Report on the 2nd IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics, 1999


In 1999, the second IZA European Summer School in Labor Economics took place from May 10th 15th at the conference center of the German Post Office (Deutsche Post) in Buch at the lake of Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany. The objective of this annual summer school is to bring together a larger number of Ph.D. students and senior researchers to study new areas in labor economics. Ph.D. students are given the opportunity to present their papers and to discuss their own research ideas with established researchers in a relaxed and open atmosphere. They attend lectures given by some of the most successful researchers in the field of labor economics and gain experience in chairing sessions and discussing papers.


The two lecture series of the 2nd IZA summer school were held by Costas Meghir (University College and FIS, London) and Dennis Snower (Birbeck College, London). A short description of these lectures is given in Section 2 of this report. Once again, the participants of the 2nd IZA Summer School came from a wide range of European countries, creating a very colorful and productive international environment. The students themselves were selected by a committee out of more than 120 applicants. Each student presented their work during the course of the week, either through giving a presentation or through explaining their work in a poster session. These presentations and posters framed the setting for many a lively discussion.
The structure of this report of the 2nd IZA Summer School in Labor Economics is as follows: More information about the student presentations and poster sessions is given in Section 3. Section 4 describes the summer school excursion to the Castle Neuschwanstein. Section 5 presents the full program of the summer school, including the list of titles and authors of the work presented. Section 6 lists the participants.