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IZA Workshop on Structural Change and Labor Markets

Organizers: Pierre Cahuc (Sciences Po, Paris and IZA), Winfried Koeniger (University of St. Gallen and IZA), Uwe Sunde (University of Munich and IZA)
Location:IZA, Bonn
Date:June 26, 2005 - June 27, 2005

Event Manager:

Ulrike Maurer (IZA)


Structural change differs considerably across developed countries. Anglo-Saxon countries are much ahead of continental European countries on the transition from a manufacturing to a service-based economy. This workshop tries to shed light on the possible determinants of structural change as well as the potential consequences for labor markets. Recently developed models of unbalanced growth or induced technology change generate predictions concerning the determinants of differences in structural composition that can be tested using cross-country or panel data. Moreover, theories of long-term growth model the driving forces of industrial development in a historical perspective. These theories emphasize the importance of political and economic institutions for the economy in general and labor markets in particular, and provide useful comparisons of current developments with historical experiences.

+++ presentation: 40 minutes +++ discussion: 10 minutes +++ general discussion: 10 minutes +++

Sunday, June 26:

12:30       Session: Labor Markets and Innovation
13:30 - 14:30   Kevin Cowan (Inter-American Development Bank*)), Riccardo J. Caballero (MIT), Eduardo M.R.A. Engel (Yale University), Alejandro Micco (Inter-American Development Bank)
  "Effective Labor Regulation and Microeconomic Flexibility"
  Discussant: Yann Algan (Sciences Po, Paris and IZA)
14:30 - 15:30   Marco Leonardi (University of Milan and IZA*)), Winfried Koeniger (IZA)
  "Capital Equipment, R & D and Wage Inequality in the US and Germany"
  Discussant: Gianluca Violante (Princeton University and IZA)
15:30 - 16:00   Coffee/Tea Break
16:00       Session: Structural Change and Growth
16:00 - 17:00   Veronica Guerrieri (MIT*)), Daron Acemoglu (MIT)
  "Capital Deepening and Non-Balanced Economic Growth"
  Discussant: Omar Licandro (European University Institute)
17:00 - 18:00   L. Rachel Ngai (London School of Economics and IZA*)), Christopher Pissarides (London School of Economics and IZA)
  "Structural Change in a Multi-Sector Growth Model"
  Discussant: Pierre Cahuc (Sciences Po, Paris and IZA)
19:30       Dinner

Monday, June 27:

09:30       Session: Product Markets, Sectoral Employment Trends and Distribution
09:30 - 10:30   Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich and IZA*)), Reto Foellmi (MIT)
  "Mass Consumption, Exclusion, and Technological Unemployment"
  Discussant: Marco Leonardi (University of Milan and IZA)
10:30 - 11:30   Julián Messina (Universidad de Alicante and IZA*))
  "The Role of Product Market Regulations in the Process of Structural Change"
  Discussant: Ronald Schettkat (University of Wuppertal)
11:30 - 12:00   Coffee/Tea Break
12:00 - 13:00   Richard Rogerson (Princeton University*))
  "Structural Transformation and the Deterioration of European Labor Market Outcomes"
  Discussant: Monika Merz (University of Vienna and IZA)
13:00 - 14:15   Lunch
14:15       Session: Institutions and Structural Change in the Long-Run
14:15 - 15:15   Theo Eicher (University of Washington*)), Till Schreiber (University of Washington)
  "The Significance of Labor and Enterprise Institutions in Transition"
  Discussant: Julián Messina (Universidad de Alicante and IZA)
15:15 - 16:15   Uwe Sunde (University of Munich and IZA*)), Matteo Cervellati (Universitá di Bologna and IZA), Piergiuseppe Fortunato (Universitá di Bologna)
  "Democratization and Endogenous Constitutions"
  Discussant: Theo Eicher (University of Washington)
16:15 - 16:45   Coffee/Tea Break
16:45       Session: Growth, Capital and Welfare to Work
16:45 - 17:45   Gianluca Violante (Princeton University and IZA*)), Nicola Pavoni (University College London)
  "Optimal Welfare-to-Work Programs"
  Discussant: Winfried Koeniger (University of St. Gallen and IZA)
17:45 - 18:45   Omar Licandro (European University Institute*)), Jorge Duran (Universitat d'Alacant), Javier Ruiz-Castillo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  "The Measurement of Output Growth and the Decline of Equipment Prices"
  Discussant: Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich and IZA)
20:00       Dinner

*) current affiliation