Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Policy Fellow

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Ward-Warmedinger Melanie Ward is a Principal Economist in the EU Countries Division of the European Central Bank. Her current research interests include labour market regulation, nominal and real wage rigidity in EU countries and part-time and service sector employment patterns. She gained her first degree with honours from St. Andrews University, Scotland, in 1993. She studied for her MSc and PhD under the Scottish Doctoral Program in Economics and in December 1998 received her doctoral degree entitled "Gender differences in Academe".

Melanie joined IZA in January 1999 as a research associate working on papers related to gender discrimination and economic psychology. She joined the European Central Bank as an Economist in November 2001 and has since then remained affiliated with IZA as a Research Fellow, and since February 2014 as a Policy Fellow.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
7814  Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Corrado Macchiarelli
Transitions in Labour Market Status in the EU
4631  Dimitris Georgarakos
Adriana Lojschova
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Mortgage Indebtedness and Household Financial Distress
3867  Philip Du Caju
Erwan Gautier
Daphne Momferatou
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Institutional Features of Wage Bargaining in 23 European Countries, the US and Japan
2487  William T. Dickens
Lorenz Götte
Erica L. Groshen
Steinar Holden
Julián Messina
Mark E. Schweitzer
Jarkko Turunen
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
How Wages Change: Micro Evidence from the International Wage Flexibility Project
(published in: Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2007, 21 (2), 195-214)
2257  Antonello D'Agostino
Roberta Serafini
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Sectoral Explanations of Employment in Europe: The Role of Services
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Hielke Buddelmeyer
Gilles Mourre
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Part-Time Work in EU Countries: Labour Market Mobility, Entry and Exit
1415  Hielke Buddelmeyer
Gilles Mourre
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Recent Developments in Part-Time Work in EU-15 Countries: Trends and Policy
1361  Hielke Buddelmeyer
Gilles Mourre
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
The Determinants of Part-Time Work in EU Countries: Empirical Investigations with Macro-Panel Data
540  Gil S. Epstein
Astrid Kunze
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
High Skilled Migration and the Exertion of Effort by the Local Population
(published in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2009, 56 (3), 332–352)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Rannia Leontaridi
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Work-Related Stress, Quitting Intentions and Absenteeism
435  Gil S. Epstein
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Perceived Income, Promotion and Incentive Effects
(published in: International Journal of Manpower, 2006, 27 (2), 104-125)
178  Rob Euwals
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
The Remuneration of British Academics
(published in: Applied Economics, 2005, 37 (14), 1655-1672)
151  Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Gender, Salary and Promotion in the Academic Profession
(published in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2001, 48 (3), 283-302)
118  Michael A. Shields
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Improving Nurse Retention in the British National Health Service: The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Intentions to Quit
(published in: Journal of Health Economics, 2001, 20(5), 677-801)
64  Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Salary and the Gender Salary Gap in the Academic Profession
(published as 'The gender salary gap in British academia' in: Applied Economics, 2001, 33 (3),1669-1681)
63  Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Your Everyday, Average Academic
38  Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Peter J. Sloane
Job Satisfaction within the Scottish Academic Profession
(published in: Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2000, 47 (3), 273-303)
IZA Research Reports:
Rainer Winkelmann
Astrid Kunze
Lilo Locher
Melanie E. Ward-Warmedinger
Report No. 4: Die Nachfrage nach internationalen hochqualifizierten Beschäftigten
Gutachten im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung, Bonn 2001 (126 Seiten)