IZA - Conference Program


IZA Workshop: Analysis of Labor Market Adjustment in Transition and Emerging Economies Using Large Micro-Data Sets

Organizers: Hartmut Lehmann (University of Bologna), Zhong Zhao (IZA)
Location:IZA, Bonn
Date:November 21, 2008 - November 22, 2008

Event Manager:

Elke Henn (IZA)


Presenter 40 minutes +++ discussant 10 minutes +++ floor discussion 10 minutes

Keynote: Introduction 5 minutes +++ speaker 40 minutes +++ floor discussion 15 minutes

Thursday, November 20:

20:00                        Informal Dinner at Restaurant "Im Stiefel"

Friday, November 21:

09:00 - 09:10   Welcome by Hartmut Lehmann (University of Bologna and IZA)
09:10 - 11:10   Session 1: Employment and Unemployment
Chair: Xin Meng (Australian National University and IZA)
        Mariano Bosch (University of Alicante), William F. Maloney (World Bank and IZA)
  "Cyclical Movements in Unemployment and Informality in Developing Countries"
  Discussant: Hartmut Lehmann (University of Bologna)
        John S. Earle (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research), David Brown (Heriot-Watt University and IZA)
  "Understanding the Contributions of Reallocation to Productivity Growth: Lessons from a Comparative Firm-Level Analysis"
  Discussant: Alexander Muravyev (IZA)
11:10 - 11:30   Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:30   Keynote:
Introduction: Hartmut Lehmann (University of Bologna and IZA)

Jan Svejnar (University of Michigan and IZA)
"Unemployment and Worker-Firm Matching: Theory and Evidence from East and West Europe"
12:30 - 14:00   Lunch
14:00 - 16:00   Session 2: School-to-Work and Household Decision
Chair: John Giles (Michigan State University and IZA)
        Francesco Pastore (University of Naples II)
  "School-to-Work Transitions in Mongolia"
  Discussant: Anna Lukiyanova (Moscow Higher School of Economics)
        Zhong Zhao (IZA)
  "Bargaining Power and Intra-Household Time Allocation in Rural China"
  Discussant: Albert Park (University of Oxford)
16:00 - 16:20   Coffee Break
16:20 - 18:20   Session 3: Migration in China
Chair: Jan Svejnar (University of Michigan and IZA)
        John T. Giles (Michigan State University), Alan de Brauw (International Food Policy Research Institute)
  "Migrant Labor Markets and the Welfare of Rural Households in the Developing World: Evidence from China"
  Discussant: Anzelika Zaiceva (IZA and University of Bologna)
        Xin Meng (Australian National University and IZA)
Longitudinal Survey on Rural Urban Migration in China
19:30       Conference Dinner at "Zur Lese"

Saturday, November 22:

09:00 - 12:00   Session 4: Subjective Wellbeing
Chair: Zhong Zhao (IZA)
        Xin Meng (Australian National University), Paul Frijters (Queensland University of Technology), Amy Liu (Australian National University)
  "Are Optimistic Expectations Keeping the Chinese Happy?"
  Discussant: Alpaslan Akay (IZA)
        Riccardo Rovelli (University of Bologna), Anzelika Zaiceva (IZA and University of Bologna)
  "Transition Fatigue and Attitudes Towards Reforms: Cross-Country Micro Evidence"
  Discussant: Zahra Siddique (IZA)
        Claudia Senik (Paris School of Economics), Irena Grosfeld (Paris School of Economics)
  "The Emerging Aversion to Inequality. Evidence from Long Subjective Data"
  Discussant: Zhong Zhao (IZA)
12:00 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 15:30   Session 5: Inequality and Health in CIS Countries
Chair: John S. Earle (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and IZA)
        Yuriy Gorodnichenko (University of California, Berkeley), Klara Sabirianova Peter (Georgia State University and IZA), Dmitriy Stolyarov (University of Michigan)
  "A Bumpy Ride along the Kuznets Curve: Consumption and Income Inequality Dynamics in Russia"
  Discussant: Alexander Muravyev (IZA)
        Jonathan Wadsworth (Royal Holloway - University of London), Hartmut Lehmann (University of Bologna and IZA)
  "The Impact of Chernobyl on Health and Labour Market Performance in the Ukraine"
  Discussant: Martin Kahanec (IZA)
15:30 - 15:50   Coffee Break
15:50 - 17:50   Session 6: Education in China
Chair: Riccardo Rovelli (University of Bologna and IZA)
        Hongbin Li (Tsinghua University), Junsen Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong and IZA)
  "Why Does Not Education Pay in China?"
  Discussant: Margaret Maurer-Fazio (Bates College)
        Albert Park (University of Oxford), Xuejun Liu (Beijing Normal University), Yaohui Zhao (Peking University)
  "Explaining Rising Returns to Education in Urban China in the 1990s"
  Discussant: John T. Giles (Michigan State University)
19:30       Conference Dinner at Restaurant "Schänzchen"