Presentations - 5th Summer School


The students presented their research either through giving a talk or hosting a poster session. Nine papers were selected by the committee to be presented in formal presentations. Each paper was chaired by one student and discussed by two others. The presenters could be certain to receive a lot of questions and comments on their work, both from their assigned discussants and from an open question session at the end of each presentation. The theoretical and empirical papers covered a broad range of topics in labor economics, such as the evaluation of private schools and active labor market policy, gender differences and the effects of employer size and mobility on wage differentials, household labor supply, and labor market transitions between temporary and permanent jobs as well as between the states working, searching for a new job and staying at home.

In each poster session, up to seven students were given the opportunity to display a poster summarizing the content of their research, and to explain their research informally to individual groups of interested people. As in previous summer schools the poster sessions turned out to be a particularly successful way of discussing research results, both for the presenter and the participants.

Most of the papers presented are downloadable (see Final Program).