James J. Heckman Co-Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics 2000


IZA congratulates James J. Heckman and Daniel L. McFadden for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics 2000.
James Heckman has been IZA Research Fellow since September 1999. He is also associate editor of the Journal of Population Economics, a journal hosted by IZA.
The Nobel Prize honors Heckman's methodological approach, which has had important implications for the research at IZA.
IZA Director Klaus F. Zimmermann: "This distinguished award given to IZA Fellow James J. Heckman highlights the significance of microeconometric research and adds momentum to IZA's efforts in developing and applying microeconometric methods to labor market policy issues."

For more information about the practical relevance of Heckman's and McFadden's work, please read the article "Exploring the Obscure."

To learn more about the significance of Heckman's work for labor market policy research in Germany, please read "Comparing the Comparable" by Christoph M. Schmidt and Jochen Kluve.

Citation of the Academy:

"...to James Heckman for his development of theory and methods for analyzing selective samples and to Daniel McFadden for his development of theory and methods for analyzing discrete choice."

"James Heckman has made many significant contributions to microeconometric theory and methodology, with different kinds of selection problems as a common denominator. He developed his methodological contributions in conjunction with applied empirical research, particularly in labor economics. Heckman's analysis of selection problems in microeconometric research has had profound implications for applied research in economics as well as in other social sciences."

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