IZA Prize in Labor Economics

C. Goldin
The 2016 IZA Prize in Labor Economics was awarded to Claudia Goldin, the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University, for her career-long work on the economic history of women in education and the labor market.

The award ceremony at which the Prize was conferred took place during the annual meeting of the Allied Social Science Associations in Chicago, IL, USA on January 6, 2017.

The decision on awarding the Prize had been made by the IZA Prize Committee, which consists of six distinguished economists, five of whom are previous Awardees.

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About the IZA Prize

A sound understanding of problems in labor economics has proven ever more important in light of the adjustment processes that are currently taking place in the international labor markets. In order to account for this trend, the Institute of Labor Economics - with generous support from the Deutsche Post Foundation - has created the "IZA Prize in Labor Economics". This now biennial Prize is awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the field of labor economics. It is meant to stimulate research that tries to find answers to the important labor market policy questions of our time. In November 2002 the IZA Prize was awarded for the first time [view all past prize-winners].

More than 1,400 renowned labor economists are affiliated with IZA as Research Fellows and Affiliates through its worldwide network. These influential economists are entitled to nominate candidates for the prize. The decision is made by the IZA Prize Committee, which consists of distinguished economists.

The IZA Prize in Labor Economics underscores the central importance of labor market research in shaping the "Future of Labor."

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IZA Prize Book Series

All prize-winners contribute a volume to the IZA Prize in Labor Economic Series published by Oxford University Press, which has been established to provide an overview of the laureates' most significant findings.

Each IZA Prize Laureate contributes a volume to this unique collection of seminal research covering a broad range of topics in labor economics. IZA experts serve as co-editors of the series.

Published and forthcoming volumes include:

MINCER: The Founding Father of Modern Labor Economics
EASTERLIN: Happiness, Growth, and the Life Cycle
MORTENSEN/PISSARIDES: Job Matching, Wage Dispersion, and Unemployment
LAYARD/NICKELL: Combatting Unemployment
LAZEAR: Inside the Firm: Contributions to Personnel Economics
CARD/KRUEGER: Wages, School Quality, and Employment Demand
BLAU: Gender, Inequality and Wages
BLUNDELL: Labor Supply and Taxation
HAMERMESH: The Demand for Labor: The Neglected Side of the Market
BORJAS/CHISWICK: Foundations of Migration Economics (forthcoming October 2016)
FIELDS: Employment and Development (forthcoming)
SVEJNAR: Workers, Firms, and Transition (forthcoming)

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