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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
8754 Amelie F. Constant, Teresa García-Muñoz, Shoshana Neuman, Tzahi Neuman Micro and Macro Determinants of Health: Older Immigrants in Europe December 2014 Abstract
8753 Francisca M. Antman, Brian Duncan Incentives to Identify: Racial Identity in the Age of Affirmative Action
(shorter version published in: Review of Economics and Statistics, 2015, 97(3), 710-13)
December 2014 Abstract
8752 Stijn Baert, Frank Heiland, Sanders Korenman Native-Immigrant Gaps in Educational and School-to-Work Transitions in the Second Generation: The Role of Gender and Ethnicity
(revised version published in: De Economist [Online Access] [journal version])
December 2014 Abstract
8751 Abebe Shimeles Growth and Poverty in Africa: Shifting Fortunes and New Perspectives
(part of this paper forthcoming in: The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics)
December 2014 Abstract
8750 Shoshana Neuman Job Quality in Segmented Labor Markets: The Israeli Case December 2014 Abstract
8749 Merle Zwiers, Gideon Bolt, Maarten van Ham, Ronald van Kempen Neighborhood Decline and the Economic Crisis
(published online in: [Urban Geography], 22 Jan 2016)
December 2014 Abstract
8748 Santiago Budría, Pablo Swedberg The Impact of Multilingualism on Spanish Language Acquisition among Immigrants in Spain
(published as 'The impact of multilingualism on host language acquisition' in: Empirica, first online 20 October 2018)
December 2014 Abstract
8747 Caglar Ozden, Christopher Parsons On the Economic Geography of International Migration
(published in World Economy 2015, 39 (4), 478–495 [journal version])
December 2014 Abstract
8746 Erhan Artuc, Frédéric Docquier, Caglar Ozden, Christopher Parsons A Global Assessment of Human Capital Mobility: The Role of Non-OECD Destinations
(published in: World Development, 2015, 65, 6–26)
December 2014 Abstract
8745 Calogero Carletto, Jennica Larrison, Caglar Ozden Informing Migration Policies: A Data Primer December 2014 Abstract
8744 Pia M. Orrenius, Madeline Zavodny The Impact of Temporary Protected Status on Immigrants' Labor Market Outcomes December 2014 Abstract
8743 Anzelika Zaiceva, Klaus F. Zimmermann Migration and the Demographic Shift
(substantially revised version published in: Piggott, J. and A. Woodland (Eds.), Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging, Elsevier, North Holland, 2016, Vol. 1A, Ch. 3, 119-177.)
December 2014 Abstract
8742 Nick Drydakis The Effect of Unemployment on Self-Reported Health and Mental Health in Greece from 2008 to 2013: A Longitudinal Study Before and During the Financial Crisis
(published in: Social Science and Medicine, 2015, 128, 43-51)
December 2014 Abstract
8741 Nick Drydakis Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the United Kingdom's Labour Market: A Field Experiment
(published in: Human Relations, 2015, 68(11), 1769-1796)
December 2014 Abstract
8740 Silvia Mendolia, Ian Walker Do NEETs Need Grit?
(published in: IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 2015, 4:19)
December 2014 Abstract
8739 Alexander S. Kritikos, Jonathan H. W. Tan Would I Care if I Knew? Image Concerns and Social Confirmation in Giving
(substantially revised version (available on request) published as "Influence in the Face of Impunity" in: Economics Letters, 2016, 141, 119-121.)
December 2014 Abstract
8738 Adrian Bruhin, Lorenz Götte, Simon Haenni, Lingqing Jiang Spillovers of Prosocial Motivation: Evidence from an Intervention Study on Blood Donors December 2014 Abstract
8737 Gil S. Epstein, Dalit Gafni, Erez Siniver Even Education and Experience Has Its Limits: Closing the Wage Gap
(published in: Journal of Economic Studies, 2015, 42, (5), 908 - 928 )
December 2014 Abstract
8736 Deniz Ozabaci, Daniel J. Henderson Additive Kernel Estimates of Returns to Schooling
(published in: Empirical Economics, 2015, 48, 227-251)
December 2014 Abstract
8735 Olga Belskaya, Klara Sabirianova Peter, Christian Posso College Expansion and the Marginal Returns to Education: Evidence from Russia December 2014 Abstract
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