IZA Reimbursement Guidelines for Workshops and Conferences

Please read this information carefully to avoid problems with reimbursement.

Travel Costs

Visitors will be reimbursed for economy-class flights or second-class train travel up to a maximum of:
- EUR 1,000.00 for intercontinental travel from/to the Americas and Africa
- EUR 1,200.00 for intercontinental travel from/to Australia and Asia
- EUR 400.00 for intracontinental travel.
We do not reimburse fees for the use of ferries, tunnels, highways, etc. Transfer between airport/main station and hotel will be reimbursed if public transport was used. Taxi costs will not be refunded.

Please note: Full reimbursement is granted only if the following two conditions are met:
a) Your ticket must be booked within 10 days after you have received IZA’s invitation to attend. IZA reserves the right to cut reimbursement by up to one-third for late bookings.
b) Travel to your destination must be direct or include only necessary stopovers due to flight connections. Specifically, travel dates need to clearly correspond to the conference dates. Stopovers which entail business or personal activities not directly relevant to the stated purpose of the trip will disqualify the flight from reimbursement. If private or business extensions of your trip are planned, please contact the IZA organizers beforehand for approval.


Accommodation is organized and directly paid by IZA unless otherwise stated in the participant information.
IZA will not take over costs for rooms that are booked or rebooked without authorization.


Hotel accommodation usually includes breakfast. Lunches and dinners are integrated in the official conference program.
Other subsistence costs will not be refunded.

Other costs

If previously arranged, IZA refunds further costs related to participation which are not listed above (e.g. visa fees).


Each participant will receive an expense claim form.
To simplify the reimbursement process, we ask you to fill in this form after your visit and return it to:

Verena Pfeifer, IZA, P.O. Box 7240, 53072 Bonn, Germany.

To ensure smooth processing, please submit your expense claim within 6 weeks after the end of the event.

Please note that only original receipts will be accepted for reimbursement.
Please also attach the boarding passes, remaining ticket receipts and flight invoice showing the date of booking (see (a) under Travel Costs above).
The payment will be transferred to your bank account within 90 days after receipt of your expense claim form by regular mail. We do not provide you with cash payments during your stay.