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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
16483 Wim Naudé Destructive Digital Entrepreneurship September 2023 Abstract
16482 Breno Braga, Diana Elliott The Effects of Maria Migrants on the Financial Health of the Residents of Central Florida September 2023 Abstract
16481 Meghana Gaur, John Grigsby, Jonathon Hazell, Abdoulaye Ndiaye Bonus Question: Does Flexible Incentive Pay Dampen Unemployment Dynamics? September 2023 Abstract
16480 Sam Cosaert, Adrian Nieto Castro, Konstantinos Tatsiramos Temperature and the Timing of Work September 2023 Abstract
16479 David G. Blanchflower, Alex Bryson The Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adults' Subjective Wellbeing September 2023 Abstract
16478 Jason Kerwin, Divya Pandey Navigating Ambiguity: Imprecise Probabilities and the Updating of Disease Risk Beliefs September 2023 Abstract
16477 Stephen V. Burks, Arne Kildegaard, Jason W. Miller, Kristen Monaco When Is High Turnover Cheaper? A Simple Model of Cost Tradeoffs in a Long‐Distance Truckload Motor Carrier, with Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications September 2023 Abstract
16476 Pedro S. Martins The Wage Effects of Employers' Associations: A Case Study of the Private Schools Sector September 2023 Abstract
16475 Pedro S. Martins, António Melo Making Their Own Weather? Estimating Employer Labour-Market Power and Its Wage Effects September 2023 Abstract
16474 Joăo R. Ferreira, Pedro S. Martins Can Vocational Education Improve Schooling and Labour Outcomes? Evidence from a Large Expansion September 2023 Abstract
16473 Carlos Góes, Juan Segnana, Raymond Robertson, Gladys Lopez-Acevedo Local Labor Markets Dynamics and Export Shocks: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia September 2023 Abstract
16472 Hoseung Nam, Jonathan Portes Migration and Productivity in the UK: An Analysis of Employee Payroll Data September 2023 Abstract
16471 Wifag Adnan, Jonathan Zhang, Angela Zheng Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants by Refugee Status: An Analysis of Linked Landing Files and Tax Records September 2023 Abstract
16470 Sefane Cetin, Alain Jousten Retirement Decision of Belgian Couples and the Impact of the Social Security System September 2023 Abstract
16469 Anthony Edo, Cem Özgüzel The Impact of Immigration on the Employment Dynamics of European Regions September 2023 Abstract
16468 Joanna Clifton-Sprigg, Ines Homburg, Jonathan James, Suncica Vujic A Bad Break-up? Assessing the Effects of the 2016 Brexit Referendum on Migration September 2023 Abstract
16467 Bastian Schulz Labor Market Dynamics with Sorting September 2023 Abstract
16466 Luca Maria Pesando, Elisabetta De Cao, Giulia La Mattina, Alberto Ciancio Educational Assortative Mating and Harsh Parenting in Sub-Saharan Africa September 2023 Abstract
16465 Juan Francisco Castro, Gustavo Yamada, Santiago Medina, Joaquin Armas Economic Mobility and Fairness in a Developing Country: Evidence from Peru September 2023 Abstract
16464 Julian Detemple, Michael Kosfeld Fairness and Inequality in Institution Formation September 2023 Abstract
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