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The IZA Discussion Paper series (ISSN: 2365-9793) disseminates high-quality research by IZA research network members to the scientific community and the interested public. The papers have a worldwide circulation and are available free of charge.

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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10445 Remus Gabriel Anghel, Alina Botezat, Anatolie Co?ciug, Ioana Manafi, Monica Roman International Migration, Return Migration, and their Effects: A Comprehensive Review on the Romanian Case December 2016 Abstract
10444 Garance Genicot, Anna Maria Mayda, Mariapia Mendola The Impact of Migration on Child Labor: Theory and Evidence from Brazil
(published in: Markets, Governance and Institutions in the Process of Economic Development, Oxford: OUP, 2017.)
December 2016 Abstract
10443 Martin Kahanec, Martin Guzi How Immigrants Helped EU Labor Markets to Adjust during the Great Recession
(published in: International Journal of Manpower, 2017, 38 (7), 996-1015. Article)
December 2016 Abstract
10442 Tom Krebs, Martin Scheffel Labor Market Institutions and the Cost of Recessions December 2016 Abstract
10441 Bernd Fitzenberger, Marina Furdas, Christoph Sajons End-of-Year Spending and the Long-Run Employment Effects of Training Programs for the Unemployed December 2016 Abstract
10440 Norberto Pignatti, Karine Torosyan, Maka Chitanava Toothless Reforms? The Remarkable Stability of Female Labor Force Participation in a Top-Reforming Country December 2016 Abstract
10439 Christopher Boone, Arindrajit Dube, Lucas Goodman, Ethan Kaplan Unemployment Insurance Generosity and Aggregate Employment December 2016 Abstract
10438 Getinet Astatike Haile Men, Women and Unions December 2016 Abstract
10437 Gabriel Burdín, Virginie Pérotin Employee Representation and Flexible Working Time December 2016 Abstract
10436 Alexander Muravyev Boards of Directors in Russian Publicly Traded Companies in 1998-2014: Structure, Dynamics and Performance Effects
(published in: Economic Systems, 2017, 41(1), 5-25)
December 2016 Abstract
10435 Alex Bryson, Harald Dale-Olsen, Kristine Nergaard Gender Differences in the Union Wage Premium? A Comparative Case Study December 2016 Abstract
10434 John P. Haisken-DeNew, Syed Hasan, Nikhil Jha, Mathias Sinning Unawareness and Selective Disclosure: The Effect of School Quality Information on Property Prices
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2018, 145, 449-464)
December 2016 Abstract
10433 Yann Algan, Nicole M. Fortin Computer Gaming and Test Scores: Cross-Country Gender Differences among Teenagers December 2016 Abstract
10432 Gustavo Yamada, Pablo Lavado, Guadalupe Montenegro The Effect of One Laptop per Child on Teachers' Pedagogical Practices and Students' Use of Time at Home December 2016 Abstract
10431 Pablo Lavado, Santiago Cueto, Gustavo Yamada, Micaela Wensjoe The Effect of Fe y Alegria on School Achievement: Exploiting a School Lottery Selection as a Natural Experiment December 2016 Abstract
10430 Martin Fischer, Martin Karlsson, Therese Nilsson, Nina Schwarz The Sooner the Better? Compulsory Schooling Reforms in Sweden December 2016 Abstract
10429 Atila Abdulkadiro?lu, Joshua Angrist, Yusuke Narita, Parag A. Pathak Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation December 2016 Abstract
10428 Roy E. Bailey, Timothy J. Hatton, Kris Inwood Atmospheric Pollution and Child Health in Late Nineteenth Century Britain December 2016 Abstract
10427 Michael Grimm, Luciane Lenz, Jörg Peters, Maximiliane Sievert Demand for Off-Grid Solar Electricity: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda December 2016 Abstract
10426 Gautam Hazarika The Plough, Gender Roles, and Corruption December 2016 Abstract
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