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15.12.2000      IZA-Promostudio Symposium in Honor of Nobel Laureate James Heckman Trieste, Italy  
08.12.2000      IZA Workshop: International Integration and European Labour Markets Bonn, Germany  
30.11.2000      IZA Workshop: Labour Market Analysis Using Matched Employer-Employee Data Sets Bonn, Germany  
26.11.2000      IZA Workshop: Organizational Change and Its Implications for the Labor Market Bonn, Germany  
16.11.2000      IZA Workshop: Gender and the Labor Market Bonn, Germany  
17.10.2000      IZA - BMA Workshop: Ways to a more efficient and effective evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies Bonn, Germany  
14.10.2000      IZA Workshop: Transitions and the Labor Market in Estonia and Poland Bonn, Germany  
07.10.2000      IZA Workshop: Welfare Transitions Bonn, Germany  
26.09.2000      CEPR and IZA: European Summer Symposium in Labour Economics (ESSLE) Bonn, Germany  
15.06.2000      14th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE 2000) Bonn, Germany  
29.05.2000      3rd IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics IZA, Bonn  
12.04.2000      IZA Workshop: International Mobility of High-Skilled Workers IZA, Bonn  
18.02.2000      IZA and WDI Conference: Labor Markets in Transition Countries IZA, Bonn  
29.01.2000      IZA Workshop: Ethnic Migrants in Labor Market and Society: Integration Experience in Comparison IZA, Bonn  
15.01.2000      CERT / IZA Workshop: Labour Market Adjustment in Estonia: Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Aspects IZA, Bonn