FAQ - Failed login to IZA site


Q: I have forgotten my username and/or password. How can I get a new one?

A: Request new login details here.

Q: I have entered the username and password sent to me. Why do I still receive an error message?

A: There may be several possible explanations:

1. You have mistyped your password.
Solution: Pay attention to similar characters such as l ("ell"), I ("eye") and 1 (one) or copy&paste the password.
2. Your browser security settings do not allow login to a site that is not protected by https standard. This may happen with some newer versions of Internet Explorer.
Solution:  Click Tools>Internet Options>Security
Click on "Trusted Sites" then the "Sites" button.
Click "Add" to add "http://www.iza.org" to the trusted sites list.
Uncheck the box at the bottom about server verification.
Or contact your administrator. You could also try again using Firefox.
If you continue to have trouble, please report the problem in detail to Steffen Helbing (helbing@iza.org).