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Discussion Papers

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No. Author(s) Title Date PDF Link to Abstract
11968 Steven W. Hemelt, Kevin Stange, Fernando Furquim, Andew Simon, John E. Sawyer Why is Math Cheaper than English? Understanding Cost Differences in Higher Education November 2018 Abstract
11967 Yinghua He, Thierry Magnac A Pigouvian Approach to Congestion in Matching Markets November 2018 Abstract
11966 Anna Sokolova, Todd A. Sorensen Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Meta-Analysis November 2018 Abstract
11965 Michael White, Alex Bryson HPWS in the Public Sector: Are There Mutual Gains? November 2018 Abstract
11964 David Card, Thomas Lemieux, W. Craig Riddell Unions and Wage Inequality: The Roles of Gender, Skill and Public Sector Employment November 2018 Abstract
11963 Gerard J. van den Berg, Christine Dauth, Pia Homrighausen, Gesine Stephan Informing Employees in Small and Medium Sized Firms about Training: Results of a Randomized Field Experiment November 2018 Abstract
11962 Louise Grogan The Labeling Effect of a Child Benefits System: Evidence from Russia 1994-2015 November 2018 Abstract
11961 Louise Grogan, Fraser Summerfield Government Transfers, Work and Wellbeing: Evidence from the Russian Old-Age Pension November 2018 Abstract
11960 Marek Góra, Anna Ruzik-Sierdzińska Migration with Pension Reform Expectations November 2018 Abstract
11959 Omoniyi Alimi, David C. Maré, Jacques Poot International Migration and the Distribution of Income in New Zealand Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Areas November 2018 Abstract
11958 Carina Neisser The Elasticity of Taxable Income: A Meta-Regression Analysis November 2018 Abstract
11957 Abel Brodeur, Joanne Haddad Institutions, Attitudes and LGBT: Evidence from the Gold Rush November 2018 Abstract
11956 Giuseppe Attanasi, Claire Rimbaud, Marie Claire Villeval Embezzlement and Guilt Aversion November 2018 Abstract
11955 Marco Casari, Andrea Ichino, Moti Michaeli, Maria De Paola, Ginevra Marandola, Vincenzo Scoppa Civicness Drain November 2018 Abstract
11954 Murat Iyigun, Jared Rubin, Avner Seror A Theory of Conservative Revivals November 2018 Abstract
11953 Christian Dustmann, Bernd Fitzenberger, Markus Zimmermann Housing Expenditures and Income Inequality November 2018 Abstract
11952 Thierry Kamionka, Guy Lacroix Homeownership, Labour Market Transitions and Earnings November 2018 Abstract
11951 Jun Du, Junfu Zhang Walled Cities and Urban Density in China November 2018 Abstract
11950 Winfried Koeniger, Marc-Antoine Ramelet Home Ownership and Monetary Policy Transmission November 2018 Abstract
11949 Lena Detlefsen, Andreas Friedl, Katharina Lima de Miranda, Ulrich Schmidt, Matthias Sutter Are Economic Preferences Shaped by the Family Context? The Impact of Birth Order and Siblings' Sex Composition on Economic Preferences November 2018 Abstract
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