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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10465 Ulla Lehmijoki, Tapio K. Palokangas Fertility, Mortality and Environmental Policy December 2016 Abstract
10464 Catalina Herrera, David E. Sahn, Kira M. Villa Teen Fertility and Labor Market Segmentation: Evidence from Madagascar December 2016 Abstract
10463 Niaz Asadullah, Zaki Wahhaj Missing from the Market: Purdah Norm and Women's Paid Work Participation in Bangladesh December 2016 Abstract
10462 Massimiliano Bratti, Simona Fiore, Mariapia Mendola Family Size, Sibling Rivalry and Migration: Evidence from Mexico December 2016 Abstract
10461 Chiara Canta, Helmuth Cremer, Firouz Gahvari Maybe "Honor thy Father and thy Mother": Uncertain Family Aid and the Design of Social Long Term Care Insurance December 2016 Abstract
10460 Xin Meng, Guochang Zhao The Long Shadow of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: The Intergenerational Transmission of Education December 2016 Abstract
10459 Christopher Birdsall, Seth Gershenson, Raymond Zuniga Stereotype Threat, Role Models, and Demographic Mismatch in an Elite Professional School Setting
(forthcoming in: Education Finance and Policy, 2019)
December 2016 Abstract
10458 Adriana Di Liberto, Laura Casula Teacher Assessments versus Standardized Tests: Is Acting "Girly" an Advantage? December 2016 Abstract
10457 Simone Sasso, Jo Ritzen Sectoral Cognitive Skills, R&D, and Productivity: A Cross-Country Cross-Sector Analysis December 2016 Abstract
10456 Jorge Luis García, James J. Heckman, Duncan Ermini Leaf, Maria José Prados The Life-cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program December 2016 Abstract
10455 Zuzana Brixiova, Thierry Kangoye Gender Disparities in Employment and Earnings in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Swaziland December 2016 Abstract
10454 Takao Kato, Hiromasa Ogawa, Hideo Owan Working Hours, Promotion and the Gender Gap in the Workplace December 2016 Abstract
10453 Tim Butcher, Karen A. Mumford, Peter N. Smith Workplaces, Low Pay and the Gender Earnings Gap in Britain
(published in the Low Pay Commission Report Series https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/low-pay-commission-research-autumn-2016 see also https://sites.google.com/a/york.ac.uk/gender-gap-britain/home)
December 2016 Abstract
10452 John Ifcher, Homa Zarghamee, Amanda Cabacungan The Great Recession and Life Satisfaction: The Unique Decline for Americans Approaching Retirement Age December 2016 Abstract
10451 Ariel Mecikovsky, Felix Wellschmied Wage Risk, Employment Risk and the Rise in Wage Inequality December 2016 Abstract
10450 Martin Biewen, Martin Ungerer, Max Loeffler Trends in the German Income Distribution: 2005/06 to 2010/11
(revised version forthcoming in: German Economic Review)
December 2016 Abstract
10449 Arnaud Dupuy, Alfred Galichon, Yifei Sun Estimating Matching Affinity Matrix under Low-Rank Constraints
(forthcoming in: Information and Inference: A Journal of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 2019.)
December 2016 Abstract
10448 Almas Heshmati, Masoomeh Rashidghalam Estimation of Technical Change and TFP Growth Based on Observable Technology Shifters December 2016 Abstract
10447 Nikolas Mittag A Simple Method to Estimate Large Fixed Effects Models Applied to Wage Determinants and Matching December 2016 Abstract
10446 José-Ignacio Antón, René Böheim, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer The Effects of International Migration on Native Workers' Unionisation in Austria December 2016 Abstract
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