Selected press coverage - IZA DP No. 5830

A new study by IZA Senior Research Associate Amanda H. Goodall reveals that top-performing hospitals are typically ones headed by a physician instead of a manager.
The complete study is available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 5830 ("Physician-Leaders and Hospital Performance: Is There an Association?”), to be published by Social Science and Medicine.

The IZA press release generated wide coverage in the UK, the US and other countries, see for example:
"Doctors make the best managers, study indicates", in: British Medical Journal, 29 July 2011

"Physician-leaders and hospital performance: Is there an association?", in: Vox EU, 21 July 2011

"Doctors are the best hospital managers, study reveals", in: The Guardian, 19 July 2011

"Do Doctors Make the Best Hospital Administrators?", in: Forbes, 10 July 2011

"Best U.S. Hospitals Are Run by Physicians, Study Finds", in: ScienceDaily, 7 July 2011

"Should Hospitals Be Run by Doctors?", in: The New York Times Blogs, 7 July 2011

"Ärzte sind die besseren Manager", in: Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 6 July 2011