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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10741 Leslie S. Stratton, Nabanita Datta Gupta, David Reimer, Anders Holm Modeling Enrollment in and Completion of Vocational Education: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills by Program Type April 2017 Abstract
10740 Cristina Borra, Martin J. Browning, Almudena Sevilla Marriage and Housework April 2017 Abstract
10739 Charles Courtemanche, Rusty Tchernis, Xilin Zhou Parental Work Hours and Childhood Obesity: Evidence Using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility April 2017 Abstract
10738 Stijn Baert Hiring Discrimination: An Overview of (Almost) All Correspondence Experiments Since 2005
(forthcoming in: the handbook 'Audit Studies Behind the Scenes with Theory, Method, and Nuance')
April 2017 Abstract
10737 Alex Bryson, Michael White HRM and Small-Firm Employee Motivation: Before and after the Recession April 2017 Abstract
10736 Jeffrey P. Carpenter The Sequencing of Gift Exchange: A Field Trial
(forthcoming in: the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization)
April 2017 Abstract
10735 Benedicte Carlsen, Karine Nyborg Healer or Gatekeeper? Physicians' Role Conflict When Symptoms Are Non-Verifiable April 2017 Abstract
10734 Thomas de Graaff, Daniel Arribas-Bel, Ceren Ozgen Demographic Aging and Employment Dynamics in German Regions: Modeling Regional Heterogeneity April 2017 Abstract
10733 Marco Bertoni, Giorgio Brunello Does Delayed Retirement Affect Youth Employment? Evidence from Italian Local Labour Markets April 2017 Abstract
10732 Piotr Lewandowski, Roma Keister, Wojciech Hardy, Szymon Górka Routine and Ageing? The Intergenerational Divide in the Deroutinisation of Jobs in Europe April 2017 Abstract
10731 Xi Chen, Karen Eggleston, Ang Sun The Impact of Social Pensions on Intergenerational Relationships: Comparative Evidence from China
(forthcoming in: the Journal of the Economics of Ageing)
April 2017 Abstract
10730 Gerard J. van den Berg, Arne Uhlendorff, Joachim Wolff Under Heavy Pressure: Intense Monitoring and Accumulation of Sanctions for Young Welfare Recipients in Germany April 2017 Abstract
10729 Juan J. Dolado, Cecilia García-Peñalosa, Linas Tarasonis The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession April 2017 Abstract
10728 Bruno Contini, Roberto Quaranta Explaining Non-Employment Magnitude and Duration: The Case of Italy April 2017 Abstract
10727 Aedin Doris, Donal O'Neill, Olive Sweetman Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50% Cut in Unemployment Assistance April 2017 Abstract
10726 Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs, Sébastien Roux Differences in Positions along a Hierarchy: Counterfactuals Based on an Assignment Model April 2017 Abstract
10725 Anders Frederiksen, Lisa B. Kahn, Fabian Lange Supervisors and Performance Management Systems April 2017 Abstract
10724 Nicholas Bloom, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Megha Patnaik, Itay Saporta-Eksten, John Van Reenen What Drives Differences in Management? April 2017 Abstract
10723 Archontis L. Pantsios, Solomon Polachek How Asymmetrically Increasing Joint Strike Costs Need Not Lead to Fewer Strikes April 2017 Abstract
10722 Marion Collewet, Jan Sauermann Working Hours and Productivity April 2017 Abstract
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