IZA - Conference Program


12th IZA/CEPR European Summer Symposium in Labour Economics 2010 (ESSLE)

Organizers: Giuseppe Bertola (University of Turin), Marco Caliendo (IZA), Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich)
Location:Buch/Ammersee, Germany
Date:September 01, 2010 - September 05, 2010

Event Manager:

Elke Henn (IZA)


Wednesday, September 01:

19:00       Dinner

Thursday, September 02:

09:00 - 10:00   Andrea Bassanini (OECD), Giorgio Brunello (University of Padova and IZA)
  "Barriers to Entry, Deregulation and Workplace Training: A Theoretical Model with Evidence from Europe"
10:00 - 11:00   Barbara Petrongolo (London School of Economics)
  "How Local Are Labor Markets? Evidence from Disaggregated Matching Functions"
11:00 - 11:30   Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:30   Juan J. Dolado (University Carlos III, Madrid), Samuel Bentolila (CEMFI), Pierre Cahuc (Ecole Polytechnique and IZA), Thomas Le Barbanchon (Ecole Polytechnique)
  "Two-Tier Labor Markets in the Great Recession: France vs. Spain"
12:30 - 14:30   Lunch
14:30 - 15:30   Jörn-Steffen Pischke (London School of Economics)
  "Money and Happiness: Evidence from the Industry Wage Structure"
15:30 - 16:00   Coffee Break
16:00 - 18:00   Poster Session 1:
        Pablo Agnese (IESE Business School, Barcelona), Hector Sala (Autonomous University Barcelona)
  "Falling Labor Share in Japan: Its Causes During the Lost Decade and Beyond"
        Irma Clots-Figueras (University Carlos III, Madrid), Ciro Avitabile (University of Naples), Paolo Masella (University of Mannheim)
  "The Effect of Birthright Citizenship on Parental Integration Outcomes"
        Claire Crawford (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London), Mike Brewer (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
  "Starting School and Leaving Welfare: The Impact of Public Education on Lone Parents' Welfare Receipt"
        Sabien Dobbelaere (Free University Amsterdam), Jacques Mairesse (CREST-INSEE)
  "A Characterization of Product and Labor Market Imperfections and their Dispersion"
        Gianna Claudia Giannelli (University of Florence), Lucia Mangiavacchi (University of Balearic Islands), Luca Piccoli (Paris School of Economics)
  "GDP and the Value of Family Caretaking: How Much Does Europe Care?"
        Rita Ginja (Uppsala University)
  "Income Shocks and Investments in Human Capital"
        Liana Jacobi (University of Melbourne), Siddhartha Chib (Washington University, St. Louis)
  "Effect of Education on Earnings: Bayesian Fuzzy RD Approach"
19:00       Dinner

Friday, September 03:

09:00 - 10:00   Daniele Checchi (University of Milan), Vito Peragine (University of Bari), Laura Serlenga (University of Bari and IZA)
  "Fair and Unfair Income Inequalities in Europe"
10:00 - 11:00   Thijs van Rens (CREI/University Pompeu Fabra), Almut Balleer (IIES Stockholm University)
  "Cyclical Skill-Biased Technological Change"
11:00 - 11:30   Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:30   Peter T. Gottschalk (Boston College), Robert Moffitt (Johns Hopkins University), Sisi Zhang (The Urban Institute)
  "Changes in the Transitory Variance of Income Components and their Impact on Family Income Instability"
12:30 - 14:30   Lunch
14:30 - 16:30   Poster Session 2:
        Konstantinos Pouliakas (University of Aberdeen), N. Theodoropoulos (University of Cyprus)
  "Variety of Performance Pay and Firm Performance: Effect of Financial Incentives on Worker Absence and Productivity"
        Stefania Marcassa (University of Minnesota)
  "Job Search Effort and Spouse's Income in France"
        Andreas Steinhauer (University of Zurich), Rafael Lalive (University of Lausanne and IZA), Analia Schlosser (Tel Aviv University), Josef Zweimuller (University of Zurich and IZA)
  "How Do Employment Protection and Parental Leave Benefits Affect Mother's Post-Birth Careers?"
        Thomas Siedler (DIW Berlin)
  "One Last Puff? Public Smoking Bans and Smoking Behavior"
        Veronica Toffolutti (University of Padova)
  "The Implications of Changing Employment Protection: Evaluating the 1999 UK Unfair Dismissal Reform"
        Gill Wyness (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London), Lorraine Dearden (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London and IZA), Emla Fitzsimons (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London)
  "The Impact of Higher Education Finance on University Participation in the UK"
19:00       Dinner

Saturday, September 04:

09:00 - 10:00   Örn B. Bodvarsson (St. Cloud State University), John G. Sessions (Bath University and IZA)
  "Racial Differences in Pay Across Positions: Theory and Test"
10:00 - 11:00   Andrea Weber (University of Mannheim), Dayanand Manoli (University of California, Los Angeles)
  "Intertemporal Substitution in Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Policy Discontinuities"
11:00 - 11:30   Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:30   Iwan Barankay (University of Pennsylvania)
  "Rank Incentives: Evidence from Field Experiments"
12:30 - 14:30   Lunch
14:30 - 15:30   Julien Prat (Institute for Economic Analysis, Barcelona), Boyan Jovanovic (New York University)
  "Dynamic Incentive Contracts under Parameter Uncertainty"
        Keynote Address:
15:30 - 16:30   James Malcomson (University of Oxford)
  "Nash Bargaining, Credible Bargaining and Efficiency Wages in a Matching Model for the US"
18:00       Barbecue

Sunday, September 05:

        Departure after breakfast

List of Participants

Pablo Agnese (Pompeu Fabra University)
Steffen Altmann (IZA)
Iwan Barankay (University of Pennsylvania)
Andrea Bassanini (OECD)
Giuseppe Bertola (University of Turin)
Örn B. Bodvarsson (St. Cloud State University)
Daniele Checchi (University of Milan)
Irma Clots Figueras (University of Madrid Carlos III)
Claire Crawford (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London)
Sabien Dobbelaere (Free University of Amsterdam)
Juan J. Dolado (University of Madrid Carlos III)
Gianna Giannelli (University of Florence)
Rita Ginja (Uppsala University)
Peter Gottschalk (Boston College)
Liana Jacobi (University of Melbourne)
James Malcomson (University of Oxford)
Stefania Marcassa (University of Minnesota)
Barbara Petrongolo (London School of Economics)
Jörn-Steffen Pischke (London School of Economics)
Konstantinos Pouliakas (University of Aberdeen)
Julien Prat (IAE Barcelona)
Andreas Steinhauer (University of Zurich)
Thomas Siedler (DIW Berlin)
Veronica Toffolutti (University of Padova)
Thijs van Rens (Pompeu Fabra University)
Andrea Weber (University of Mannheim)
Gill Wyness (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London)
Josef Zweimüller (University of Zurich)