IZA - Conference Program


IZA Workshop: Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills

Organizers: Steffen Altmann (IZA), Armin Falk (University of Bonn)
Location:CENs, Bonn
Date:January 25, 2011 - January 27, 2011

Event Manager:

Ulrike Maurer (IZA)


+++ presentations: 30 minutes +++ floor discussion: 15 minutes +++

Tuesday, January 25:

09:00       Transfer to Conference Venue
09:30 - 10:00   Registration
10:00 - 10:15   Welcome Address
10:15 - 11:00   Ludger Woessmann (Ifo Institute for Economic Research), Johannes Metzler (University of Munich)
  "The Impact of Teacher Subject Knowledge on Student Achievement: Evidence from Within-Teacher Within-Student Variation"
11:00 - 11:30   Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:15   Núria Rodríguez-Planas (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
  "Longer-Term Impacts of Mentoring, Educational Services, and Incentives to Learn: Evidence From a Randomized Trial in the United States"
12:15 - 13:00   Pedro S. Martins (Queen Mary, University of London)
  "Can Targeted, Non-Cognitive Skills Programs Improve Achievement? Evidence from EPIS"
13:00 - 14:30   Lunch at Restaurant Kleine Waldau
14:30 - 15:15   Christian Belzil (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris), Mathias Andre (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris), Francois Poinas (Toulouse School of Economics), Konstantinos Tatsiramos (IZA)
  "Separating the Effects of Risk Attitudes, Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills, Trust and Financial Aid in Schooling Decisions"
15:15       Coffee Break
15:16       Poster Session A:
        Miriam Gensowski (University of Chicago), James J. Heckman (University of Chicago and IZA), Peter Savelyev (University of Chicago)
  "The Effects of Education, Personality, and IQ on Earnings of High-Ability Men"
        Sebastian J. Goerg (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods), Sebastian Kube (University of Bonn and IZA)
  "Goals (th)at Work"
        Bart H.H. Golsteyn (Maastricht University), Lex Borghans (Maastricht University and IZA), James J. Heckman (University of Chicago and IZA), John Eric Humphries (University of Chicago)
  "IQ, Achievement and Personality"
        David B. Huffman (Swarthmore College), Michael Bognanno (Temple University and IZA)
  "Temporary High-Powered Incentives and Motivation: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment"
        Zahra Siddique (IZA), Melanie Khamis (IZA), Nishith Prakash (Cornell University and IZA)
  "Consumption and Social Identity: Evidence from India"
        Arne Uhlendorff (University of Mannheim), Marco Caliendo (IZA), Deborah Cobb-Clark (University of Melbourne and IZA)
  "Locus of Control and Job Search Strategies"
        Florian Zimmermann (University of Bonn), Armin Falk (University of Bonn and IZA)
  "Preferences for Consistency"
17:15 - 18:00   Janet Currie (Columbia University), Lucas Davis (University of California at Berkeley), Reed Walker (Columbia University)
  "Toxic Releases and Health at Birth: Evidence from Plant Closures"

Wednesday, January 26:

09:15       Transfer to Conference Venue
10:00 - 10:45   Solomon Polachek (Binghamton University, New York), Rewat Thamma-Apiroam (Kasetsart University, Thailand), Tirthatanmoy Das (Binghamton University, New York)
  "Do Economists and Psychologists Measure Ability In The Same Way? Comparing Individual-Specific Ability Measures Obtained From a Nonlinear Lifecycle Earnings Model to Psychology-Based Cognitive Test Scores"
10:45 - 11:15   Coffee Break
11:15 - 12:00   Anders Björklund (SOFI, Stockholm University), Jérôme Adda (European University Institute and IZA), Helena Holmlund (SOFI, Stockholm University)
  "The Role of Mothers and Fathers in Providing Skills: Evidence from Parental Deaths"
12:00 - 12:45   Matthias Wibral (University of Bonn), Thomas Dohmen (ROA, University of Maastricht and IZA), Bernd Weber (University of Bonn), Armin Falk (University of Bonn and IZA)
  "Testosterone administration decreases lying when lies threaten social status"
12:45 - 14:15   Lunch at Restaurant Kleine Waldau
14:15 - 15:00   Amanda Agan (University of Chicago)
  "Non-Cognitive Skills and Crime"
15:00       Coffee Break
15:00       Poster Session B:
        Johannes Abeler (University of Nottingham), Anke Becker (University of Bonn), Armin Falk (University of Bonn and IZA)
  "Preferences for Truth-telling"
        Thomas Buser (University of Amsterdam)
  "Handedness Predicts Social Preferences: Evidence Connecting the Lab to the Field"
        Didier Fouarge (ROA, Maastricht University), Ben Kriechel (ROA, Maastricht University and IZA), Thomas Dohmen (ROA, Maastricht University and IZA)
  "Occupational sorting of school leavers: The role of economic preferences"
        Heike Hennig-Schmidt (University of Bonn), Gari Walkowitz (University of Cologne)
  "Cognitive Skills in Ultimatum Bargaining: Reasoning about Others; Experimental Evidence from Verbal and Behavioral Data"
        Simon Jäger (Harvard University), Thomas Dohmen (ROA, Maastricht University and IZA), Armin Falk (University of Bonn and IZA), David Huffman (Swarthmore College and IZA), Uwe Sunde (University of St. Gallen and IZA)
  "The Effect of Cognitive Skills on Unemployment Duration"
        Fabian Kosse (University of Bonn), Armin Falk (University of Bonn and IZA)
  "Preference formation in early childhood"
        Friedhelm Pfeiffer (ZEW Mannheim), Dorothea Blomeyer (Central Institute for Mental Health, Mannheim), Manfred Laucht (Central Institute for Mental Health, Mannheim), Karsten Reuß (ZEW Mannheim)
  "Mother-child interaction in infancy, home environment and the development of early cognitive and noncognitive skills"
        Ulf Rinne (IZA), Amelie F. Constant (DIW DC, George Washington University and IZA), Annabelle Krause (IZA), Klaus F. Zimmermann (IZA, DIW Berlin and University of Bonn)
  "Economic Preferences and Attitudes of the Unemployed: Are Natives and Second Generation Migrants Alike?"
Keynote Lecture:
17:00 - 18:00   James J. Heckman (University of Chicago), Mathilde Almlund (University of Chicago), Angela Lee Duckworth (University of Pennsylvania), Tim Kautz (University of Chicago)
  "Personality Psychology and Economics"
19:00       Dinner at Restaurant Kleine Waldau

Thursday, January 27:

09:15       Transfer to Conference Venue
10:00 - 10:45   Luigi Guiso (European University Institute), Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota)
  "Understanding the Size and Profitability of Firms: The Role of a Biological Factor"
10:45 - 11:30   Camelia M. Kuhnen (Northwestern University), Brian Knutson (Stanford University), Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin (Stanford University)
  "Different Affective Learning Systems Contribute to the Accumulation of Assets and Debt"
11:30 - 12:00   Coffee Break
12:00 - 12:45   Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota), Jon Anderson (University of Minnesota Morris), Stephen Burks (University of Minnesota Morris), Colin DeYoung (University of Minnesota Twin Cities)
  "Personal Theory, Decision Theory, and Economic Behavior"
12:45       Lunch and Departure

List of Participants

Johannes Abeler (University of Nottingham)
Amanda Agan (University of Chicago)
Konstanze Albrecht (University of Bonn)
Mathilde Almlund (University of Chicago)
Steffen Altmann (IZA)
Silke Anger (DIW Berlin)
Markus Antony (University of Bonn)
Anke Becker (University of Bonn)
Manuel Becker (University of Bonn)
Christian Belzil (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)
Anders Bjoerklund (SOFI, Stockholm University)
Stephen Burks (University of Minnesota, Morris)
Thomas Buser (University of Amsterdam)
Marco Caliendo (IZA)
Janet Currie (Columbia University)
Thomas Deckers (University of Bonn)
Thomas Dohmen (ROA, Maastricht University)
Philipp Eisenhauer (ZEW Mannheim)
Armin Falk (University of Bonn)
Jan Feld (Maastricht University)
Francesco Ferrante (University of Cassino)
Didier Fouarge (ROA, Maastricht University)
Thomas Gall (University of Bonn)
Miriam Gensowski (University of Chicago)
Bart Golsteyn (Maastricht University)
Sebastian Goerg (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
Steven Groenez (Catholic University of Leuven)
Luigi Guiso (European University Institute)
James J. Heckman (University of Chicago)
Christoph Helbach (University Duisburg-Essen)
Heike Hennig-Schmidt (University of Bonn)
Oliver Himmler (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
David Huffman (Swarthmore College)
Simon Jaeger (Harvard University)
Nicolas Kaufung (IZA)
Tim Kautz (University of Chicago)
Melanie Khamis (IZA)
Felix Kölle (University of Cologne)
Fabian Kosse (University of Bonn)
Daniel Kraehmer (University of Bonn)
Sebastian Kube (University of Bonn)
Camelia Kuhnen (Northwestern University)
Katarina Kuss (University of Bonn)
Matthias Lang (University of Bonn)
Stefanie Lehmann (University of Bonn)
Christian Loersch (IZA)
Aniol Llorente-Saguer (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
Pedro Martins (Queen Mary, University of London)
Friedhelm Pfeiffer (ZEW Mannheim)
Pia Pinger (University of Mannheim)
Solomon Polachek (Binghamton University, New York)
Tommaso Reggiani (University of Bologna and IZA)
Ulf Rinne (IZA)
Nuria Rodriguez-Planas (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Aldo Rustichini (University of Minnesota)
Nicolas Salamanca (Maastricht University)
Sebastian Schäfer (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Hannah Schildberg-Hoerisch (University of Bonn)
Zahra Siddique (IZA)
Eva Sladek (IZA)
Olga Skriabikova (Maastricht University)
Mark Speich (CEO, Vodafone Foundation, Germany)
Nora Szech (University of Bonn)
Konstantinos Tatsiramos (IZA)
Franziska Tausch (Maastricht University)
Christian Traxler (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)
Arne Uhlendorff (University of Mannheim)
Bernd Weber (University of Bonn)
Matthias Wibral (University of Bonn)
Eva Wiren (European Commission)
Ludger Woessmann (Ifo Institute for Economic Research)
Yang Yumei (Renmin University of China)
Florian Zimmermann (University of Bonn)
Ulf Zoelitz (Maastricht University)
Maria Zumbühl (Maastricht University)