Peer Groups in Higher Education September 2017 Abstract
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Brecht Neyt, Eddy Omey, Dieter Verhaest, Stijn Baert Does Student Work Really Affect Educational Outcomes? A Review of the Literature
(revised version available upon request)
September 2017 Abstract
11022 Ernest Boffy-Ramirez, Soojae Moon The Role of China's Household Registration System in the Urban-Rural Income Differential
(published in: China Economic Journal, 2018, https://doi.org/10.1080/17538963.2018.1453103)
September 2017 Abstract
11021 Gregory Clark, Andrew Leigh, Mike Pottenger Immobile Australia: Surnames Show Strong Status Persistence, 1870–2017 September 2017 Abstract
11020 Chelsea Murray, Robert Clark, Silvia Mendolia, Peter Siminski Direct Measures of Intergenerational Income Mobility for Australia September 2017 Abstract
11019 Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann Optimal Income Taxation with Composition Effects September 2017 Abstract
11018 Mirjam C. van Praag, Arvid Raknerud The Returns to Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Matched Person-Firm Data September 2017 Abstract
11017 Diego Zunino, Mirjam C. van Praag, Gary Dushnitsky Badge of Honor or Scarlet Letter? Unpacking Investors' Judgment of Entrepreneurs' Past Failure September 2017 Abstract
11016 Rita K. Almeida, Ana Margarida Fernandes, Mariana Viollaz Does the Adoption of Complex Software Impact Employment Composition and the Skill Content of Occupations? Evidence from Chilean Firms September 2017 Abstract
11015 Alexander Konon, Alexander S. Kritikos Media and Occupational Choice September 2017 Abstract
11014 Shaimaa Yassin, François Langot Informality, Public Employment and Employment Protection in Developing Countries September 2017 Abstract
11013 Julien Albertini, Jean-Olivier Hairault, François Langot, Thepthida Sopraseuth A Tale of Two Countries: A Story of the French and US Polarization September 2017 Abstract
11012 Piotr Lewandowski, Marek Góra, Maciej Lis Temporary Employment Boom in Poland: A Job Quality vs. Quantity Trade-off? September 2017 Abstract
11011 Andrea Bassanini, Federico Cingano Before It Gets Better: The Short-Term Employment Costs of Regulatory Reforms
(forthcoming in: Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2018)
September 2017 Abstract
11010 Pierre Cahuc, Sandra Nevoux Inefficient Short-Time Work September 2017 Abstract
11009 Gianni Betti, Lucia Mangiavacchi, Luca Piccoli Individual Poverty Measurement Using a Fuzzy Intrahousehold Approach September 2017 Abstract
11008 Steffen Otterbach, Michael Rogan Spatial Differences in Stunting and Household Agricultural Production in South Africa: (Re-)Examining the Links Using National Panel Survey Data September 2017 Abstract
11007 Jeroen Horemans, Ive Marx Poverty and Material Deprivation among the Self-Employed in Europe: An Exploration of a Relatively Uncharted Landscape September 2017 Abstract
11006 Eirini Andriopoulou, Alexandros Karakitsios, Panos Tsakloglou Inequality and Poverty in Greece: Changes in Times of Crisis September 2017 Abstract
11005 Miles Corak 'Inequality Is the Root of Social Evil,' or Maybe Not? Two Stories about Inequality and Public Policy
(published in: Canadian Public Policy, 2016, 42 (4), 367-414)
September 2017 Abstract
11004 Robert M. Sauer, Christopher Taber Indirect Inference with Importance Sampling: An Application to Women's Wage Growth September 2017 Abstract
11003 Francine D. Blau, Lawrence M. Kahn, Peter Brummund, Jason Cook, Miriam Larson-Koester Is There Still Son Preference in the United States? September 2017 Abstract
11002 Robert Duval Hernández, Lei Fang, L. Rachel Ngai Taxes and Market Hours: The Role of Gender and Skill September 2017 Abstract
11001 Angela Cools, Eleonora Patacchini Sibling Gender Composition and Women's Wages September 2017 Abstract
11000 Friederike Mengel, Jan Sauermann, Ulf Zölitz Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations
(accepted for publication: Journal of the European Economic Association)
September 2017 Abstract
10999 Elise de Vuijst, Maarten van Ham Educational Attainment and Neighbourhood Outcomes: Differences between Highly-Educated Natives and Non-Western Ethnic Minorities in the Netherlands September 2017 Abstract
10998 Indraneel Dasgupta, Ranajoy Guha Neogi Decolonization, Property Rights and Language Conflicts September 2017 Abstract
10997 Peter Bergman, Jeffrey T. Denning, Dayanand Manoli Broken Tax Breaks? Evidence from a Tax Credit Information Experiment with 1,000,000 Students September 2017 Abstract
10996 Shimeng Liu, Weizeng Sun, John V. Winters Up in STEM, Down in Business: Changing College Major Decisions with the Great Recession September 2017 Abstract
10995 Sarah Cattan, Daniel A. Kamhöfer, Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Student Absence: Evidence from Sweden September 2017 Abstract
10994 Hendrik Jürges, Luca Stella, Sameh Hallaq, Alexandra Schwarz Cohort at Risk: Long-Term Consequences of Conflict for Child School Achievement September 2017 Abstract
10993 Cheti Nicoletti, Valentina Tonei The Response of Parental Time Investments to the Child's Skills and Health September 2017 Abstract
10992 Jacobus de Hoop, Jed Friedman, Eeshani Kandpal, Furio C. Rosati Child Schooling and Child Work in the Presence of a Partial Education Subsidy September 2017 Abstract
10991 Øystein Hernaes Activation against Absenteeism: Evidence from a Sickness Insurance Reform in Norway September 2017 Abstract
10990 Erica G. Birk, Glen R. Waddell The Mitigating Role of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs in the Abuse of Prescription Drugs September 2017 Abstract
10989 Lucija Muehlenbachs, Stefan Staubli, Ziyan Chu The Accident Externality from Trucking September 2017 Abstract
10988 Bruce Hollingsworth, Asako Ohinata, Matteo Picchio, Ian Walker Labour Supply and Informal Care Supply: The Impacts of Financial Support for Long-Term Elderly Care September 2017 Abstract
10987 Guillem Riambau, Steven Stillman, Geua Boe-Gibson What Determines Preferences for an Electoral System? Evidence from a Binding Referendum September 2017 Abstract
10986 Friederike Lenel, Susan Steiner Insurance and Solidarity: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in Cambodia September 2017 Abstract
10985 David L. Dickinson, Todd McElroy Bayesian versus Heuristic-Based Choice under Sleep Restriction and Suboptimal Times of Day September 2017 Abstract
10984 David L. Dickinson, Ananish Chaudhuri, Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy Trading While Sleepy? Circadian Mismatch and Excess Volatility in a Global Experimental Asset Market September 2017 Abstract
10983 Maria De Paola, Francesca Gioia, Fabio Piluso Does Reminding of Behavioural Biases Increase Returns from Financial Trading? A Field Experiment September 2017 Abstract
10982 Sinem H. Ayhan, Kseniia Gatskova, Hartmut Lehmann The Impact of Non-Cognitive Skills and Risk Preferences on Rural-to-Urban Migration: Evidence from Ukraine September 2017 Abstract
10981 Nick Drydakis Measuring Labour Differences between Natives, Non-Natives, and Natives with an Ethnic-Minority Background
(forthcoming in: Economics Letters, 2017)
August 2017 Abstract
10980 Tiit Tammaru, Szymon Marci?czak, Raivo Aunap, Maarten van Ham Inequalities and Segregation across the Long-Term Economic Cycle: An Analysis of South and North European Cities August 2017 Abstract
10979 Anne Boschini, Kristin Gunnarsson, Jesper Roine Women in Top Incomes: Evidence from Sweden 1974–2013 August 2017 Abstract
10978 John Hatgioannides, Marika Karanassou, Hector Sala Should the Rich Be Taxed More? The Fiscal Inequality Coefficient August 2017 Abstract
10977 Nathan R. Adams, Glen R. Waddell Performance and Risk Taking under Threat of Elimination August 2017 Abstract
10976 Thomas Buser, Noemi Peter, Stefan C. Wolter Gender, Willingness to Compete and Career Choices along the Whole Ability Distribution August 2017 Abstract
10975 Isabelle Sin, Steven Stillman, Richard Fabling What Drives the Gender Wage Gap? Examining the Roles of Sorting, Productivity Differences, and Discrimination August 2017 Abstract
10974 Erling Barth, Sari Pekkala Kerr, Claudia Olivetti The Dynamics of Gender Earnings Differentials: Evidence from Establishment Data August 2017 Abstract
10973 Lucas Ronconi, Rodrigo Zarazaga The Tragedy of Clientelism: Opting Children Out August 2017 Abstract
10972 Marta Favara, Catherine Porter, Tassew Woldehanna Smarter through Social Protection? Evaluating the Impact of Ethiopia's Safety-Net on Child Cognitive Abilities August 2017 Abstract
10971 Farzana Afridi, Bidisha Barooah, Rohini Somanathan Improving Learning Outcomes through Information Provision: Evidence from Indian Villages August 2017 Abstract
10970 Ragui Assaad, Caroline Krafft Excluded Generation: The Growing Challenges of Labor Market Insertion for Egyptian Youth August 2017 Abstract
10969 Christoph Eder, Martin Halla Economic Origins of Cultural Norms: The Case of Animal Husbandry and Bastardy August 2017 Abstract
10968 Achmad Tohari, Christopher Parsons, Anu Rammohan Targeting Poverty under Complementarities: Evidence from Indonesia's Unified Targeting System August 2017 Abstract
10967 Felipe A. Dunsch, David K. Evans, Ezinne Eze-Ajoku, Mario Macis Management, Supervision, and Health Care: A Field Experiment August 2017 Abstract
10966 Ali Souag, Ragui Assaad The Impact of the Action Plan for Promoting Employment and Combating Unemployment on Employment Informality in Algeria August 2017 Abstract
10965 Maazullah, Arjun S. Bedi Returns to Islamic Microfinance: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Pakistan August 2017 Abstract
10964 Petri Böckerman, Pekka Ilmakunnas Do Good Working Conditions Make You Work Longer? Evidence on Retirement Decisions Using Linked Survey and Register Data August 2017 Abstract
10963 Peng Nie, Alfonso Sousa-Poza What Chinese Workers Value: An Analysis of Job Satisfaction, Job Expectations, and Labor Turnover in China August 2017 Abstract
10962 Younghwan Song The Effect of Job Displacement on Subjective Well-being August 2017 Abstract
10961 Michael C. Knaus, Michael Lechner, Anthony Strittmatter Heterogeneous Employment Effects of Job Search Programmes: A Machine Learning Approach August 2017 Abstract
10960 R. Jason Faberman, Andreas I. Mueller, Aysegül Sahin, Giorgio Topa Job Search Behavior among the Employed and Non-Employed August 2017 Abstract
10959 Aleksandra Katolik, Andrew J. Oswald Antidepressants for Economists and Business-School Researchers: An Introduction and Review August 2017 Abstract
10958 David G. Blanchflower, Andrew J. Oswald Do Humans Suffer a Psychological Low in Midlife? Two Approaches (With and Without Controls) in Seven Data Sets August 2017 Abstract
10957 Nick Drydakis, Peter MacDonald, Vasiliki Bozani, Vangelis Chiotis Inclusive Recruitment? Hiring Discrimination against Older Workers
(forthcoming in: Arenas, A., Di Marco, D., Munduate, L., Euwema, M.C. (Eds.), Shaping Inclusive Workplaces through Social Dialogue. New York: Springer Publishing)
August 2017 Abstract
10956 Laura Katherine Gee, Michael J. Schreck Do Beliefs about Peers Matter for Donation Matching? Experiments in the Field and Laboratory August 2017 Abstract
10955 Alexander K. Koch, Julia Nafziger Motivational Goal Bracketing: An Experiment August 2017 Abstract
10954 Trenton G. Smith, Steven Stillman, Stuart Craig 'Rational Overeating' in a Feast-or-Famine World: Economic Insecurity and the Obesity Epidemic August 2017 Abstract
10953 Micha Kaiser, Mirjam Reutter, Alfonso Sousa-Poza, Kristina Strohmaier Smoking and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Germany
(forthcoming in: Economics & Human Biology, 2018)
August 2017 Abstract
10952 Caitlin Knowles Myers, Daniel Ladd Did Parental Involvement Laws Grow Teeth? The Effects of State Restrictions on Minors' Access to Abortion August 2017 Abstract
10951 Charles Courtemanche, Andrew I. Friedson, Andrew P. Koller, Daniel I. Rees The Affordable Care Act and Ambulance Response Times August 2017 Abstract
10950 Pedro S. Martins (How) Do Non-Cognitive Skills Programs Improve Adolescent School Achievement? Experimental Evidence August 2017 Abstract
10949 Robert A. Hart, Mirko Moro Date of Birth and Selective Schooling August 2017 Abstract
10948 Philipp Lergetporer, Katharina Werner, Ludger Woessmann Public Opinion on Education Policy in Germany August 2017 Abstract
10947 Adriana Kugler, Catherine H. Tinsley, Olga Ukhaneva Choice of Majors: Are Women Really Different from Men? August 2017 Abstract
10946 Andre Jungmittag, Paul J. J. Welfens Beyond EU-US Trade Dynamics: TTIP Effects Related to Foreign Direct Investment and Innovation August 2017 Abstract
10945 Ngoc Thi Minh Tran, Michael P. Cameron, Jacques Poot International Migration and Institutional Quality in the Home Country: It Matters Where You Go and How Long You Stay! August 2017 Abstract
10944 Tom Kleinepier, Maarten van Ham Ethnic Differences in Duration and Timing of Exposure to Neighbourhood Disadvantage during Childhood August 2017 Abstract
10943 Bruce D. Meyer, Nikolas Mittag Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data to Better Measure Income: Implications for Poverty, Program Effectiveness and Holes in the Safety Net August 2017 Abstract
10942 Robert Paul Hartley, Carlos Lamarche, James P. Ziliak Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence August 2017 Abstract
10941 Leslie S. Stratton Housing Prices, Unemployment Rates, Disadvantage, and Progress toward a Degree August 2017 Abstract
10940 Daniel Gerszon Mahler, Xavier Ramos Equality of Opportunity for Well-Being
(Entry at the IZA Newsroom http://newsroom.iza.org/en/2017/09/22/equality-of-opportunity-for-what/)
August 2017 Abstract
10939 Zemzem Shigute, Christoph Strupat, Francesco Burchi, Getnet Alemu, Arjun S. Bedi The Joint Effects of a Health Insurance and a Public Works Scheme in Rural Ethiopia August 2017 Abstract
10938 Richard Akresh, Sonia R. Bhalotra, Marinella Leone, Una O. Osili First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War
(Submitted. Revision Nov 2017, available from the authors.)
August 2017 Abstract
10937 Vidya Diwakar, Michael Malcolm, George S Naufal Violent Conflict and Breastfeeding: The Case of Iraq August 2017 Abstract
10936 Michael Malcolm, Vidya Diwakar, George S Naufal Child Discipline in Times of Conflict August 2017 Abstract
10935 Francesco C. Billari, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella Does Broadband Internet Affect Fertility? August 2017 Abstract
10934 Tanika Chakraborty, Anirban Mukherjee, Swapnika Reddy Rachapalli, Sarani Saha Stigma of Sexual Violence and Women's Decision to Work August 2017 Abstract
10933 Paul Redmond, Seamus McGuinness The Gender Wage Gap in Europe: Job Preferences, Gender Convergence and Distributional Effects August 2017 Abstract
10932 Tor Eriksson, Nina Smith, Valdemar Smith Gender Stereotyping and Self-Stereotyping Attitudes: A Large Field Study of Managers August 2017 Abstract
10931 Paola Giuliano Gender: An Historical Perspective
(published in in Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women, ed. Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys, and Saul D. Hoffman, New York: Oxford University Press, 2018)
July 2017 Abstract
10930 Paola Giuliano, Nathan Nunn Understanding Cultural Persistence and Change July 2017 Abstract
10929 Marianna Battaglia, Bastien Chabé-Ferret, Lara Lebedinski Segregation and Fertility: The Case of the Roma in Serbia July 2017 Abstract
10928 Michael A. Clemens Violence, Development and Migration Waves: Evidence from Central American Child Migrant Apprehensions July 2017 Abstract
10927 Matloob Piracha, Massimiliano Tani, Guy Tchuente Immigration Policy and Remittance Behaviour July 2017 Abstract
10926 Badi H. Baltagi, Ying Deng, Xiangjun Ma Network Effects on Labor Contracts of Internal Migrants in China: A Spatial Autoregressive Model July 2017 Abstract
10925 Manuel Sanchez, Felix Wellschmied Modeling Life-Cycle Earnings Risk with Positive and Negative Shocks July 2017 Abstract
10924 Liugang Sheng, Dennis T. Yang Offshoring and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from China July 2017 Abstract
10923 Duha T. Altindag, S. Elif Filiz, Erdal Tekin Does It Matter How and How Much Politicians Are Paid? July 2017 Abstract
10922 Tirthatanmoy Das, Solomon Polachek Micro Foundations of Earnings Differences July 2017 Abstract
10921 Armin Falk Status Inequality, Moral Disengagement and Violence July 2017 Abstract
10920 Stefanie Fischer, Heather Royer, Corey White The Impacts of Reduced Access to Abortion and Family Planning Services: Evidence from Texas July 2017 Abstract
10919 Jorge Balat, Nicholas W. Papageorge, Shaiza Qayyum Positively Aware? Conflicting Expert Reviews and Demand for Medical Treatment July 2017 Abstract
10918 Nicolas R. Ziebarth Social Insurance and Health
(Short version forthcoming as a book chapter in: Baltagi, B. H. and Moscone, F. [Eds.] (2017): Health Econometrics in Contributions to Economic Analysis, Emerald Publishing, 1st Edition.)
July 2017 Abstract
10917 Susan L. Averett, Sabrina Terrizzi, Yang Wang Taking the CON out of Pennsylvania: Did Hip and Knee Replacement Patients Benefit? July 2017 Abstract
10916 Susan L. Averett, Julie K. Smith, Yang Wang Minimum Wages and the Health of Hispanic Women July 2017 Abstract
10915 Antonio Di Paolo, Aysit Tansel Analyzing Wage Differentials by Fields of Study: Evidence from Turkey July 2017 Abstract
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Per-Anders Edin, Peter Fredriksson, Martin Nybom, Björn Öckert The Rising Return to Non-Cognitive Skill July 2017 Abstract
10913 Jeffrey T. Denning Born Under a Lucky Star: Financial Aid, College Completion, Labor Supply, and Credit Constraints
(forthcoming in: Journal of Human Resources)
July 2017 Abstract
10912 Russell Weinstein Employer Screening Costs, Recruiting Strategies, and Labor Market Outcomes: An Equilibrium Analysis of On-Campus Recruiting July 2017 Abstract
10911 Russell Weinstein University Selectivity, Initial Job Quality, and Longer-Run Salary July 2017 Abstract
10910 Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Bhuvanesh Pareek, Karl Taylor Financial Hardship and Saving Behaviour: Bayesian Analysis of British Panel Data July 2017 Abstract
10909 Seyoung Chae, Almas Heshmati The Effects of Lifetime Work Experience on Incidence and Severity of Elderly Poverty in Korea July 2017 Abstract
10908 Alpaslan Akay, Olivier Bargain, Xavier Jara 'Fair' Welfare Comparisons with Heterogeneous Tastes: Subjective versus Revealed Preferences July 2017 Abstract
10907 Alpaslan Akay, Olivier Bargain, Xavier Jara Back to Bentham, Should We? Large-Scale Comparison of Experienced versus Decision Utility July 2017 Abstract
10906 Renate Strobl, Conny Wunsch Does Voluntary Risk Taking Affect Solidarity? Experimental Evidence from Kenya July 2017 Abstract
10905 Robert Paul Hartley, Carlos Lamarche Behavioral Responses and Welfare Reform: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment July 2017 Abstract
10904 Fabio Berton, Francesco Devicienti, Sara Grubanov-Boskovic Employment Protection Legislation and Mismatch: Evidence from a Reform July 2017 Abstract
10903 Admasu Shiferaw, Arjun S. Bedi, Mans Söderbom, Getnet Alemu Social Insurance Reform and Labor Market Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia July 2017 Abstract
10902 Bhaskar Chakravorty, Arjun S. Bedi Skills Training and Employment Outcomes in Rural Bihar July 2017 Abstract
10901 Albrecht Glitz, Daniel Wissmann Skill Premiums and the Supply of Young Workers in Germany July 2017 Abstract
10900 Arnaud Dupuy, Alfred Galichon A Note on the Estimation of Job Amenities and Labor Productivity July 2017 Abstract
10899 John T. Addison, Paulino Teixeira Workplace Employee Representation and Industrial Relations Performance: New Evidence from the 2013 European Company Survey
(revised version forthcoming in: Jahrbuecher fuer Nationaloekonomie und Statistik)
July 2017 Abstract
10898 Hector Sala, Pedro Trivín The Effects of Globalization and Technology on the Elasticity of Substitution July 2017 Abstract
10897 Haeyeon Yoon, Almas Heshmati Do Environmental Regulations Effect FDI Decisions? The Pollution Haven Hypothesis Revisited July 2017 Abstract
10896 David E. Bloom, Simiao Chen, Michael Kuhn, Mark E. McGovern, Les Oxley, Klaus Prettner The Economic Burden of Chronic Diseases: Estimates and Projections for China, Japan and South Korea July 2017 Abstract
10895 Sónia Félix, Pedro Portugal, Ana Tavares Going after the Addiction, Not the Addicted: The Impact of Drug Decriminalization in Portugal July 2017 Abstract
10894 Jordy Meekes, Wolter Hassink The Role of the Housing Market in Workers' Resilience to Job Displacement after Firm Bankruptcy July 2017 Abstract
10893 Donald O. Parsons The Unemployment Insurance Taxable Wage Base Mystery July 2017 Abstract
10892 Reinhold Kosfeld, Christian Dreger Towards an East German Wage Curve: NUTS Boundaries, Labour Market Regions and Unemployment Spillovers July 2017 Abstract
10891 Apoorva Jain, Klara Sabirianova Peter Limits to Wage Growth: Understanding the Wage Divergence between Immigrants and Natives July 2017 Abstract
10890 Andreas Landmann, Helke Seitz, Susan Steiner Patrilocal Residence and Female Labour Supply July 2017 Abstract
10889 Kristian Koerselman, Tuomas Pekkarinen The Timing of Puberty and Gender Differences in Educational Achievement July 2017 Abstract
10888 Manuel F. Bagues, Pamela Campa Can Gender Quotas in Candidate Lists Empower Women? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design July 2017 Abstract
10887 Apoorva Jain, Klara Sabirianova Peter A Joint Hazard-Longitudinal Model of the Timing of Migration, Immigrant Quality, and Labor Market Assimilation July 2017 Abstract
10886 Marie C. Hull, Katherine Duch One-To-One Technology and Student Outcomes July 2017 Abstract
10885 Wiljan Van den Berge, Egbert L. W. Jongen, Karen van der Wiel Using Tax Deductions to Promote Lifelong Learning: Real and Shifting Responses July 2017 Abstract
10884 Jorge M. Agüero, Carlos Felipe Balcázar, Stanislao Maldonado, Hugo R. Nopo The Value of Redistribution: Natural Resources and the Formation of Human Capital under Weak Institutions July 2017 Abstract
10883 Bernd Fitzenberger, Stefanie Licklederer Additional Career Assistance and Educational Outcomes for Students in Lower Track Secondary Schools July 2017 Abstract
10882 Olivier Coibion, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Dmitri Koustas Consumption Inequality and the Frequency of Purchases July 2017 Abstract
10881 Indraneel Dasgupta, Ranajoy Guha Neogi Between-Group Contests over Group-Specific Public Goods with Within-Group Fragmentation
(published in: Public Choice, 2018, 174 (3-4), 315-334.)
July 2017 Abstract
10880 Almas Heshmati, Nam-Seok Kim The Relationship between Economic Growth and Democracy: Alternative Representations of Technological Change July 2017 Abstract
10879 Gilles Saint-Paul Secular Satiation July 2017 Abstract
10878 Danny Cohen-Zada, Alex Krumer, Offer Moshe Shapir Take a Chance on ABBA July 2017 Abstract
10877 Stefania Bortolotti, Ivan Soraperra, Matthias Sutter, Claudia Zoller Too Lucky to Be True: Fairness Views under the Shadow of Cheating July 2017 Abstract
10876 Eva Van Belle, Ralf Caers, Marijke De Couck, Valentina Di Stasio, Stijn Baert Why Is Unemployment Duration a Sorting Criterion in Hiring?
(revised version available upon request)
July 2017 Abstract
10875 Duco de Vos, Evert J. Meijers, Maarten van Ham Working from Home and the Willingness to Accept a Longer Commute July 2017 Abstract
10874 Mariana Carrera, Heather Royer, Mark Stehr, Justin Syndor Can Financial Incentives Help People Trying to Establish New Habits? Experimental Evidence with New Gym Members July 2017 Abstract
10873 Stephen B. Billings, Kevin T. Schnepel The Value of a Healthy Home: Lead Paint Remediation and Housing Values July 2017 Abstract
10872 Stephen B. Billings, Kevin T. Schnepel Life After Lead: Effects of Early Interventions for Children Exposed to Lead July 2017 Abstract
10871 Juan Pablo Atal, Hanming Fang, Martin Karlsson, Nicolas R. Ziebarth Exit, Voice or Loyalty? An Investigation into Mandated Portability of Front-Loaded Private Health Plans
(forthcoming in: Journal of Risk and Insurance)
June 2017 Abstract
10870 Adam Pilny, Ansgar Wübker, Nicolas R. Ziebarth Introducing Risk Adjustment and Free Health Plan Choice in Employer-Based Health Insurance: Evidence from Germany
(published in: Journal of Health Economics, 2017, 56: 330–351)
June 2017 Abstract
10869 Andrea Brandolini, Stephen P. Jenkins, John Micklewright Tony Atkinson and His Legacy
(Published in Review of Income and Wealth, September 2017, 63 (3), 411–444.)
June 2017 Abstract
10868 Richard V. Burkhauser, Nicolas Herault, Stephen P. Jenkins, Roger Wilkins Survey Under-Coverage of Top Incomes and Estimation of Inequality: What Is the Role of the UK's SPI Adjustment?
(Published in: Fiscal Studies, June 2018, 39 (2), 213-240 (Open Access))
June 2017 Abstract
10867 Sara de la Rica, Lucía Gorjón Assessing the Impact of a Minimum Income Scheme in the Basque Country June 2017 Abstract
10866 Marlon R. Tracey, Solomon Polachek If Looks Could Heal: Child Health and Paternal Investment
(forthcoming in: Journal of Health Economics)
June 2017 Abstract
10865 Lídia Farré, Libertad Gonzalez The Effects of Paternity Leave on Fertility and Labor Market Outcomes June 2017 Abstract
10864 Julia Bredtmann, Christina Vonnahme Less Alimony after Divorce: Spouses' Behavioral Response to the 2008 Alimony Reform in Germany June 2017 Abstract
10863 Wang-Sheng Lee, Terra McKinnish The Marital Satisfaction of Differently-Aged Couples
(forthcoming in: Journal of Population Economics, 2017)
June 2017 Abstract
10862 Francesca Barigozzi, Helmuth Cremer, Kerstin Roeder Caregivers in the Family: Daughters, Sons and Social Norms June 2017 Abstract
10861 Julia Rohrer, Martin Bruemmer, Jürgen Schupp, Gert G. Wagner Worries across Time and Age in Germany: Bringing Together Open- and Close-Ended Questions June 2017 Abstract
10860 Xi Chen Does Daughter Deficit Promote Parental Substance Use? Longitudinal Evidence on Smoking from Rural China June 2017 Abstract
10859 Cong S. Pham, Chris Doucouliagos An Injury to One Is an Injury to All: Terrorism's Spillover Effects on Bilateral Trade June 2017 Abstract
10858 Francesco Drago, Roberto Galbiati, Francesco Sobbrio The Political Cost of Being Soft on Crime: Evidence from a Natural Experiment June 2017 Abstract
10857 Rajeev K. Goel, James W. Saunoris, Friedrich Schneider Drivers of the Underground Economy around the Millienium: A Long Term Look for the United States June 2017 Abstract
10856 Farzana Afridi Governance and Public Service Delivery in India
(published as: International Growth Centre Synthesis Paper, 2017)
June 2017 Abstract
10855 Wim Naudé Entrepreneurship, Education and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa June 2017 Abstract
10854 Esther Hauk, Mónica Oviedo, Xavier Ramos Perception of Corruption and Public Support for Redistribution in Latin America June 2017 Abstract
10853 Joyce J Chen, Katrina Kosec, Valerie Mueller Moving to Despair? Migration and Well-Being in Pakistan June 2017 Abstract
10852 Durba Chakrabarty, Michael J. Osei, John V. Winters, Danyang Zhao Are Immigrant and Minority Homeownership Rates Gaining Ground in the US? June 2017 Abstract
10851 Agnieszka Postepska Ethnic Capital and Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment June 2017 Abstract
10850 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Esther Arenas-Arroyo Immigration Enforcement and Foster Care Placements June 2017 Abstract
10849 Onur Altindag, Neeraj Kaushal Do Refugees Impact Voting Behavior in the Host Country? Evidence from Syrian Refugee Inflows in Turkey June 2017 Abstract
10848 Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll English Proficiency and Test Scores of Immigrant Children in the US June 2017 Abstract
10847 John Jerrim, Luis Alejandro Lopez-Agudo, Oscar D. Marcenaro-Gutierrez, Dominique Shure What Happens When Econometrics and Psychometrics Collide? An Example Using the PISA Data June 2017 Abstract
10846 Herbert Dawid, Gabriele Pellegrino, Marco Vivarelli The Role of Demand in Fostering Product vs Process Innovation: A Model and an Empirical Test June 2017 Abstract
10845 Angus J. Holford Access to and Returns from Unpaid Graduate Internships June 2017 Abstract
10844 Daniele Checchi, Silvia De Poli, Enrico Rettore Does Random Selection of Commissioners Improve the Quality of Selected Candidates? An Investigation in the Italian Academia
(forthcoming in Italian Economic Journal 2018)
June 2017 Abstract
10843 Maurice Schiff Education, Governance, Trade and Distance: Impact on Technology Diffusion and the East Asia-Latin America Productivity Gap June 2017 Abstract
10842 Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo, Andreea Minea The Difficult School-To-Work Transition of High School Dropouts: Evidence from a Field Experiment June 2017 Abstract
10841 Stephen Bazen, Khalid Maman Waziri The Assimilation of Young Workers into the Labour Market in France: A Stochastic Earnings Frontier Approach June 2017 Abstract
10840 Marloes Lammers, Hans Bloemen, Stefan Hochguertel Pension Rules and Labour Market Mobility June 2017 Abstract
10839 Tomi Kyyrä, Hanna Pesola Long-Term Effects of Extended Unemployment Benefits for Older Workers June 2017 Abstract
10838 Timothy J. Hatton Public Opinion on Immigration in Europe: Preference versus Salience June 2017 Abstract
10837 Alexander Patt, Jens Ruhose, Simon Wiederhold, Miguel Flores International Emigrant Selection on Occupational Skills June 2017 Abstract
10836 Adam S. Booij, Ferry Haan, Erik Plug Can Gifted and Talented Education Raise the Academic Achievement of All High-Achieving Students? June 2017 Abstract
10835 Mitchell Hoffman, Stephen V. Burks Training Contracts, Employee Turnover, and the Returns from Firm-Sponsored General Training June 2017 Abstract
10834 Nina Boberg-Fazlic, Maryna Ivets, Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson Disease and Fertility: Evidence from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Sweden June 2017 Abstract
10833 Jason M. Fletcher, Jessica Polos Nonmarital and Teen Fertility
(forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
June 2017 Abstract
10832 Gigi Foster, Leslie S. Stratton What Women Want (Their Men to Do): Housework and Satisfaction in Australian Households June 2017 Abstract
10831 Gigi Foster, Leslie S. Stratton Do Significant Labor Market Events Change Who Does the Chores? Paid Work, Housework and Power in Mixed-Gender Australian Households
(forthcoming in: Journal of Population Economics.)
June 2017 Abstract
10830 Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel, Melanie Khamis, Mutlu Yuksel Women Make Houses, Women Make Homes
(published in: Labour Economics, 2017, 49, 145-161)
June 2017 Abstract
10829 Nicole M. Fortin, Brian Bell, Michael Johannes Böhm Top Earnings Inequality and the Gender Pay Gap: Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom June 2017 Abstract
10828 Patrick Gaule, Mario Piacentini An Advisor Like Me? Advisor Gender and Post-Graduate Careers in Science June 2017 Abstract
10827 Melvyn Coles, Marco Francesconi Equilibrium Search and the Impact of Equal Opportunities for Women
(revised version forthcoming in: Journal of Political Economy)
June 2017 Abstract
10826 Astrid Kunze The Gender Wage Gap in Developed Countries
(in the Handbook on Women and the Economy, Oxford University Press, (ed.) Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys, and Saul D. Hoffman, 2017.)
June 2017 Abstract
10825 Leonie Gerhards, Michael Kosfeld I (Don't) Like You! But Who Cares? Gender Differences in Same Sex and Mixed Sex Teams June 2017 Abstract
10824 Simon Gächter, Chris Starmer, Fabio Tufano Revealing the Economic Consequences of Group Cohesion June 2017 Abstract
10823 Jeremy Clark, David L. Dickinson The Impact of Sleep Restriction on Contributions and Punishment: First Evidence June 2017 Abstract
10822 Nicholas W. Papageorge, Victor Ronda, Yu Zheng The Economic Value of Breaking Bad: Misbehavior, Schooling and the Labor Market June 2017 Abstract
10821 James J. Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto Unordered Monotonicity
(revised version available as NBER Working Paper No. 23497)
June 2017 Abstract
10820 Laszlo Goerke, Michael Neugart Social Comparisons in Oligopsony
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2017, 141, 196-209)
June 2017 Abstract
10819 Francesco Amodio, Leonardo Baccini, Michele Di Maio Security, Trade, and Political Violence
(Latest version available at https://sites.google.com/site/fscoamodio/home/paper_abdm.pdf?attredirects=0)
June 2017 Abstract
10818 Oded Galor, Marc Klemp Roots of Autocracy June 2017 Abstract
10817 Sarah J. Fossett, Phanindra V. Wunnava Active Ingredients: Exploring the Key Factors Affecting the Rising Cost of Developing New Drugs June 2017 Abstract
10816 Albrecht Glitz, Erik Meyersson Industrial Espionage and Productivity June 2017 Abstract
10815 Jinyoung Kim Racing against Time in Research: A Study of the 1995 U.S. Patent Law Amendment May 2017 Abstract
10814 Shelly Lundberg Father Absence and the Educational Gender Gap May 2017 Abstract
10813 Christina Gathmann, Björn Sass Taxing Childcare: Effects on Childcare Choices, Family Labor Supply and Children
(forthcoming in Journal of Labor Economics, 2018)
May 2017 Abstract
10812 Natalia Danzer, Martin Halla, Nicole Schneeweis, Martina Zweimüller Parental Leave, (In)formal Childcare and Long-term Child Outcomes May 2017 Abstract
10811 Jorge Luis García, James J. Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf, Maria José Prados Quantifying the Life-Cycle Benefits of a Prototypical Early Childhood Program May 2017 Abstract
10810 Rob Alessie, Viola Angelini, Gerard J. van den Berg, Jochen O. Mierau, Laura Viluma Economic Conditions at Birth and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adulthood: Evidence from New Cohorts May 2017 Abstract
10809 Gerard J. van den Berg, Ulf-G. Gerdtham, Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder, Maarten Lindeboom, Johannes Lissdaniels, Jan Sundquist, Kristina Sundquist Mortality and the Business Cycle: Evidence from Individual and Aggregated Data May 2017 Abstract
10808 Chenggang Wang, Huixia Wang, Timothy J. Halliday Health and Health Inequality during the Great Recession: Evidence from the PSID May 2017 Abstract
10807 Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel War during Childhood: The Long Run Effects of Warfare on Health
(published in: Journal of Health Economics, 53, May 2017, 117–130.)
May 2017 Abstract
10806 Michael A. Clemens, Jennifer Hunt The Labor Market Effects of Refugee Waves: Reconciling Conflicting Results
(forthcoming in: ILR Review)
May 2017 Abstract
10805 Elie Murard Less Welfare or Fewer Foreigners? Immigrant Inflows and Public Opinion towards Redistribution and Migration Policy May 2017 Abstract
10804 Maurizio Bussolo, Maryla Maliszewska, Elie Murard The Long-Awaited Rise of the Middle Class in Latin America Is Finally Happening May 2017 Abstract
10803 Isabelle Sin, Steven Stillman The Effect of Social Networks on the Economic Outcomes of a Disadvantaged Group: Evidence from Tribal Affiliations May 2017 Abstract
10802 Giuseppe Forte, Jonathan Portes Macroeconomic Determinants of International Migration to the UK May 2017 Abstract
10801 Laurent Davezies, Thomas Le Barbanchon Regression Discontinuity Design with Continuous Measurement Error in the Running Variable May 2017 Abstract
10800 Peter Elek, János Köll? Eliciting Permanent and Transitory Undeclared Work from Matched Administrative and Survey Data May 2017 Abstract
10799 Tomi Kyyrä, Hanna Pesola Estimating the Effects of Potential Benefit Duration without Variation in the Maximum Duration of Unemployment Benefits May 2017 Abstract
10798 Tomi Kyyrä, Hanna Pesola, Jouko Kullervo Verho The Spike at Benefit Exhaustion in the Finnish Labor Market May 2017 Abstract
10797 Jason M. Fletcher Adults Behaving Badly: The Effects of Own and Peer Parents' Incarceration on Adolescent Criminal Activities May 2017 Abstract
10796 Giovanni Mastrobuoni, David A. Rivers Optimizing Criminal Behavior and the Disutility of Prison May 2017 Abstract
10795 Nicholas Biddle, Katja Fels, Mathias Sinning Behavioral Insights and Business Taxation: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials
(published in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2018, 18, 30-49)
May 2017 Abstract
10794 Mitchell Hoffman, Stephen V. Burks Worker Overconfidence: Field Evidence and Implications for Employee Turnover and Returns from Training May 2017 Abstract
10793 Paolo Crosetto, Antonio Filippin Safe Options Induce Gender Differences in Risk Attitudes May 2017 Abstract
10792 Antonio Filippin, Francesca Gioia Competition and Subsequent Risk-Taking Behaviour: Heterogeneity across Gender and Outcomes May 2017 Abstract
10791 Eduardo Fraga, Gustavo Gonzaga, Rodrigo R. Soares Selection on Ability and the Early Career Growth in the Gender Wage Gap May 2017 Abstract
10790 Maria Knoth Humlum, Anne Brink Nandrup, Nina Smith Closing or Reproducing the Gender Gap? Parental Transmission, Social Norms and Education Choice
(forthcoming in: Journal of Population Economics)
May 2017 Abstract
10789 Yana Gallen, Rune V. Lesner, Rune Majlund Vejlin The Labor Market Gender Gap in Denmark: Sorting Out the Past 30 Years May 2017 Abstract
10788 Takao Kato, Naomi Kodama Women in the Workplace and Management Practices: Theory and Evidence
(forthcoming in: Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women, ed. Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Argys and Saul D. Hoffman. New York: OUP 2018)
May 2017 Abstract
10787 Mahdi Majbouri Sir! I'd Rather Go to School, Sir! May 2017 Abstract
10786 Seamus McGuinness, Konstantinos Pouliakas, Paul Redmond How Useful Is the Concept of Skills Mismatch?
(Revised version 'Skills mismatch: Concepts, Measurement and Policy Approaches', published online in Journal of Economic Surveys, January 2018)
May 2017 Abstract
10785 Xiaodong Gong The Dynamics of Study-Work Choice and Its Effect on Intended and Actual University Attainment May 2017 Abstract
10784 Nicholas Wilson, Todd Pugatch Nudging Study Habits: A Field Experiment on Peer Tutoring in Higher Education
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 62 (2018): 151-161)
May 2017 Abstract
10783 Erik O. Kimbrough, Andrew McGee, Hitoshi Shigeoka How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-To-Peer Teaching and Ability Tracking May 2017 Abstract
10782 Philipp Vom Berge, Hanna Frings High-Impact Minimum Wages and Heterogeneous Regions May 2017 Abstract
10781 Florian Engl, Arno Riedl, Roberto A. Weber Spillover Effects of Institutions on Cooperative Behavior, Preferences and Beliefs
(A revised version (January 2018) can be downloaded at http://www.arnoriedl.com/htm/papers.htm)
May 2017 Abstract
10780 Santosh Kumar, Nishith Prakash Effect of Political Decentralization and Female Leadership on Institutional Births and Child Mortality in Rural Bihar, India
(published in: Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 185, July 2017, 171-178)
May 2017 Abstract
10779 Mark Borgschulte, Jacob Vogler Run For Your Life? The Effect of Close Elections on the Life Expectancy of Politicians May 2017 Abstract
10778 Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel, Dozie Okoye, Mutlu Yuksel Learning to Participate in Politics: Evidence from Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany May 2017 Abstract
10777 Orley Ashenfelter The Hedonic Approach to Vineyard Site Selection: Adaptation to Climate Change and Grape Growing in Emerging Markets May 2017 Abstract
10776 Olena Y. Nizalova, Edward C. Norton Long-Run Effects of Severe Economic Recessions on Male BMI Trajectories and Health Behaviors May 2017 Abstract
10775 Shoshana Grossbard, Sankar Mukhopadhyay Body-Weight and Women's Hours of Work: More Evidence That Marriage Markets Matter May 2017 Abstract
10774 Milena Nikolova, Olga Popova Sometimes Your Best Just Ain't Good Enough: The Worldwide Evidence on Well-Being Efficiency May 2017 Abstract
10773 Terhi Maczulskij, Petri Böckerman Harsh Times: Do Stressors Lead to Labor Market Losses? May 2017 Abstract
10772 Matthieu Delpierre, Arnaud Dupuy, Michel Tenikue, Bertrand Verheyden The Education Motive for Migrant Remittances: Theory and Evidence from India May 2017 Abstract
10771 Khulan Altangerel, Jan C. van Ours U.S. Immigration Reform and the Dynamics of Mexican Migration May 2017 Abstract
10770 Tomi Kyyrä, José María Arranz, Carlos García-Serrano Does Part-Time Work Help Unemployed Workers to Find Full-Time Work? Evidence from Spain May 2017 Abstract
10769 Stephen R. G. Jones, W. Craig Riddell Unemployment, Marginal Attachment and Labor Force Participation in Canada and the United States May 2017 Abstract
10768 Duncan McVicar, Mark Wooden, Yin King Fok Contingent Employment and Labour Market Pathways: Bridge or Trap? May 2017 Abstract
10767 Francesco Pastore Why So Slow? The School-to-Work Transition in Italy
(forthcoming in: Studies in Higher Education, 2018)
May 2017 Abstract
10766 Andrea Albanese, Lorenzo Cappellari, Marco Leonardi The Effects of Youth Labor Market Reforms: Evidence from Italian Apprenticeships May 2017 Abstract
10765 Mabel Andalón, John Gibson The 'Soda Tax' is Unlikely to Make Mexicans Lighter: New Evidence on Biases in Elasticities of Demand for Soda May 2017 Abstract
10764 Robert W. Bednarzik, Andreas Kern, John J. Hisnanick Displacement and Debt: The Role of Debt in Returning to Work in the Period Following the Great Recession May 2017 Abstract
10763 Martin Biewen, Matthias Seckler Changes in the German Wage Structure: Unions, Internationalization, Tasks, Firms, and Worker Characteristics May 2017 Abstract
10762 Olle Hammar, Daniel Waldenström Global Earnings Inequality, 1970–2015 May 2017 Abstract
10761 Paul Bingley, Lorenzo Cappellari Correlations of Brothers' Earnings and Intergenerational Transmission
(forthcoming in: Review of Economics and Statistics)
May 2017 Abstract
10760 Keigo Inukai, Keisuke Kawata, Masaru Sasaki Committee Search with Ex-ante Heterogeneous Agents: Theory and Experimental Evidence May 2017 Abstract
10759 Andrew J. Oswald, Ahmed Tohamy Female Suicide and the Concept of the Midlife Crisis May 2017 Abstract
10758 Jorge Luis García, James J. Heckman, Anna Ziff Gender Differences in the Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program May 2017 Abstract
10757 Regina T. Riphahn, Frederik Wiynck Fertility Effects of Child Benefits
(The paper is forthcoming in the Journal of Population Economics. Please inform your audience.)
May 2017 Abstract
10756 David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence Katz, Christina Patterson, John Van Reenen The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms May 2017 Abstract
10755 Michael Babington, Sebastian J. Goerg, Carl Kitchens Do Tournaments with Superstars Encourage or Discourage Competition? May 2017 Abstract
10754 Simon Gächter, Lingbo Huang, Martin Sefton Disappointment Aversion and Social Comparisons in a Real-Effort Competition
(revised version published in Economic Inquiry 56(3), July 2018, 1512-1525; doi:10.1111/ecin.12498)
May 2017 Abstract
10753 Nikos Askitas Opinion Copulas, Homophily and Multimodal Marginals
(Published in: PLoS ONE, 2017 )
May 2017 Abstract
10752 Nattavudh Powdthavee, Yohanes E. Riyanto, Jack L. Knetsch Impact of Lower Rated Journals on Economists' Judgments of Publication Lists: Evidence from a Survey Experiment April 2017 Abstract
10751 Ibrahim Ethem Guney, Yavuz Selim Hacihasanoglu, Semih Tumen Consumer Loan Response to Permanent Labor Income Shocks: Evidence from a Major Minimum Wage Increase April 2017 Abstract
10750 Christian Grund, Johannes Martin The Role of Works Councils for Severance Payments
(forthcoming in: International Journal of Human Resource Management )
April 2017 Abstract
10749 Belton M. Fleisher, William H. McGuire, Xiaojun Wang, Min Qiang Zhao Wages, Innovation, and Employment in China
(Revision available at https://economics.osu.edu/sites/economics.osu.edu/files/Wages%20Innovation%20and%20Employment%20in%20China_April_28RevMay18.K.pdf)
April 2017 Abstract
10748 Rafael de Balanzó, Núria Rodríguez-Planas Crisis and Reorganization in Urban Dynamics: The Barcelona Case Study
(Conditional accepted in: Ecology & Society, 2018)
April 2017 Abstract
10747 Daniel J. Henderson, Andrew Houtenville, Le Wang The Distribution of Returns to Education for People with Disabilities
(Published in: Journal of Labor Research, 2017, 38(3), 261–282 |)
April 2017 Abstract
10746 Ioana Popovici, J. Catherine Maclean, Michael French The Effects of Health Insurance Parity Laws for Substance Use Disorder Treatment on Traffic Fatalities: Evidence of Unintended Benefits April 2017 Abstract
10745 J. Catherine Maclean, Brendan Saloner The Effect of Public Insurance Expansions on Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act April 2017 Abstract
10744 Fadima Bocoum, Michael Grimm, Renate Hartwig, Nathalie Zongo Nudging Households to Take Up Health Insurance: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Burkina Faso April 2017 Abstract
10743 Massimo Anelli, Kevin Y. Shih, Kevin Williams Foreign Peer Effects and STEM Major Choice April 2017 Abstract
10742 Pietro Biroli, Daniela Del Boca, James J. Heckman, Lynne Pettler Heckman, Yu Kyung Koh, Sylvi Kuperman, Sidharth Moktan, Chiara D. Pronzato, Anna Ziff Evaluation of the Reggio Approach to Early Education April 2017 Abstract
10741 Leslie S. Stratton, Nabanita Datta Gupta, David Reimer, Anders Holm Modeling Enrollment in and Completion of Vocational Education: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills by Program Type April 2017 Abstract
10740 Cristina Borra, Martin J. Browning, Almudena Sevilla Marriage and Housework April 2017 Abstract
10739 Charles Courtemanche, Rusty Tchernis, Xilin Zhou Parental Work Hours and Childhood Obesity: Evidence Using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility April 2017 Abstract
10738 Stijn Baert Hiring Discrimination: An Overview of (Almost) All Correspondence Experiments Since 2005
(forthcoming in: the handbook 'Audit Studies Behind the Scenes with Theory, Method, and Nuance')
April 2017 Abstract
10737 Alex Bryson, Michael White HRM and Small-Firm Employee Motivation: Before and after the Recession
(forthcoming in: Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2018)
April 2017 Abstract
10736 Jeffrey P. Carpenter The Sequencing of Gift Exchange: A Field Trial
(forthcoming in: the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)
April 2017 Abstract
10735 Benedicte Carlsen, Karine Nyborg Healer or Gatekeeper? Physicians' Role Conflict When Symptoms Are Non-Verifiable April 2017 Abstract
10734 Thomas de Graaff, Daniel Arribas-Bel, Ceren Ozgen Demographic Aging and Employment Dynamics in German Regions: Modeling Regional Heterogeneity April 2017 Abstract
10733 Marco Bertoni, Giorgio Brunello Does Delayed Retirement Affect Youth Employment? Evidence from Italian Local Labour Markets April 2017 Abstract
10732 Piotr Lewandowski, Roma Keister, Wojciech Hardy, Szymon Górka Routine and Ageing? The Intergenerational Divide in the Deroutinisation of Jobs in Europe April 2017 Abstract
10731 Xi Chen, Karen Eggleston, Ang Sun The Impact of Social Pensions on Intergenerational Relationships: Comparative Evidence from China
(forthcoming in: the Journal of the Economics of Ageing)
April 2017 Abstract
10730 Gerard J. van den Berg, Arne Uhlendorff, Joachim Wolff Under Heavy Pressure: Intense Monitoring and Accumulation of Sanctions for Young Welfare Recipients in Germany April 2017 Abstract
10729 Juan J. Dolado, Cecilia García-Peñalosa, Linas Tarasonis The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession April 2017 Abstract
10728 Bruno Contini, Roberto Quaranta Explaining Non-Employment Magnitude and Duration: The Case of Italy April 2017 Abstract
10727 Aedin Doris, Donal O'Neill, Olive Sweetman Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50% Cut in Unemployment Assistance April 2017 Abstract
10726 Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs, Sébastien Roux Differences in Positions along a Hierarchy: Counterfactuals Based on an Assignment Model April 2017 Abstract
10725 Anders Frederiksen, Lisa B. Kahn, Fabian Lange Supervisors and Performance Management Systems April 2017 Abstract
10724 Nicholas Bloom, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Megha Patnaik, Itay Saporta-Eksten, John Van Reenen What Drives Differences in Management? April 2017 Abstract
10723 Archontis L. Pantsios, Solomon Polachek How Asymmetrically Increasing Joint Strike Costs Need Not Lead to Fewer Strikes
(forthcoming in: Atlantic Economic Journal)
April 2017 Abstract
10722 Marion Collewet, Jan Sauermann Working Hours and Productivity
(published in: Labour Economics, 2017, 47, 96-106)
April 2017 Abstract
10721 Ravi Kanbur, Andy Snell Inequality Indices as Tests of Fairness April 2017 Abstract
10720 Christian Dreger, Yanqun Zhang The Hukou Impact on the Chinese Wage Structure April 2017 Abstract
10719 Stephane Mahuteau, Kostas G. Mavromaras, Sue Richardson, Rong Zhu Public-Private Sector Wage Differentials in Australia
(forthcoming in: Economic Record, 2017)
April 2017 Abstract
10718 Manuel Fernandez Sierra, Julián Messina Skill Premium, Labor Supply and Changes in the Structure of Wages in Latin America April 2017 Abstract
10717 Ganna Pogrebna, Andrew J. Oswald, David Haig Female Babies and Risk-Aversion April 2017 Abstract
10716 Anne Busch-Heizmann, Elke Holst Do Women in Highly Qualified Positions Face Higher Work-to-Family Conflicts in Germany Than Men? April 2017 Abstract
10715 Malte Sandner, Thomas Cornelissen, Tanja Jungmann, Peggy Herrmann Evaluating the Effects of a Targeted Home Visiting Program on Maternal and Child Health Outcomes
(forthcoming in: Journal of Health Economics, 2018)
April 2017 Abstract
10714 Kasey Buckles Maternal Socio-Economic Status and the Well-Being of the Next Generation(s)
(forthcoming in: the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
April 2017 Abstract
10713 Benedikt Gerst, Christian Grund Career Interruptions and Current Earnings: The Role of Interruption Type, Compensation Component, and Gender April 2017 Abstract
10712 Ulrike Unterhofer, Katharina Wrohlich Fathers, Parental Leave and Gender Norms April 2017 Abstract
10711 Teresa Molina Millán, Karen Macours Attrition in Randomized Control Trials: Using Tracking Information to Correct Bias April 2017 Abstract
10710 Leonardo Becchetti, Vittorio Pelligra, Tommaso G. Reggiani Information, Belief Elicitation and Threshold Effects in the 5X1000 Tax Scheme: A Framed Field Experiment
(revised version published in: International Tax and Public Finance, December 2017, 24(6): 1026-1049 [ DOI: 10.1007/s10797-017-9474-z ] )
April 2017 Abstract
10709 Erez Siniver, Yossi Tobol, Gideon Yaniv Do Higher Achievers Cheat Less? An Experiment of Self-Revealing Individual Cheating
(forthcoming in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics)
April 2017 Abstract
10708 Michael Jetter Terrorism and the Media: The Effect of US Television Coverage on Al-Qaeda Attacks April 2017 Abstract
10707 Markus Gehrsitz Speeding, Punishment, and Recidivism: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design April 2017 Abstract
10706 Philippe Aghion, Nicholas Bloom, Brian Lucking, Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen Turbulence, Firm Decentralization and Growth in Bad Times April 2017 Abstract
10705 Rajeev K. Goel, James W. Saunoris, Friedrich Schneider Growth in the Shadows: Effect of the Shadow Economy on U.S. Economic Growth over More Than a Century April 2017 Abstract
10704 Zuzana Brixiova, Balázs Égert Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Skills in Low-Income Countries
(published in: Economic Modelling, 2017, 67, 381 - 391)
April 2017 Abstract
10703 Murat Iyigun, Jared Rubin The Ideological Roots of Institutional Change April 2017 Abstract
10702 Casey Boyd-Swan, Chris M. Herbst The Demand for Teacher Characteristics in the Market for Child Care: Evidence from a Field Experiment April 2017 Abstract
10701 Utteeyo Dasgupta, Subha Mani, Smriti Sharma, Saurabh Singhal Cognitive, Socioemotional and Behavioral Returns to College Quality April 2017 Abstract
10700 Luis Diaz-Serrano, William Nilsson The Reliability of Students' Earnings Expectations April 2017 Abstract
10699 Zong Jia Chen, Mikal Skuterud The Relative Labour Market Performance of Former International Students: Evidence from the Canadian National Graduates Survey April 2017 Abstract
10698 Adele Whelan, Seamus McGuinness Does a Satisfied Student Make a Satisfied Worker? April 2017 Abstract
10697 Merle Zwiers, Maarten van Ham, Reinout Kleinhans The Effects of Physical Restructuring on the Socioeconomic Status of Neighborhoods: Selective Migration and Upgrading April 2017 Abstract
10696 Tom Kleinepier, Maarten van Ham The Temporal Stability of Children's Neighborhood Experiences: A Follow-up from Birth to Age 15 April 2017 Abstract
10695 Tal Modai-Snir, Maarten van Ham Structural and Exchange Components in Processes of Neighbourhood Change: A Social Mobility Approach April 2017 Abstract
10694 Maarten van Ham, Sanne Boschman, Matt Vogel Incorporating Neighbourhood Choice in a Model of Neighbourhood Effects on Income April 2017 Abstract
10693 Rodrigo V. Cardoso, Evert J. Meijers, Maarten van Ham, Martijn J. Burger, Duco de Vos The City as a Self-Help Book: The Psychology of Urban Promises April 2017 Abstract
10692 Luc Christiaensen, Joachim De Weerdt, Ravi Kanbur Cities, Towns, and Poverty: Migration Equilibrium and Income Distribution in a Todaro-type Model with Multiple Destinations April 2017 Abstract
10691 Alastair Ball The Lifelong Costs of Urban Smogs April 2017 Abstract
10690 Omoniyi Alimi, Dave C. Maré, Jacques Poot More Pensioners, Less Income Inequality? The Impact of Changing Age Composition on Inequality in Big Cities and Elsewhere April 2017 Abstract
10689 Joel Blit, Mikal Skuterud, Jue Zhang Immigration and Innovation: Evidence from Canadian Cities April 2017 Abstract
10688 Zhengyu Cai, John V. Winters Self-Employment Differentials among Foreign-Born STEM and Non-STEM Workers
(published in: Journal of Business Venturing, 2017, 32 (4), 371-384)
April 2017 Abstract
10687 Joan Monras, Javier Vázquez-Grenno, Ferran Elias Moreno Understanding the Effects of Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants April 2017 Abstract
10686 Abel Brodeur, Warn N. Lekfuangfu, Yanos Zylberberg War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry
(forthcoming in: Journal of the European Economic Association)
March 2017 Abstract
10685 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Fernando A. Lozano Interstate Mobility Patterns of Likely Unauthorized Immigrants: Evidence from Arizona March 2017 Abstract
10684 Vladimir Udalov, Paul J. J. Welfens Digital and Competing Information Sources: Impact on Environmental Concern and Prospects for Cooperation March 2017 Abstract
10683 Cameron K. Murray, Paul Frijters, Markus Schaffner Is Transparency an Anti-Corruption Myth? March 2017 Abstract
10682 Abu Siddique, Michael Vlassopoulos Competitive Preferences and Ethnicity: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh March 2017 Abstract
10681 Johannes Geyer, Clara Welteke Closing Routes to Retirement: How Do People Respond? March 2017 Abstract
10680 Ewa Ga?ecka-Burdziak, Marek Góra How Do Unemployed Workers Behave Prior to Retirement? A Multi-State Multiple-Spell Approach March 2017 Abstract
10679 Fabian Slonimczyk, Marco Francesconi, Anna Yurko Moving On Up for High School Graduates in Russia: The Consequences of the Unified State Exam Reform March 2017 Abstract
10678 Seamus McGuinness, Adele Bergin, Adele Whelan Overeducation in Europe: Trends, Convergence and Drivers
(Published online in Oxford Economic Papers, June 2018)
March 2017 Abstract
10677 Luna Bellani, Michela Bia The Long-Run Impact of Childhood Poverty and the Mediating Role of Education
(Revised version forthcoming in: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A, 2018)
March 2017 Abstract
10676 Andre Almeida, Hugo Figueiredo, João Cerejeira, Miguel Portela, Carla Sá, Pedro N. Teixeira Returns to Postgraduate Education in Portugal: Holding on to a Higher Ground? March 2017 Abstract
10675 Shyamal Chowdhury, Debdulal Mallick, Prabal Roy Chowdhury Natural Shocks and Marriage Markets: Evolution of Mehr and Dowry in Muslim Marriages March 2017 Abstract
10674 Youjin Hahn, Asadul Islam, Eleonora Patacchini, Yves Zenou Do Friendship Networks Improve Female Education? March 2017 Abstract
10673 Katie Meara, Francesco Pastore, Allan Webster Is the Gender Pay Gap in the US Just the Result of Gender Segregation at Work? March 2017 Abstract
10672 Patricia Cortes, Jessica Pan Occupation and Gender March 2017 Abstract
10671 Michael Gibbs Past, Present and Future Compensation Research: Economist Perspectives
(published in: Compensation & Benefits Review, 2017, 48 (1-2), 3-16)
March 2017 Abstract
10670 Inga Lass, Mark Wooden The Structure of the Wage Gap for Temporary Workers: Evidence from Australian Panel Data March 2017 Abstract
10669 Sonia A. Agudelo, Hector Sala Wage Rigidities in Colombia: Measurement, Causes, and Policy Implications March 2017 Abstract
10668 Axel Gottfries, Coen Teulings Returns to On-the-Job Search and the Dispersion of Wages March 2017 Abstract
10667 Enrico Rubolino, Daniel Waldenström Trends and Gradients in Top Tax Elasticities: Cross-Country Evidence, 1900–2014 March 2017 Abstract
10666 Enrico Rubolino, Daniel Waldenström Tax Progressivity and Top Incomes: Evidence from Tax Reforms March 2017 Abstract
10665 Sarah Marchal, Ive Marx, Gerlinde Verbist Income Support Policies for the Working Poor
(Forthcoming in Lohmann, H. and I. Marx (eds) Handbook of Research on In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar)
March 2017 Abstract
10664 Simen Markussen, Knut Røed Egalitarianism under Pressure: Toward Lower Economic Mobility in the Knowledge Economy? March 2017 Abstract
10663 Niels-Hugo Blunch A Teenager in Love: Multidimensional Human Capital and Teenage Pregnancy in Ghana March 2017 Abstract
10662 Xi Chen, Xiaobo Zhang Costly Posturing: Ceremonies and Early Child Development in China March 2017 Abstract
10661 Daniel Kühnle, Michael Oberfichtner Does Early Child Care Attendance Influence Children's Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skill Development? March 2017 Abstract
10660 Andrey Launov Working Time Accounts and Turnover March 2017 Abstract
10659 Alex Bryson, Christine Erhel, Zinaïda Salibekyan The Effects of Firm Size on Job Quality: A Comparative Study for Britain and France March 2017 Abstract
10658 Holger Görg, Aoife Hanley Firms' Global Engagement and Management Practices
(published in: Economics Letters, 2017, 155, 80–83)
March 2017 Abstract
10657 Luca Gambetti, Julián Messina Evolving Wage Cyclicality in Latin America March 2017 Abstract
10656 Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Sergio Firpo, Julián Messina Ageing Poorly? Accounting for the Decline in Earnings Inequality in Brazil, 1995-2012 March 2017 Abstract
10655 David McKenzie How Effective Are Active Labor Market Policies in Developing Countries? A Critical Review of Recent Evidence March 2017 Abstract
10654 Fernanda Brollo, Katja Maria Kaufmann, Eliana La Ferrara Learning about the Enforcement of Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil March 2017 Abstract
10653 Melisa Bubonya, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, David C. Ribar The Bilateral Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Employment Status March 2017 Abstract
10652 Kamila Cygan-Rehm, Daniel Kühnle, Michael Oberfichtner Bounding the Causal Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health: Nonparametric Evidence from Four Countries
(published in: Health Economics, 2018, 26(12), 1844-1861)
March 2017 Abstract
10651 Silvia Mendolia, Thi Nguyen, Oleg Yerokhin The Impact of Parental Health on Children's Schooling and Labour Force Participation: Evidence from Vietnam March 2017 Abstract
10650 Hyuncheol Bryant Kim, Suejin Lee, Wilfredo Lim Knowing Is Not Half the Battle: Impacts of the National Health Screening Program in Korea March 2017 Abstract
10649 Charles Courtemanche, James Marton, Benjamin Ukert, Aaron Yelowitz, Daniela Zapata Early Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Care Access, Risky Health Behaviors, and Self-Assessed Health March 2017 Abstract
10648 Martin Huber, Andreas Steinmayr A Framework for Separating Individual Treatment Effects from Spillover, Interaction, and General Equilibrium Effects March 2017 Abstract
10647 Zhuan Pei, Jörn-Steffen Pischke, Hannes Schwandt Poorly Measured Confounders Are More Useful on the Left Than on the Right March 2017 Abstract
10646 Nathan Wiseman, Todd A. Sorensen Bounds with Imperfect Instruments: Leveraging the Implicit Assumption of Intransitivity in Correlations March 2017 Abstract
10645 Arnaud Lefranc, Alain Trannoy Equality of Opportunity, Moral Hazard and the Timing of Luck March 2017 Abstract
10644 Hyuncheol Bryant Kim, Seonghoon Kim, Thomas T. Kim The Selection and Causal Effects of Work Incentives on Labor Productivity: Evidence from a Two-Stage Randomized Controlled Trial in Malawi March 2017 Abstract
10643 Uwe Jirjahn, Jens Mohrenweiser Performance Pay and Applicant Screening March 2017 Abstract
10642 Christian Grund, Tanja Hofmann The Dispersion of Bonus Payments within and between Firms March 2017 Abstract
10641 Ram Fishman, Stephen C. Smith, Vida Bobi?, Munshi Sulaiman How Sustainable Are Benefits from Extension for Smallholder Farmers? Evidence from a Randomized Phase-Out of the BRAC Program in Uganda March 2017 Abstract
10640 Shuang Ma, Ren Mu Forced off Farm? Labor Allocation Response to Land Requisition in Rural China March 2017 Abstract
10639 Laura B. Nolan, David E. Bloom, Ramnath Subbaraman Legal Status and Deprivation in India's Urban Slums: An Analysis of Two Decades of National Sample Survey Data March 2017 Abstract
10638 Lane Kenworthy, Ive Marx In-Work Poverty in the United States
(Forthcoming in Lohmann, H. and I. Marx (eds) Handbook of Research on In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar)
March 2017 Abstract
10637 Luc Christiaensen, Ravi Kanbur Secondary Towns and Poverty Reduction: Refocusing the Urbanization Agenda March 2017 Abstract
10636 Ravi Kanbur Structural Transformation and Income Distribution: Kuznets and Beyond
(forthcoming in: Oxford University Press Handbook on Structural Tansformation)
March 2017 Abstract
10635 Ravi Kanbur, Yue Wang, Xiaobo Zhang The Great Chinese Inequality Turnaround March 2017 Abstract
10634 Ansgar H. Belke, Christian Dreger, Irina Dubova On the Exposure of the BRIC Countries to Global Economic Shocks March 2017 Abstract
10633 Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro, Georgios A. Panos, Robert E. Wright Financial Literacy and Attitudes to Redistribution March 2017 Abstract
10632 Roger Douglas, Robert MacCulloch Welfare: Savings not Taxation March 2017 Abstract
10631 David J. Bjerk, Eric Helland Using a Ratio Test to Estimate Racial Differences in Wrongful Conviction Rates March 2017 Abstract
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads.
Seth Gershenson, Cassandra M. D. Hart, Constance A. Lindsay, Nicholas W. Papageorge The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers March 2017 Abstract
10629 Evelyn L. Lehrer, Yeon Jeong Son Women's Age at First Marriage and Marital Instability in the United States: Differences by Race and Ethnicity March 2017 Abstract
10628 Xi Chen, Xiaobo Zhang, Xin Zhang Smog in Our Brains: Gender Differences in the Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance March 2017 Abstract
10627 Subha Mani, Utteeyo Dasgupta, Smriti Sharma, Saurabh Singhal Can Gender Differences in Distributional Preferences Explain Gender Gaps in Competition? March 2017 Abstract
10626 Jeffrey P. Carpenter, Rachel Frank, Emiliano Huet-Vaughn Gender Differences in Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Competitive Behavior March 2017 Abstract
10625 Natalia Nollenberger, Núria Rodríguez-Planas Let the Girls Learn! It is not Only about Math… It's about Gender Social Norms
(published in: Economics of Education Review, February 2018, vol. 62: 230-253)
March 2017 Abstract
10624 Sor Tho Ng, Nai Peng Tey, Niaz Asadullah What Matters for Life Satisfaction among the Oldest-Old? Evidence from China
(published in: PLOS One, 2017, 12(2): e0171799)
March 2017 Abstract
10623 Gary Solon What Do We Know So Far about Multigenerational Mobility? March 2017 Abstract
10622 Gianna Claudia Giannelli, Chiara Rapallini The Intergenerational Transmission of Math Culture March 2017 Abstract
10621 Benjamin Hansen, Tuan Nguyen, Glen R. Waddell Benefit Generosity and Injury Duration: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Regression Kinks March 2017 Abstract
10620 Olaf Hübler Health and Body Mass Index: No Simple Relationship
(published in: Economic and Human Biology, 2017, 26, 96-111 )
March 2017 Abstract
10619 Lisa A. Cameron, Manisha Shah Scaling Up Sanitation: Evidence from an RCT in Indonesia March 2017 Abstract
10618 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Grant Miller, Alfonso Miranda, Atheendar Venkataramani Urban Water Disinfection and Mortality Decline in Developing Countries
(Submitted. Also available as NBER WP 23239.)
March 2017 Abstract
10617 Soohyung Lee, Chiara Orsini Did the Great Recession Affect Sex Ratios at Birth for Groups with a Son Preference?
(forthcoming in: Economics Letters)
March 2017 Abstract
10616 Lina Aldén, Anders Björklund, Mats Hammarstedt Early Health and School Outcomes for Children with Lesbian Parents: Evidence from Sweden March 2017 Abstract
10615 David McKenzie, Olga Susana Puerto Growing Markets through Business Training for Female Entrepreneurs: A Market-Level Randomized Experiment in Kenya March 2017 Abstract
10614 Guy Johnson, David C. Ribar, Anna Zhu Women's Homelessness: International Evidence on Causes, Consequences, Coping and Policies
(forthcoming in: Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
March 2017 Abstract
10613 Christian Belzil, Jörgen Hansen, Xingfei Liu Dynamic Skill Accumulation, Education Policies and the Return to Schooling
(forthcoming in: Quantitative Economics)
March 2017 Abstract
10612 Geeta G. Kingdon The Private Schooling Phenomenon in India: A Review March 2017 Abstract
10611 Jan Feld, Jan Sauermann, Andries de Grip Estimating the Relationship between Skill and Overconfidence
(published in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2017, 68, 18-24)
March 2017 Abstract
10610 Sungjin Cho, Jihye Kam, Soohyung Lee Efficient Supply of Human Capital: Role of College Major
(forthcoming in: Singapore Economic Review)
March 2017 Abstract
10609 Ronen Bar-El, Yossi Tobol Honesty toward the Holy Day
(published in: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2017, 68, 13-17)
March 2017 Abstract
10608 Ritwik Banerjee, Arnab Mitra On Monetary and Non-Monetary Interventions to Combat Corruption
(Published in : Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2018. (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jebo.2018.01.004))
March 2017 Abstract
10607 Lydia Mechtenberg, Gerd Muehlheusser, Andreas Roider Whistle-Blower Protection: Theory and Experimental Evidence March 2017 Abstract
10606 Armin Falk Facing Yourself: A Note on Self-Image
(revised version available from the briq website)
March 2017 Abstract
10605 Giovanni Peri, Vasil Yasenov The Labor Market Effects of a Refugee Wave: Synthetic Control Method Meets the Mariel Boatlift March 2017 Abstract
10604 Emanuele Bracco, Maria De Paola, Colin P. Green, Vincenzo Scoppa The Effect of Far Right Parties on the Location Choice of Immigrants: Evidence from Lega Nord Mayors March 2017 Abstract
10603 Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Xin Meng, Luigi Minale Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions March 2017 Abstract
10602 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Carlos Gratereaux Hernández, Susan Pozo On the Implications of Immigration Policy Restricting Citizenship: Evidence from the Dominican Republic March 2017 Abstract
10601 David Jinkins, Annaig Morin Job-to-Job Transitions, Sorting, and Wage Growth March 2017 Abstract
10600 Babatunde Buraimo, Alex Bryson, Rob Simmons Time To Go? Head Coach Quits and Dismissals in Professional Football March 2017 Abstract
10599 David L. Dickinson, David Masclet, Emmanuel Peterle Discrimination as Favoritism: The Private Benefits and Social Costs of In-group Favoritism in an Experimental Labor Market
(revised version published in the European Economic Review, 2018, 108(March): 220-236: DOI: 10.1016/j.euroecorev.2018.03.004)
February 2017 Abstract
10598 Russell Weinstein Local Labor Markets and Human Capital Investments February 2017 Abstract
10597 Daniel Fernández-Kranz, Núria Rodríguez-Planas The Perfect Storm: Graduating in a Recession in a Segmented Labor Market
(published in: Industrial Labor Relations Review, March 2018, 71(2): 492-524)
February 2017 Abstract
10596 Elizabeth U. Cascio Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target? Program Access and Preschool Impacts February 2017 Abstract
10595 Sonja Fagernäs, Panu Pelkonen Where's the Teacher? How Teacher Workplace Segregation Impedes Teacher Allocation in India February 2017 Abstract
10594 Edwin Leuven, Sturla Andreas Løkken Long Term Impacts of Class Size in Compulsory School February 2017 Abstract
10593 Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Anders Stenberg Earnings over the Life Course: General versus Vocational Education
(published in Journal of Human Capital, 2017, 11(2), 167-212)
February 2017 Abstract
10592 Albert Young-Il Kim, Jungmin Lee Does Single Motherhood Hurt Infant Health among Young Mothers? February 2017 Abstract
10591 José-Raimundo Carvalho, Victor Hugo de Oliveira, Climent Quintana-Domeque Zika Virus Prevalence, Correlates and Preventive Behaviors: New Evidence from Survey Data
(revised version published as 'Zika virus incidence, preventive and reproductive behaviors: Correlates from new survey data' in: Economics and Human Biology, 2018, 30, 14-23.)
February 2017 Abstract
10590 D. Mark Anderson, Kerwin Kofi Charles, Claudio Las Heras Olivares, Daniel I. Rees Was the First Public Health Campaign Successful? The Tuberculosis Movement and its Effect on Mortality February 2017 Abstract
10589 Hannes Schwandt The Lasting Legacy of Seasonal Influenza: In-Utero Exposure and Labor Market Outcomes February 2017 Abstract
10588 Julie Beugnot, Bernard Fortin, Guy Lacroix, Marie Claire Villeval Gender and Peer Effects in Social Networks February 2017 Abstract
10587 Danny Cohen-Zada, Alex Krumer, Mosi Rosenboim, Offer Moshe Shapir Choking under Pressure and Gender: Evidence from Professional Tennis
(Published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2017, 61, 176-190)
February 2017 Abstract
10586 Pal Schone, Kristine von Simson, Marte Strom Girls Helping Girls: The Impact of Female Peers on Grades and Educational Choices February 2017 Abstract
10585 Jessica R. Bilson, Michael Jetter, Ingebjørg Kristoffersen Gender Differences in the Link between Income and Trust Levels: Evidence from Longitudinal Data February 2017 Abstract
10584 Eric Mak, Aloysius Siow Occupational Choice and Matching in the Labor Market February 2017 Abstract
10583 Andrew Brudevold-Newman, Maddalena Honorati, Pamela Jakiela, Owen Ozier A Firm of One's Own: Experimental Evidence on Credit Constraints and Occupational Choice February 2017 Abstract
10582 Alberto Martini, Enrico Rettore, Gianpaolo Barbetta The Impact of Traineeships on the Employment of the Mentally Ill: The Role of Partial Compliance February 2017 Abstract
10581 Mariacristina Piva, Marco Vivarelli Is R&D Good for Employment? Microeconometric Evidence from the EU
(published as 'Is Innovation Destroying Jobs? Firm-Level Evidence from the EU' in: Sustainability, 2018, 10(4), 1279)
February 2017 Abstract
10580 Samuel Bentolila, J. Ignacio Garcia Perez, Marcel Jansen Are the Spanish Long-Term Unemployed Unemployable? February 2017 Abstract
10579 Romina Giuliano, Stephan Kampelmann, Benoît Mahy, Francois Rycx Short Notice, Big Difference? The Effect of Temporary Employment on Firm Competitiveness across Sectors
(published in: British Journal of Industrial Relations, 2017, 55 (2), 421-449)
February 2017 Abstract
10578 Yaa Akosa Antwi, J. Catherine Maclean State Health Insurance Mandates and Labor Market Outcomes: New Evidence on Old Questions February 2017 Abstract
10577 Deniz Gevrek, Marilyn Spencer, David Hudgins, Valrie Chambers I Can't Get No Satisfaction: The Power of Perceived Differences in Employee Retention and Turnover February 2017 Abstract
10576 Philip Mellizo, Jeffrey P. Carpenter, Peter Hans Matthews Ceding Control: An Experimental Analysis of Participatory Management
(forthcoming in: the Journal of the Economic Science Association)
February 2017 Abstract
10575 John T. Addison, Paulino Teixeira Strikes, Employee Workplace Representation, Unionism, and Trust: Evidence from Cross-Country Data February 2017 Abstract
10574 Rolf Aaberge, Tony Atkinson, Jorgen Heibo Modalsli On the Measurement of Long-Run Income Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Norway, 1875-2013 February 2017 Abstract
10573 Charlotte Bartels, Maria Metzing An Integrated Approach for Top-Corrected Ginis February 2017 Abstract
10572 Arindrajit Dube Minimum Wages and the Distribution of Family Incomes February 2017 Abstract
10571 Barry Hirsch, David A. Macpherson, Anne E. Preston Nonprofit Wages: Theory and Evidence
(forthcoming in: the Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management)
February 2017 Abstract
10570 Alessia Matano, Paolo Naticchioni The Extent of Rent Sharing along the Wage Distribution
(forthcoming in: British Journal of Industrial Relation, 2017)
February 2017 Abstract
10569 Danny Cohen-Zada, Todd E. Elder Religious Pluralism and the Transmission of Religious Values through Education February 2017 Abstract
10568 Itay Attar, Danny Cohen-Zada The Effect of School Entrance Age on Educational Outcomes: Evidence Using Multiple Cutoff Dates and Exact Date of Birth February 2017 Abstract
10567 Daniel Barth, Nicholas W. Papageorge, Kevin Thom Genetic Ability, Wealth, and Financial Decision-Making February 2017 Abstract
10566 Paul Glewwe, Qiuqiong Huang, Albert Park Cognitive Skills, Noncognitive Skills, and School-to-Work Transitions in Rural China February 2017 Abstract
10565 Alison Cathles, Jo Ritzen Money Counts, but So Does Timing: Public Investment and Adult Competencies February 2017 Abstract
10564 Yuval Arbel, Ronen Bar-El, Yossi Tobol Equal Opportunity through Higher Education: Theory and Evidence on Privilege and Ability February 2017 Abstract
10563 Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Cécile A. J. Magnée Does Birth Spacing Affect Personality?
(published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2017, 60, 92-108 )
February 2017 Abstract
10562 Bart H.H. Golsteyn, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch Challenges in Research on Preferences and Personality Traits: Measurement, Stability, and Inference
(published in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2017, 60, 1-6.)
February 2017 Abstract
10561 Silke Anger, Georg Camehl, Frauke Peter Involuntary Job Loss and Changes in Personality Traits
(forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Psychology, 2017)
February 2017 Abstract
10560 Sandra E. Black, Erik Grönqvist, Björn Öckert Born to Lead? The Effect of Birth Order on Non-Cognitive Abilities
(forthcoming in: Review of Economics and Statistics)
February 2017 Abstract
10559 Daniel Aaronson, Rajeev Dehejia, Andrew Jordan, Cristian Pop-Eleches, Cyrus Samii, Karl Schulze The Effect of Fertility on Mothers' Labor Supply over the Last Two Centuries February 2017 Abstract
10558 Christian Neumeier, Todd A. Sorensen, Douglas A. Webber The Implicit Costs of Motherhood over the Lifecycle: Cross-Cohort Evidence from Administrative Longitudinal Data
(Published as "The Implicit Costs of Motherhood over the Lifecycle: Cross‐Cohort Evidence from Administrative Longitudinal Data" Southern Economic Journal 84 (3), 716-733 )
February 2017 Abstract
10557 Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, Kerstin Roeder Household Bargaining, Spouses' Consumption Patterns and the Design of Commodity Taxes February 2017 Abstract
10556 S Anukriti, Shatanjaya Dasgupta Marriage Markets in Developing Countries
(forthcoming in: the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
February 2017 Abstract
10555 Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh, Christophe Rault Investigating First-Stage Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Sectoral and Macro Evidence from Euro Area Countries
(published in: The World Economy. 2017;00:1–28. https://doi.org/10.1111/twec.12499. )
February 2017 Abstract
10554 Lyubov Tsoy, Almas Heshmati Impact of Financial Crises on Dynamics of Capital Structure: Evidence from Korean Listed Companies February 2017 Abstract
10553 Bobae Noh, Almas Heshmati Does Official Development Assistance Affect Donor's Export? Case of Korea February 2017 Abstract
10552 Krisztina Kis-Katos, Janneke Pieters, Robert Sparrow Globalization and Social Change: Gender-Specific Effects of Trade Liberalization in Indonesia February 2017 Abstract
10551 Nicola Fontana, Tommaso Nannicini, Guido Tabellini Historical Roots of Political Extremism: The Effects of Nazi Occupation of Italy February 2017 Abstract
10550 Michaela Slotwinski, Alois Stutzer, Cédric Gorinas Democratic Involvement and Immigrants' Compliance with the Law February 2017 Abstract
10549 Michael White, Alex Bryson Do Migrants Lower Workplace Wages? February 2017 Abstract
10548 Michael A. Clemens, Hannah M. Postel Temporary Work Visas as US-Haiti Development Cooperation: A Preliminary Impact Evaluation
(published in: IZA Journal of Labor & Development, 2017, 6:4)
February 2017 Abstract
10547 Naureen Karachiwalla, Albert Park Promotion Incentives in the Public Sector: Evidence from Chinese Schools February 2017 Abstract
10546 Sebastian J. Goerg, Sebastian Kube, Jonas Radbruch The Effectiveness of Incentive Schemes in the Presence of Implicit Effort Costs February 2017 Abstract
10545 Stephen L. Cheung, Lachlan Johnstone True Overconfidence, Revealed through Actions: An Experiment February 2017 Abstract
10544 David J. Bjerk Mandatory Minimums and the Sentencing of Federal Drug Crimes
(forthcoming in: the Journal of Legal Studies)
February 2017 Abstract
10543 Stefan Boes, Steven Stillman You Drink, You Drive, You Die? The Dynamics of Youth Risk Taking in Response to a Change in the Legal Drinking Age February 2017 Abstract
10542 Nick Zubanov, Bram Cadsby, Fei Song The "Sales Agent" Problem: Effort Choice under Performance Pay as Behavior toward Risk February 2017 Abstract
10541 Elish Kelly, Alan Barrett Recent Developments in the Irish Labour Market: Is It All Good News?
(published as "Atypical Work and Ireland’s Labour Market Collapse and Recovery" in: Economic and Social Review, 2017, 48 (4) 463-488)
February 2017 Abstract
10540 Gabriele Pellegrino, Mariacristina Piva, Marco Vivarelli Are Robots Stealing Our Jobs? January 2017 Abstract
10539 David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence Katz, Christina Patterson, John Van Reenen Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share
(published in: American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings, 2017, 107(5), 180-185)
January 2017 Abstract
10538 Jason M. Fletcher, Stefanie Schurer Origins of Adulthood Personality: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences
(forthcoming in: B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 2017, 17(2).)
January 2017 Abstract
10537 Emily A. Beam, Joshua Hyman, Caroline Theoharides The Relative Returns to Education, Experience, and Attractiveness for Young Workers January 2017 Abstract
10536 Ian Walker, Yu Zhu University Selectivity and the Graduate Wage Premium: Evidence from the UK January 2017 Abstract
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads.
Joshua Angrist, Jörn-Steffen Pischke Undergraduate Econometrics Instruction: Through Our Classes, Darkly January 2017 Abstract
10534 Tirthatanmoy Das, Solomon Polachek Estimating Labor Force Joiners and Leavers Using a Heterogeneity Augmented Two-Tier Stochastic Frontier
(forthcoming in: Journal of Econometrics)
January 2017 Abstract
10533 Frank Mueller-Langer, Benedikt Fecher, Dietmar Harhoff, Gert G. Wagner The Economics of Replication January 2017 Abstract
10532 Michael Lechner, Anthony Strittmatter Practical Procedures to Deal with Common Support Problems in Matching Estimation January 2017 Abstract
10531 Paul Muller, Bas van der Klaauw, Arjan Heyma Comparing Econometric Methods to Empirically Evaluate Job-Search Assistance January 2017 Abstract
10530 Chung Choe, Seeun Jung, Ronald L. Oaxaca Identification and Decompositions in Probit and Logit Models January 2017 Abstract
10529 Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla, Jörg Paetzold The Intergenerational Causal Effect of Tax Evasion: Evidence from the Commuter Tax Allowance in Austria
(revised version forthcoming in: Journal of the European Economic Association)
January 2017 Abstract
10528 Wenchao Li, Changcheng Song, Shu Xu, Junjian Yi Household Portfolio Choice, Reference Dependence, and the Marriage Market January 2017 Abstract
10527 Jennifer Louise Roff Cleaning in the Shadow of the Law? Bargaining, Marital Investment, and the Impact of Divorce Law on Husbands' Intra-Household Work January 2017 Abstract
10526 Elise de Vuijst, Maarten van Ham Parents and Peers: Parental Neighbourhood- and School-Level Variation in Individual Neighbourhood Outcomes over Time January 2017 Abstract
10525 Jason Gaitz, Stefanie Schurer Bonus Skills: Examining the Effect of an Unconditional Cash Transfer on Child Human Capital Formation January 2017 Abstract
10524 Maria Ines Berniell, Jan Bietenbeck The Effect of Working Hours on Health January 2017 Abstract
10523 Anna D’Ambrosio, Roberto Leombruni, Tiziano Razzolini Native-Migrant Differences in Trading Off Wages and Workplace Safety January 2017 Abstract
10522 Davide Dragone, Giovanni Prarolo, Paolo Vanin, Giulio Zanella Crime and the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana January 2017 Abstract
10521 Gert G. Wagner, Martin Bruemmer, Axel Glemser, Julia Rohrer, Jürgen Schupp Dimensions of Quality of Life in Germany: Measured by Plain Text Responses in a Representative Survey (SOEP) January 2017 Abstract
10520 Elwyn Davies, Marcel Fafchamps Pledging, Praising and Shaming: Experimental Labour Markets in Ghana January 2017 Abstract
10519 Soo Hong Chew, Junjian Yi, Junsen Zhang, Songfa Zhong Risk Aversion and Son Preference: Experimental Evidence from Chinese Twin Parents
(forthcoming in: Management Science, 2017)
January 2017 Abstract
10518 David Gill, Victoria L. Prowse Using Response Times to Measure Strategic Complexity and the Value of Thinking in Games January 2017 Abstract
10517 Antonio A. Arechar, Simon Gächter, Lucas Molleman Conducting Interactive Experiments Online
(revised version published in: Experimental Economics, 21(1), March 2018, 99-131; doi:10.1007/s10683-017-9527-2)
January 2017 Abstract
10516 Hippolyte D'Albis, Ekrame Boubtane, Dramane Coulibaly International Migration and Regional Housing Markets: Evidence from France January 2017 Abstract
10515 Xin Li, Reinout Kleinhans, Maarten van Ham Ambivalence in Place Attachment: The Lived Experiences of Residents in Declining Neighbourhoods Facing Demolition in Shenyang, China January 2017 Abstract
10514 Agnieszka Postepska, Francis Vella Persistent Occupational Hierarchies among Immigrant Worker Groups in the United States Labor Market January 2017 Abstract
10513 Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbjørn Raaum, Knut Røed Immigrant Labor Market Integration across Admission Classes
(published in: Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2017, 7 , 17-54.)
January 2017 Abstract
10512 Michael A. Clemens, Ethan Gatewood Lewis, Hannah M. Postel Immigration Restrictions as Active Labor Market Policy: Evidence from the Mexican Bracero Exclusion
(forthcoming in: American Economic Review, 2018)
January 2017 Abstract
10511 Andrea Garnero The Dog That Barks Doesn't Bite: Coverage and Compliance of Sectoral Minimum Wages in Italy
(published in: IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2018)
January 2017 Abstract
10510 Paulo Guimaraes, Fernando Martins, Pedro Portugal Upward Nominal Wage Rigidity January 2017 Abstract
10509 Effrosyni (Efi) Adamopoulou, Roberta Zizza Regular versus Lump-Sum Payments in Union Contracts and Household Consumption January 2017 Abstract
10508 Giacomo Corneo Time-Poor, Working, Super-Rich January 2017 Abstract
10507 Huzeyfe Torun, Semih Tumen Do Vocational High School Graduates Have Better Employment Outcomes than General High School Graduates? January 2017 Abstract
10506 Ciro Avitabile, Matteo Bobba, Marco Pariguana High School Track Choice and Liquidity Constraints: Evidence from Urban Mexico January 2017 Abstract
10505 Claudia Olivetti, Barbara Petrongolo The Economic Consequences of Family Policies: Lessons from a Century of Legislation in High-Income Countries
(published in: Journal of Economic Perspectives 31: 205-230, 2016)
January 2017 Abstract
10504 Alexander Bick, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln Taxation and Labor Supply of Married Couples across Countries: A Macroeconomic Analysis January 2017 Abstract
10503 Evelyn L. Lehrer, Yeon Jeong Son Marital Instability in the United States: Trends, Driving Forces, and Implications for Children
(forthcoming in: Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
January 2017 Abstract
10502 Francesca Barigozzi, Helmuth Cremer, Kerstin Roeder Women's Career Choices, Social Norms and Child Care Policies January 2017 Abstract
10501 Jacobus de Hoop, Patrick Premand, Furio C. Rosati, Renos Vakis Women's Economic Capacity and Children's Human Capital Accumulation January 2017 Abstract
10500 Maya Rossin-Slater Maternity and Family Leave Policy
(forthcoming in: the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women)
January 2017 Abstract
10499 Laura Katherine Gee, Xinxin Lyu, Heather Urry Anger Management: Aggression and Punishment in the Provision of Public Goods January 2017 Abstract
10498 Ahmad Barirani, Randolph Sloof, Mirjam C. van Praag The Origins and Extent of Entrepreneurial Action-Orientedness: An Experimental Study January 2017 Abstract
10497 Ernesto Reuben, Krisztina Timko On the Effectiveness of Elected Male and Female Leaders and Team Coordination January 2017 Abstract
10496 Daniel S. Hamermesh, Katie R. Genadek, Michael C. Burda Racial/Ethnic Differences in Non-Work at Work January 2017 Abstract
10495 Don J. DeVoretz, Nahikari Irastorza Economic Theories of Citizenship? January 2017 Abstract
10494 Markus Gehrsitz, Martin Ungerer Jobs, Crime, and Votes: A Short-run Evaluation of the Refugee Crisis in Germany January 2017 Abstract
10493 Ghassan Dibeh, Ali Fakih, Walid Marrouch Decision to Emigrate Amongst the Youth in Lebanon
(forthcoming in: International Migration, 2017)
January 2017 Abstract
10492 Michael A. Clemens The Effect of Occupational Visas on Native Employment: Evidence from Labor Supply to Farm Jobs in the Great Recession
January 2017 Abstract
10491 Deniz Karao?lan, Aysit Tansel Determinants of Obesity in Turkey: A Quantile Regression Analysis from a Developing Country January 2017 Abstract
10490 Joachim Marti, John Buckell, J. Catherine Maclean, Jody L. Sindelar To 'Vape' or Smoke? A Discrete Choice Experiment among Adult Smokers January 2017 Abstract
10489 Lauren Hersch Nicholas, J. Catherine Maclean The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on the Labor Supply of Older Adults: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study January 2017 Abstract
10488 Jenny Williams, Jan C. van Ours Early Cannabis Use and School to Work Transition of Young Men January 2017 Abstract
10487 Bart Cockx, Muriel Dejemeppe, Andrey Launov, Bruno Van der Linden Imperfect Monitoring of Job Search: Structural Estimation and Policy Design
(published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2018, 36 (1), 75-120)
January 2017 Abstract
10486 Petri Böckerman, Alex Bryson, Antti Kauhanen, Mari Kangasniemi Does Job Support Make Workers Happy? January 2017 Abstract
10485 Barbara Hofmann, Michaela Kreyenfeld, Arne Uhlendorff Job Displacement and First Birth over the Business Cycle
(published in: Demography, 2017, 54, 933-959)
January 2017 Abstract
10484 Tomi Kyyrä, Hanna Pesola The Effects of UI Benefits on Unemployment and Subsequent Outcomes: Evidence from a Kinked Benefit Rule January 2017 Abstract
10483 Paul Bingley, Petter Lundborg, Stéphanie Vincent Lyk-Jensen Brothers in Arms: Spillovers from a Draft Lottery January 2017 Abstract
10482 Huu Chi Nguyen, Christophe Jalil Nordman Household Entrepreneurship and Social Networks: Panel Data Evidence from Vietnam
(forthcoming in: Journal of Development Studies, 2017)
January 2017 Abstract
10481 Xin Meng, Sen Xue Social Networks and Mental Health Problems: Evidence from Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China January 2017 Abstract
10480 Elke J. Jahn, Michael Neugart Do Neighbors Help Finding a Job? Social Networks and Labor Market Outcomes After Plant Closures January 2017 Abstract
10479 Brady P. Horn, J. Catherine Maclean, Michael R. Strain Do Minimum Wage Increases Influence Worker Health? January 2017 Abstract
10478 J. Catherine Maclean, Ioana Popovici, Elisheva Rachel Stern Health Insurance Expansions and Provider Behavior: Evidence from Substance Use Disorder Providers January 2017 Abstract
10477 Jonathan Gruber, J. Catherine Maclean, Bill Wright, Eric Wilkinson, Kevin G. Volpp The Impact of Increased Cost-Sharing on Utilization of Low Value Services: Evidence from the State of Oregon January 2017 Abstract
10476 Laurent Gobillon, Carine Milcent Competition and Hospital Quality: Evidence from a French Natural Experiment January 2017 Abstract
10475 Murat Iyigun, Nathan Nunn, Nancy Qian Winter is Coming: The Long-Run Effects of Climate Change on Conflict, 1400-1900 January 2017 Abstract
10474 Quamrul Ashraf, Oded Galor The Macrogenoeconomics of Comparative Development January 2017 Abstract
10473 Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Sergio Firpo, Antonio F. Galvao Estimation and Inference for Actual and Counterfactual Growth Incidence Curves January 2017 Abstract
10472 Uwe Blien, Oliver Ludewig Technological Progress and (Un)employment Development January 2017 Abstract
10471 Mariacristina Piva, Marco Vivarelli Technological Change and Employment: Were Ricardo and Marx Right?
(published as 'Technological Change and Employment: Is Europe Ready for the Challenge?' in Eurasian Business Review, 2018, 8, 13-32)
January 2017 Abstract
10470 Georg Graetz, Guy Michaels Is Modern Technology Responsible for Jobless Recoveries? January 2017 Abstract
10469 Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, Jens Suedekum Trade and Manufacturing Jobs in Germany
(forthcoming in: American Economic Review (P&P), 2017, 107(5))
January 2017 Abstract
10468 Tapio K. Palokangas Labor Market Regulation, International Trade and Footloose Capital January 2017 Abstract
10467 James Albrecht, Monica Robayo-Abril, Susan Vroman Public-Sector Employment in an Equilibrium Search and Matching Model
(forthcoming in: Economic Journal, 2017)
January 2017 Abstract
10466 Christian Bredemeier, Falko Juessen, Roland Winkler Fiscal Policy and Occupational Employment Dynamics January 2017 Abstract
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