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The IZA Discussion Paper series (ISSN: 2365-9793) disseminates high-quality research by IZA research network members to the scientific community and the interested public. The papers have a worldwide circulation and are available free of charge.

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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
10540 Gabriele Pellegrino, Mariacristina Piva, Marco Vivarelli Are Robots Stealing Our Jobs? January 2017 Abstract
10539 David Autor, David Dorn, Lawrence Katz, Christina Patterson, John Van Reenen Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share
(forthcoming in: American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings)
January 2017 Abstract
10538 Jason M. Fletcher, Stefanie Schurer Origins of Adulthood Personality: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences January 2017 Abstract
10537 Emily A. Beam, Joshua Hyman, Caroline Theoharides The Relative Returns to Education, Experience, and Attractiveness for Young Workers January 2017 Abstract
10536 Ian Walker, Yu Zhu University Selectivity and the Graduate Wage Premium: Evidence from the UK January 2017 Abstract
10535 Joshua Angrist, Jörn-Steffen Pischke Undergraduate Econometrics Instruction: Through Our Classes, Darkly January 2017 Abstract
10534 Tirthatanmoy Das, Solomon Polachek Estimating Labor Force Joiners and Leavers Using a Heterogeneity Augmented Two-Tier Stochastic Frontier
(forthcoming in: Journal of Econometrics)
January 2017 Abstract
10533 Frank Mueller-Langer, Benedikt Fecher, Dietmar Harhoff, Gert G. Wagner The Economics of Replication January 2017 Abstract
10532 Michael Lechner, Anthony Strittmatter Practical Procedures to Deal with Common Support Problems in Matching Estimation January 2017 Abstract
10531 Paul Muller, Bas van der Klaauw, Arjan Heyma Comparing Econometric Methods to Empirically Evaluate Job-Search Assistance January 2017 Abstract
10530 Chung Choe, Seeun Jung, Ronald L. Oaxaca Identification and Decompositions in Probit and Logit Models January 2017 Abstract
10529 Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla, Jörg Paetzold The Intergenerational Causal Effect of Tax Evasion: Evidence from the Commuter Tax Allowance in Austria January 2017 Abstract
10528 Wenchao Li, Changcheng Song, Shu Xu, Junjian Yi Household Portfolio Choice, Reference Dependence, and the Marriage Market January 2017 Abstract
10527 Jennifer Louise Roff Cleaning in the Shadow of the Law? Bargaining, Marital Investment, and the Impact of Divorce Law on Husbands' Intra-Household Work January 2017 Abstract
10526 Elise de Vuijst, Maarten van Ham Parents and Peers: Parental Neighbourhood- and School-Level Variation in Individual Neighbourhood Outcomes over Time January 2017 Abstract
10525 Jason Gaitz, Stefanie Schurer Bonus Skills: Examining the Effect of an Unconditional Cash Transfer on Child Human Capital Formation January 2017 Abstract
10524 Maria Ines Berniell, Jan Bietenbeck The Effect of Working Hours on Health January 2017 Abstract
10523 Anna D’Ambrosio, Roberto Leombruni, Tiziano Razzolini Native-Migrant Differences in Trading Off Wages and Workplace Safety January 2017 Abstract
10522 Davide Dragone, Giovanni Prarolo, Paolo Vanin, Giulio Zanella Crime and the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana January 2017 Abstract
10521 Gert G. Wagner, Martin Bruemmer, Axel Glemser, Julia Rohrer, Jürgen Schupp Dimensions of Quality of Life in Germany: Measured by Plain Text Responses in a Representative Survey (SOEP) January 2017 Abstract
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