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The IZA Policy Paper Series serves as a complement to the IZA Discussion Paper Series and offers a forum for policy oriented studies authored by IZA staff members, Research Fellows and Affiliates.
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Additional policy-oriented studies in German language are available in the parallel IZA Standpunkte series.

No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
139 Günther Schmid Inclusive Growth: The Case of Germany
(shorter version forthcoming in a special issue of: International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations)
June 2018 Abstract
138 John P. Martin Skills for the 21st Century: Findings and Policy Lessons from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills January 2018 Abstract
137 Sholeh A. Maani Policy Experimentation and Impact Evaluation: The Case of a Student Voucher System in New Zealand December 2017 Abstract
136 Michael A. Clemens, Hannah M. Postel Deterring Emigration with Foreign Aid: An Overview of Evidence from Low-Income Countries
(forthcoming in: Population and Development Review, 2018)
December 2017 Abstract
135 Floro Ernesto Caroleo, Francesco Pastore Investing in Human Capital to Boost Growth! November 2017 Abstract
134 Werner Eichhorst, Ulf Rinne Digital Challenges for the Welfare State
(published in: CESifo Forum, 2017, 18 (4), 3-8 [Details & Download])
November 2017 Abstract
133 Felix FitzRoy, Jim Jin Basic Income and a Public Job Offer: Complementary Policies to Reduce Poverty and Unemployment September 2017 Abstract
132 Corrado Andini Tertiary Education for All and Wage Inequality: Policy Insights from Quantile Regression September 2017 Abstract
131 Olivier Blanchard, Pedro Portugal Boom, Slump, Sudden Stops, Recovery, and Policy Options: Portugal and the Euro August 2017 Abstract
130 Robert Holzmann The ABCs of Nonfinancial Defined Contribution (NDC) Schemes
(published in: International Social Security Review, 2017, Vol. 70, No.3.)
August 2017 Abstract
129 Georg Fischer The US Unemployment Insurance, a Federal-State Partnership: Relevance for Reflections at the European Level May 2017 Abstract
128 Werner Eichhorst, Ulf Rinne The European Youth Guarantee: A Preliminary Assessment and Broader Conceptual Implications
(published in: CESifo Forum, 2017, 18 (2), 34-38 [Details & Download])
May 2017 Abstract
127 Francesco Pastore Getting It Right: Youth Employment Policy within the EU
(published in: CESifo Forum, 2017, 18 (2), 26–33.)
May 2017 Abstract
126 Jo Ritzen, Martin Kahanec A Sustainable Immigration Policy for the EU March 2017 Abstract
125 Jo Ritzen, Martin Kahanec, Jasmina Haas EU Mobility February 2017 Abstract
124 Alfonso Arpaia, Pedro Cardoso, Aron Kiss, Kristine Van Herck, Anneleen Vandeplas Statutory Minimum Wages in the EU: Institutional Settings and Macroeconomic Implications February 2017 Abstract
123 John P. Martin Policies to Expand Digital Skills for the Machine Age January 2017 Abstract
122 Werner Eichhorst Labor Market Institutions and the Future of Work: Good Jobs for All?
(also available in Spanish: http://repositorio.cepal.org/bitstream/handle/11362/42539/1/S1700870_es.pdf )
January 2017 Abstract
121 Jo Ritzen, Jasmina Haas, Annemarie Neeleman, Pedro N. Teixeira European Identity and the Learning Union December 2016 Abstract
120 Jo Ritzen, Jasmina Haas A Sustainable Euro Area with Exit Options December 2016 Abstract
119 Werner Eichhorst, Ulf Rinne Promoting Youth Employment in Europe: Evidence-based Policy Lessons
(published in: Miguel Angel Malo and Almudena Moreno Minguez (eds.): Youth Labour Markets. Problems and Policies. Cham: Springer, 2018, 189-204 [Info & Abstract])
December 2016 Abstract
118 Sajeda Amin, Niaz Asadullah, Sara Hossain, Zaki Wahhaj Can Conditional Transfers Eradicate Child Marriage?
(published in: Economic and Political Weekly, 2017, 52(6))
October 2016 Abstract
117 Werner Eichhorst, Holger Hinte, Ulf Rinne, Verena Tobsch How Big is the Gig? Assessing the Preliminary Evidence on the Effects of Digitalization on the Labor Market
(published in: Management Revue, 2017, 28 (3), 298-318 [Details & Download])
October 2016 Abstract
116 Günther Schmid Flexible and Secure Labour Market Transitions: Towards Institutional Capacity Building in the Digital Economy October 2016 Abstract
115 Giacomo Corneo Inequality, Public Wealth, and the Federal Shareholder October 2016 Abstract
114 John P. Martin Whither Activation Policies? Reflections for the Future October 2016 Abstract
113 Barry R. Chiswick "Tongue Tide": The Economics of Language Offers Important Lessons for How Europe Can Best Integrate Migrants
(forthcoming in: Finance and Development)
July 2016 Abstract
112 Jo Ritzen, Jasmina Haas In Europe We Trust? July 2016 Abstract
111 Robert Holzmann Do Bilateral Social Security Agreements Deliver on the Portability of Pensions and Health Care Benefits? A Summary Policy Paper on Four Migration Corridors Between EU and Non-EU Member States
(published in: IZA Journal of European Labor Studies , 2017, 5(17): 1-35.)
April 2016 Abstract
110 Adrian Ziderman Funding Mechanisms for Financing Vocational Training: An Analytical Framework April 2016 Abstract
109 Bernt Bratsberg, Knut Røed The Nordic Welfare Model in an Open European Labor Market
(forthcoming in: Nordic Economic Policy Review)
November 2015 Abstract
108 Barry R. Chiswick Managing Immigration in the 21st Century
(forthcoming in: Borjas/Chiswick, Foundations of Migration Economics (edited by Constant/Zimmermann), IZA Prize Book Series, OUP)
November 2015 Abstract
107 Jo Ritzen European Universities during the Crisis: A Public Policy Perspective, with a Brief Excursion to the US September 2015 Abstract
106 Alfonso Arpaia, Aron Kiss, Balazs Palvolgyi, Alessandro Turrini Labour Mobility and Labour Market Adjustment in the EU August 2015 Abstract
105 António Dias da Silva, Alessandro Turrini Precarious and Less Well Paid? Wage Differences between Permanent and Fixed-term Contracts across the EU August 2015 Abstract
104 Flavia Coda Moscarola, Elsa Fornero, Steinar Strom Absenteeism, Pension Reforms and Grandmothers August 2015 Abstract
103 Niall O'Higgins Youth Unemployment
(published in: Andy Furlong (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood, 2nd Edn, 2017)
June 2015 Abstract
102 Werner Eichhorst Do We Have to Be Afraid of the Future World of Work? June 2015 Abstract
101 Mthuli Ncube, Zuzana Brixiova Public Debt Sustainability in Africa: Building Resilience and Challenges Ahead
(published in: Development Policy Review, 2015, 33 (5), 555 - 580)
May 2015 Abstract
100 Klaus F. Zimmermann The Big Trade-Off in the World of Labor May 2015 Abstract
99 Werner Eichhorst Low Pay as an Alternative to Public Direct Job Creation? Lessons from the German Case
(published in: Korea Employment Information Service (ed.), Active Labour Market Policies in OECD Countries. 2014)
March 2015 Abstract
98 Francesco D'Amuri, Cristina Giorgiantonio The Institutional and Economic Limits to Bargaining Decentralization in Italy February 2015 Abstract
97 Andrea Brandolini, Francesca Carta, Francesco D'Amuri A Feasible Unemployment-Based Shock Absorber for the Euro Area
(forthcoming in: the Journal of Common Market Studies)
February 2015 Abstract
96 Robert Holzmann Old-Age Financial Protection in Malaysia: Challenges and Options January 2015 Abstract
95 Günther Schmid Youth Unemployment in India: From a European and Transitional Labour Market Point of View January 2015 Abstract
94 Adriana Camacho, Wendy Cunningham, Jamele Rigolini, Veronica Silva Addressing Access and Behavioral Constraints through Social Intermediation Services: A Review of Chile Solidario and Red Unidos December 2014 Abstract
93 Núria Rodríguez-Planas, Natalia Nollenberger Labor Market Integration of New Immigrants in Spain
(forthcoming in: IZA Journal of Labor Policy)
November 2014 Abstract
92 Werner Eichhorst, Florian Wozny A Joint Unemployment Insurance for the European Economic and Monetary Union? October 2014 Abstract
91 Alfonso Arpaia, Aron Kiss, Alessandro Turrini Is Unemployment Structural or Cyclical? Main Features of Job Matching in the EU after the Crisis September 2014 Abstract
90 Klaus F. Zimmermann Evidence-Based Scientific Policy Advice
(published as 'Evidenzbasierte wissenschaftliche Politikberatung' in: Journal of Applied Social Science Studies, 2014, 134, 259-270 )
September 2014 Abstract
89 Andreas Peichl, Nico Pestel Earnings Inequality
(published in: International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, 2015, Vol. 6, 765-772)
July 2014 Abstract
88 Alessandro Turrini, Gabor Koltay, Fabiana Pierini, Clarisse Goffard, Aron Kiss A Decade of Labour Market Reforms in the EU: Insights from the LABREF Database July 2014 Abstract
87 Holger Hinte, Klaus F. Zimmermann Does the Calculation Hold? The Fiscal Balance of Migration to Denmark and Germany July 2014 Abstract
86 Richard V. Burkhauser Why Minimum Wage Increases Are a Poor Way to Help the Working Poor June 2014 Abstract
85 Philippe Askenazy The Parameters of a National Minimum Hourly Wage June 2014 Abstract
84 John P. Martin Activation and Active Labour Market Policies in OECD Countries: Stylized Facts and Evidence on their Effectiveness June 2014 Abstract
83 Alexander Spermann Using Online Platforms for Competence Tests: A Component of the Demographic Policy of Germany
(published as "Ist die OECD-Kompetenzrevolution in Deutschland angekommen?" in: Das Demographie Netzwerk (ed.), Lust am Lernen – ein Leben lang, 2014, 8-18)
May 2014 Abstract
82 Günther Schmid Inclusive Growth: What Future for the European Social Model? May 2014 Abstract
81 Yu-Fu Chen, Holger Görg, Dennis Görlich, Hassan Molana, Catia Montagna, Yama Temouri Globalisation and the Future of the Welfare State April 2014 Abstract
80 Werner Eichhorst, Franziska Neder Youth Unemployment in Mediterranean Countries
(published in: IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2014, 265-271)
March 2014 Abstract
79 Bruno Contini, Elisa Grand Estimating Workforce Disposal in the Italian Labour Market March 2014 Abstract
78 Tony Irawan, Paul J. J. Welfens Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Sectoral and Macroeconomic Perspectives for Germany, the EU and the US
(published in: International Economics and Economic Policy, 2014, 11(3), 293-328)
January 2014 Abstract
77 Anne C. Gielen, Trudie Schils Non-Standard Employment Patterns in the Netherlands January 2014 Abstract
76 Mehnaz Aziz, David E. Bloom, Salal Humair, Emmanuel Jimenez, Larry Rosenberg, Zeba Sathar Education System Reform in Pakistan: Why, When, and How? January 2014 Abstract
75 Klaus F. Zimmermann Labor Market Reforms and the Great Recession December 2013 Abstract
74 Michael Cox, Andreas Peichl, Nico Pestel, Sebastian Siegloch Labor Demand Effects of Rising Electricity Prices: Evidence for Germany
(published in: Energy Policy, 2014, 75, 266-277)
December 2013 Abstract
73 Jo Ritzen, Klaus F. Zimmermann A Vibrant European Labor Market with Full Employment
(published in: IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, 2014, 3:10, [Open Access])
December 2013 Abstract
72 Costanza Biavaschi, Klaus F. Zimmermann Costs and Benefits of Labour Mobility between the EU and the Eastern Partnership Countries: Country Study on Germany October 2013 Abstract
71 Annette Angermann, Werner Eichhorst Who Cares for You at Home? Personal and Household Services in Europe October 2013 Abstract
70 Alexander Spermann How Does Temporary Agency Work Impact German Agency Workers?
(published as "Wandel und Stabilität in der Arbeitswelt – Das Beispiel der Zeitarbeit" in: Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, 2014, 68, 88-101)
October 2013 Abstract
69 Klaus F. Zimmermann The Mobility Challenge for Growth and Integration in Europe
(substantially revised version published in: European Debates No. 4, May 2014. See also the introduction by the Editor. [Open Access] / an updated and extended version published as ‘Migration, jobs and integration in Europe’ in: Migration Policy Practice, 2014, 6(4), 4-16)
September 2013 Abstract
68 Stephen C. Smith, Jonathan Rothbaum Cooperatives in a Global Economy: Key Economic Issues, Recent Trends, and Potential for Development
(published in: Co-operatives in a Post-Growth Era: Creating Co-operative Economics, Sonja Novkovic and Tom Webb, eds., pages 221-241, 2014, Zed Books (Distributed by University of Chicago Press))
September 2013 Abstract
67 Alexander Spermann Sector Surcharges for Temporary Agency Workers in Germany: A Way Out of the Low-Wage Sector?
(published in German as "Branchenzuschläge in der Zeitarbeit – ein Weg aus dem Niedriglohnsektor?" in: Bouncken, Ricarda B. u. Manfred Bornewasser u. Lutz Bellmann (Hg.), Neue Herausforderungen in der Zeitarbeit, Beiträge zur Flexibilisierung, 2013, Band 5, 105-135)
August 2013 Abstract
66 Bart Cockx Youth Unemployment in Belgium: Diagnosis and Key Remedies
(published in: Intereconomics, 2013, 48 (4), 202-209)
July 2013 Abstract
65 Werner Eichhorst, Holger Hinte, Ulf Rinne Youth Unemployment in Europe: What to Do about It?
(published in: Intereconomics, 2013, 48 (4), 230-235 [Details & Download])
July 2013 Abstract
64 Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo, Klaus F. Zimmermann The Employment of the Low-Skilled Youth in France
(official translation of a report delivered to the French Council of Economic Analysis and the French Prime Minister)
June 2013 Abstract
63 Günther Schmid Youth Unemployment in Korea: From a German and Transitional Labour Market Point of View
(published in Korean: The HRD Review, 2013, 7 (7), 126-151)
May 2013 Abstract
62 Olivier Deschenes Green Jobs May 2013 Abstract
61 Robert I. Lerman Skill Development in Middle Level Occupations: The Role of Apprenticeship Training May 2013 Abstract
60 Raul Eamets Labour Market and Labour Market Policies During the Great Recession: The Case of Estonia
(published in: IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, 2013, 2:4, [Open Access])
May 2013 Abstract
59 David E. Bloom, Roddy McKinnon The Design and Implementation of Public Pension Systems in Developing Countries: Issues and Options May 2013 Abstract
58 Till Bärnighausen, David E. Bloom, Salal Humair Global Health Governance and Tropical Diseases May 2013 Abstract
57 David E. Bloom, Günther Fink The Economic Case for Devoting Public Resources to Health May 2013 Abstract
56 Peter B. Edelman, Harry J. Holzer Connecting the Disconnected: Improving Education and Employment Outcomes Among Disadvantaged Youth April 2013 Abstract
55 Jarko Fidrmuc, Caroline Klein, Robert Price, Andreas Wörgötter Slovakia: A Catching Up Euro Area Member In and Out of the Crisis March 2013 Abstract
54 Larisa Smirnykh, Andreas Wörgötter Why Do Russian Firms Use Fixed-Term and Agency Work Contracts? January 2013 Abstract
53 Núria Rodríguez-Planas Wage and Occupational Assimilation by Skill Level: Migration Policy Lessons from Spain
(published in: IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, 2012, 1:8, [Open Access])
December 2012 Abstract
52 Simon Commander A Guide to the Political Economy of Reforming Energy Subsidies
(forthcoming in: Economics of Transition)
December 2012 Abstract
51 Cécile Hoareau, Jo Ritzen, Gabriele Marconi The State of University Policy for Progress in Europe December 2012 Abstract
50 Herwig Immervoll Reforming the Benefit System to 'Make Work Pay': Options and Priorities in a Weak Labour Market November 2012 Abstract
49 Marco Stampini, Leopoldo Tornarolli The Growth of Conditional Cash Transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean: Did They Go Too Far? November 2012 Abstract
48 Christoph Kahlenberg, Alexander Spermann How Could Germany Escape the Demographic Trap?
(updated short version published as "Die Demografiestrategie der Bundesregierung – ein Weg zu mehr Wohlstand?" in: Wirtschaftsdienst, 2013, 93, 165-169)
November 2012 Abstract
47 Alessandro Turrini Fiscal Consolidation in Reformed and Unreformed Labour Markets: A Look at EU Countries October 2012 Abstract
46 Robert I. Lerman Can the United States Expand Apprenticeship? Lessons from Experience September 2012 Abstract
45 Francisco H.G. Ferreira, Maria Ana Lugo Multidimensional Poverty Analysis: Looking for a Middle Ground
(published in: World Bank Research Observer, 2013, 28 (2), 220-235)
July 2012 Abstract
44 Jo Ritzen Can the University Save Europe? July 2012 Abstract
43 Klara Stovicek, Alessandro Turrini Benchmarking Unemployment Benefits in the EU June 2012 Abstract
42 Harry J. Holzer Raising Job Quality and Worker Skills in the US: Creating More Effective Education and Workforce Development Systems in States May 2012 Abstract
41 Knut Røed Active Unemployment Insurance
(published in: IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2012, 1:8, [Open Access])
May 2012 Abstract
40 Hartmut Lehmann The Polish Growth Miracle: Outcome of Persistent Reform Efforts April 2012 Abstract
39 Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl European Fiscal Union: What Is It? Does It Work? And Are There Really 'No Alternatives'?
(published in: CESifo Forum, 2012, 13 (1), 3-9)
March 2012 Abstract
38 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Thomas Pogge Ethical and Economic Perspectives on Global Health Interventions
(in: 2014, G.W. Brown, G. Yamey, S. Wamala (eds.):.Handbook of Global Health Policy, Wiley-Blackwell, 2014)
March 2012 Abstract
37 Corrado Andini, Ricardo Cabral Further Austerity and Wage Cuts Will Worsen the Euro Crisis February 2012 Abstract
36 Martin Kahanec, Lucia Mýtna Kureková European Union Expansion and Migration
(published in: Immanuel Ness (ed.), Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013)
December 2011 Abstract
35 Amelie F. Constant, Steffen Otterbach Work Hours Constraints: Impacts and Policy Implications December 2011 Abstract
34 Pablo A. Acosta, Phillippe Leite, Jamele Rigolini Should Cash Transfers Be Confined to the Poor? Implications for Poverty and Inequality in Latin America November 2011 Abstract
33 Mathias Dolls, Andreas Peichl, Klaus F. Zimmermann A Challenge for the G20: Globally Stipulated Debt Brakes and Transnational Independent Fiscal Supervisory Councils
(published in: Intereconomics, 2012, 47 (1), 31-38)
October 2011 Abstract
32 Herwig Immervoll, Ana Llena-Nozal Social Policies for a Recovery October 2011 Abstract
31 Nikos Askitas, Klaus F. Zimmermann The Toll Index: Innovation-based Economic Telemetry October 2011 Abstract
30 Amelie F. Constant, Bienvenue N. Tien Surviving the Turbulence Is Not Enough: Can Côte d'Ivoire Flourish Again? September 2011 Abstract
29 Colm P. Harmon Economic Returns to Education: What We Know, What We Don't Know, and Where We Are Going – Some Brief Pointers
(based on the introduction to a special issue of: Economics of Education Review, 2011, 30 (6), 1118-1122)
August 2011 Abstract
28 Barry R. Chiswick Immigration: High Skilled vs. Low Skilled Labor?
(published in: Productivity Commission 2011, A 'Sustainable' Population? - Key Policy Issues, Roundtable Proceedings, Productivity Commission, Canberra, 27-40)
July 2011 Abstract
27 John P. Martin, Stefano Scarpetta Setting It Right: Employment Protection, Labour Reallocation and Productivity
(published in: De Economist, 2012, 16 (2), 89-116)
May 2011 Abstract
26 Ekkehart Schlicht Wage Setting in Modern Labor Markets: Neither Fair Nor Efficient April 2011 Abstract
25 Garnett Picot, Arthur Sweetman Canadian Immigration Policy and Immigrant Economic Outcomes: Why the Differences in Outcomes between Sweden and Canada?
(published as 'Skillnaden i sysselsättningsgapet mellan Kanada och Sverige' in: Hojem, Petter; Ådahl, Martin (eds.), Kanadamodellen. Där invandring leder till jobb, FORES,Stockholm, 2011, 67-111)
March 2011 Abstract
24 Yves Zenou Housing Policies in China: Issues and Options February 2011 Abstract
23 Joachim Wagner Productivity and International Firm Activities: What Do We Know?
(published in: Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2011 (2), 137-161)
January 2011 Abstract
22 Harry J. Holzer Immigration Policy and Less-Skilled Workers in the United States: Reflections on Future Directions for Reform January 2011 Abstract
21 Martin Kahanec, Klaus F. Zimmermann A Policy Agenda for Diversity and Minority Integration
(published in: M. Kahanec and K. F. Zimmermann (eds.), Ethnic Diversity in European Labor Markets. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011, 307 - 311)
December 2010 Abstract
20 Robert Holzmann, Yann Pouget Towards an Objective-Driven System of Smart Labor Migration Management
(published in: World Bank - Economic Premise, 2010, 42, 1-5)
November 2010 Abstract
19 Amelie F. Constant, Bienvenue N. Tien, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Jingzhou Meng China's Overt Economic Rise and Latent Human Capital Investment: Achieving Milestones and Competing for the Top
(substantially revised version published as 'China's Latent Human Capital Investment: achieving milestones and competing for the top' in: Journal of Contemporary China, 2013, 22 (79), 109-130. [Open Access])
September 2010 Abstract
18 Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest, Andreas Peichl Social Protection as an Automatic Stabilizer
(revised version published as 'Automatic stabilization and discretionary fiscal policy in the financial crisis' in: IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2012, 1:4)
September 2010 Abstract
17 James J. Heckman, Seong Hyeok Moon, Rodrigo Pinto, Peter Savelyev, Adam Yavitz A New Cost-Benefit and Rate of Return Analysis for the Perry Preschool Program: A Summary
(published in: Arthur Reynolds, Arthur Rolnick, Michelle Englund, and Judy A. Temple (eds.), Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life: A Human Capital Integration . New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010, 366 - 380)
July 2010 Abstract
16 Randolph Luca Bruno Labor Market and Globalization: A Comparison of the Latin American and the East Asian Experiences in the 1980s and 1990s April 2010 Abstract
15 Hilmar Schneider, Klaus F. Zimmermann Agenda 2020: Strategies to Achieve Full Employment in Germany March 2010 Abstract
14 Hartmut Lehmann Macedonia’s Accession to the EU and the Labor Market: What Can Be Learned from the New Member States? February 2010 Abstract
13 Eswar Prasad, Grace Gu An Awkward Dance: China and the United States November 2009 Abstract
12 Barry R. Chiswick Top Ten Myths and Fallacies Regarding Immigration
(published in: Writing Immigration: Scholars and Journalists in Dialogue, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011, pp.136-148.)
July 2009 Abstract
11 Holger Bonin 15 Years of Pension Reform in Germany: Old Successes and New Threats
(published in: The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 2009, 34, 548-560)
July 2009 Abstract
10 Dorothea Schäfer, Klaus F. Zimmermann Bad Bank(s) and Recapitalization of the Banking Sector
(published in: Intereconomics, 2009, 44 (4), 215-225)
June 2009 Abstract
9 Bart Cockx, Bruno Van der Linden Flexicurity in Belgium: A Proposal Based on Economic Principles
(published in: International Labour Review, 2010, 149 (3), 361-372)
May 2009 Abstract
8 Caroline Dieckhoener, Andreas Peichl Importing a Successful System? Simulating Different Regimes of Financing Social Security for Germany May 2009 Abstract
7 Holger Zemanek, Ansgar H. Belke, Gunther Schnabl Current Account Imbalances and Structural Adjustment in the Euro Area: How to Rebalance Competitiveness
(published in: International Economics and Economic Policy, 2010, 7, 83–127)
April 2009 Abstract
6 Milan Vodopivec Introducing Unemployment Insurance to Developing Countries
(published in: IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2013, 2:1, [Open Access])
April 2009 Abstract
5 Olmo Silva Some Remarks on the Effectiveness of Primary Education Interventions April 2009 Abstract
4 Alessandro Cigno How to Avoid a Pension Crisis: A Question of Intelligent System Design
(published in: CESifo Economic Studies, 2010, 56, 21-37)
April 2009 Abstract
3 Herwig Immervoll, Mark Pearson A Good Time for Making Work Pay? Taking Stock of In-Work Benefits and Related Measures across the OECD
(also available as OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper)
April 2009 Abstract
2 Paul J. J. Welfens The Transatlantic Banking Crisis: Lessons and EU Reforms
(published as 'The Transatlantic Banking Crisis: Lessons, EU Reforms and G20 Issues' in: Paul J.J. Welfens and Cillian Ryan (eds.), Financial Market Integration and Growth: Structural Change and Economic Dynamics in the European Union, Springer, Heidelberg et al., 2011, 49 - 126)
April 2009 Abstract
1 Klaus F. Zimmermann, Michael C. Burda, Kai A. Konrad, Friedrich Schneider, Hilmar Schneider, Jürgen von Hagen, Gert G. Wagner The Petersberg Declaration April 2009 Abstract