IZA - Conference Program


Fifth IZA Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation

Organizers: Gerard J. van den Berg (Free University Amsterdam), Marco Caliendo (IZA), James Albrecht (Georgetown University), Susan Vroman (Georgetown University)
Location:Georgetown University, Washington DC
Date:October 02, 2009 - October 03, 2009

Event Manager:

Elke Henn (IZA)


Thursday, October 01:

19:00    Welcome reception at DIW DC

Friday, October 02:

09:00 - 09:40   Jeffrey A. Smith (University of Michigan), Dan Black (University of Chicago), Jose Galdo (Carleton University and IZA)
  "Evaluating the Regression Discontinuity Design Using Experimental Data"
09:40 - 10:20   Salvador Navarro (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Jane Cooley (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Yuya Takahashi (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  "A Framework for the Analysis of Dynamic Treatment Effects: Grade Retention and Test Scores"
10:20 - 10:50   Coffee break
10:50 - 11:30   Marco Caliendo (IZA), Gerard van den Berg (VU University Amsterdam, IFAU and IZA), Annette Bergemann (VU University Amsterdam)
  "Treatment Effects for Not-Yet Treated Individuals: The Case of Training vs. Workfare Programs"
11:30 - 12:10   Ronald P. Wolthoff (University of Chicago)
  "Simultaneous Search and Recruitment"
12:10 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 14:10   Francois Fontaine (University of Strasbourg), Syvlie Blasco (CREST-INSEE)
  "A Structural Model of the Unemployment Insurance Take-up"
14:10 - 14:50   Luca Flabbi (Georgetown University), Andrea Moro (Vanderbilt University)
  "The Effect of Job Flexibility on Women Labor Market Outcomes: Estimates from a Search and Bargaining Model"
14:50 - 15:20   Coffee break
15:20 - 16:00   Jose C. Galdo (Carleton University)
  "Treatment Effects for Profiling Unemployment Insurance Programs: Semiparametric Estimation of Matching Models with Fixed Effects"
16:00 - 16:40   Katherine Terrell (University of Michigan)
  "Minimum Wages, Enforcement and Informalization of the Labor Market"
16:40 - 17:00   Break
17:00 - 17:40   Tanika Chakraborty (DIW Berlin), Shilpi Kapur (Washington University, St Louis)
  "English Language Premium: Evidence from a Policy Experiment in India"
19:00 - 21:00   Conference Dinner at Cafe Milano

Saturday, October 03:

09:00 - 10:20   Keynote Speaker: Alberto Abadie (Harvard University)
"A General Theory of Matching Estimation"
- Papers: [PDF1] | [PDF2]
10:20 - 10:50   Coffee break
10:50 - 11:30   Arne Uhlendorff (University of Mannheim), Marco Caliendo (IZA), Steffen Künn (IZA)
  "Marginal Employment, Unemployment Duration and Employment Stability: Evidence from a Multivariate Duration Model"
11:30 - 12:10   Aderonke Osikominu (University of Freiburg)
  "Quick Job Entry or Long-Term Human Capital Development? The Dynamic Effects of Alternative Training Schemes"
12:10 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 14:10   Gerald Marschke (Harvard University), Pascal Courty (European University Institute), Do Han Kim (State University of New York at Albany)
  "Curbing Cream-Skimming: Evidence on Enrolment Incentives"
14:10 - 14:50   Francis Vella (Georgetown University), Lidia Farre (University of Alicante), Roger Klein (Rutgers University)
  "Does Increasing Parents' Schooling Raise the Schooling of the Next Generation? Evidence Based on Conditional Second Moments"
14:50 - 15:20   Coffee break
15:20 - 16:00   Jeffrey Grogger (University of Chicago), Jeffrey Grogger (University of Chicago)
  "Bounding the Effects of Social Experiments: Accounting for Attrition in Administrative Data"
16:00 - 16:40   Daniel L. Millimet (Southern Methodist University), Rusty Tchernis (Georgia State University)
  "Estimation of Treatment Effects Without an Exclusion Restriction: With an Application to the Analysis of the School Breakfast Program"

List of Participants

Alberto Abadie (Harvard University)
James Albrecht (Georgetown University)
Marco Caliendo (IZA)
Tanika Chakraborty (Washington University St. Louis)
Amelie F. Constant (DIW DC and George Washington University)
Luca Flabbi (Georgetown University)
Francois Fontaine (University of Strasbourg)
Jose Galdo (Carleton University)
Jeffrey Grogger (University of Chicago)
John Ham (University of Maryland)
Peter Hinrichs (Georgetown University)
Gerald Marschke (Harvard University)
Daniel Millimet (Southern Methodist University)
Salvador Navarro (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Aderonke Osikominu (University of Freiburg)
Jeffrey Smith (University of Michigan)
Katherine Terrell (University of Michigan)
Arne Uhlendorff (University of Mannheim)
Gerard van den Berg (Free University of Amsterdam)
Francis Vella (Georgetown University)
Susan Vroman (Georgetown University)
Ronald Wolthoff (University of Chicago)