Report on the 2nd IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics, 1999

The students presented their research either through giving a talk or hosting a poster session. The committee selected 8 papers to be presented in formal presentations. Each paper was chaired by one student and discussed by two others. Those presenting were ensured of a lot of questions and comments on their work, both from their assigned discussants and from an open question session at the end of each presentation. The subjects of the talks given this year covered a wide range of labor market issues. A detailed description of all the papers presented would be too much of an information overload for this report. We therefore would like to simply refer you to the respective author of any paper that you might be interested in. The titles of the presentations and poster sessions can be found in Section 5. A full list of the participants of the summer school, together with their address, is given in Section 6. Those Ph.D. students not giving a formal presentation were asked to either chair or discuss a paper in addition to presenting their own work in a poster session. These sessions prompted a great deal of creativity from the students through this perhaps less traditional display of their work. The sessions proved highly successful however, generating a very lively and productive atmosphere, with each student explaining their work and individual groups of students and senior researchers discussing.