4th IZA/Higher School of Economics Workshop: Thirty Years after the Fall of the Iron Curtain: The Contribution of Labor Market Adjustment to Transition and Convergence

Organizers: Hartmut Lehmann (Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) and IZA), Vladimir Gimpelson (HSE University and IZA), Alexander Muravyev (HSE University and IZA)
Date:October 22 - October 23, 2021

Submission Deadline:July 15, 2021
Notification of Acceptance:August 15, 2021

Event Manager:

Viola Hartmann

About the Online Workshop

This is an updated call for papers as the workshop planned for 2020 was cancelled due the COVID-19 crisis. We still would like to keep the overall theme developed for 2020, but we also intend to include two sessions that deal with the impact of COVID-19 on labor markets in post-transition and emerging economies.

The collapse of the centrally planned economies in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Union and the profound reforms of the Chinese economy have changed the social, political and economic landscape of the world in a fundamental way. All of the former centrally planned economies embarked on a journey of transition and convergence towards developed market economies. It strikes us, therefore, as interesting to take stock of the transition and convergence processes that played out in a very heterogeneous fashion in labor markets across the transition region. How did labor market institutions, labor market policies and systemic reform in the labor market taking shape in the last thirty years contribute to transition and convergence processes?

This fourth IZA/Higher School of Economics workshop will bring together labor economists who are working on labor market adjustment in the post-Soviet states that emerged from the breakup of the Soviet Union, post-transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe as well as China. We will attempt to select papers that guarantee a geographical balance of the mentioned areas of the post-Soviet space and of China. While the main focus of the workshop relates to a long-term view of labor market adjustment since the onset of transition, we will have two sessions on the impact of COVID-19 on labor markets in emerging and post-transition economies.


Please make your submission by using the online application form. While extended abstracts are also welcome, we prefer full-fledged papers.

Submission deadline: July 15, 2021. We will send out acceptance notification by July 31, 2021.