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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11897 Fabian Dvorak, Sebastian Fehrler Negotiating Cooperation under Uncertainty: Communication in Noisy, Indefinitely Repeated Interactions October 2018 Abstract
11896 Oliwia Komada, Pawel Strzelecki, Joanna Tyrowicz A Regression Discontinuity Evaluation of Reducing Early Retirement Eligibility in Poland
(forthcoming in: International Journal of Manpower)
October 2018 Abstract
11895 Aysit Tansel, Halil Ibrahim Keskin, Zeynel Abidin Ozdemir Public versus Private Sector Wage Gap in Egypt: Evidence from Quantile Regression on Panel Data October 2018 Abstract
11894 Harald Dale-Olsen Wages, Creative Destruction, and Union Networks October 2018 Abstract
11893 Yanan Li, Ravi Kanbur, Carl Lin Minimum Wage Competition between Local Governments in China
(forthcoming in: Journal of Development Studies)
October 2018 Abstract
11892 Huajing He, Patrick J. Nolen The Effect of Health Insurance Reform: Evidence from China
(forthcoming in: China Economic Review)
October 2018 Abstract
11891 Melisa Bubonya, Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Daniel Christensen, Sarah E. Johnson, Stephen R. Zubrick The Great Recession and Children's Mental Health in Australia October 2018 Abstract
11890 Damian Clarke, Hanna Mühlrad Abortion Laws and Women's Health October 2018 Abstract
11889 Jacob Kjær Eskildsen, Anders Frederiksen, Ann-Kristina Løkke Employee Absence: An Organizational Perspective October 2018 Abstract
11888 Simone Moriconi, Giovanni Peri, Dario Pozzoli The Role of Institutions and Immigrant Networks in Firms' Offshoring Decisions October 2018 Abstract
11887 Douglas A. Webber Employment Adjustment over the Business Cycle: The Impact of Competition in the Labor Market October 2018 Abstract
11886 David Blakeslee, Ritam Chaurey, Ram Fishman, Samreen Malik Structural Transformation and Spillovers from Industrial Areas October 2018 Abstract
11885 Mizuki Komura, Hikaru Ogawa Capital Market Integration and Gender Inequality October 2018 Abstract
11884 Anthony B. Atkinson, Stephen P. Jenkins A Different Perspective on the Evolution of UK Income Inequality October 2018 Abstract
11883 Tal Modai-Snir, Maarten van Ham Inequality, Reordering and Divergent Growth: Processes of Neighbourhood Change in Dutch Cities October 2018 Abstract
11882 Sarah Bana, Kelly Bedard, Maya Rossin-Slater, Jenna Stearns Unequal Use of Social Insurance Benefits: The Role of Employers October 2018 Abstract
11881 Lucia Mangiavacchi, Luca Piccoli, Chiara Rapallini Personality Traits and Household Consumption Choices October 2018 Abstract
11880 Alexander Konon, Alexander S. Kritikos Prediction Based on Entrepreneurship-Prone Personality Profiles: Sometimes Worse Than the Toss of a Coin October 2018 Abstract
11879 Seonghoon Kim, Kanghyock Koh Does Health Insurance Make People Happier? Evidence from Massachusetts' Healthcare Reform October 2018 Abstract
11878 Sonia R. Bhalotra, Damian Clarke The Twin Instrument: Fertility and Human Capital Investment October 2018 Abstract
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