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too w Entorf Horst Entorf is Professor of Econometrics at Goethe University Frankfurt. He was previously Professor of Empirical Economics and Microeconometrics at Darmstadt University of Technology, and Professor of Econometrics at the University of Würzburg where he also taught Quantitative Economics. He got his university degrees at the University of Bielefeld (Diplom-Volkswirt, 1982) and the University of Mannheim (Dr. rer. pol., 1989, Dr.rer. pol. habil., 1995). Horst Entorf has held previous research and teaching positions at the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, CREST-INSEE, at Darmstadt University of Technology, CERGE-Prague, the University of the Federal Armed Forces (Munich) and at the University of Mannheim. He was SPES-fellow of the EU (1990-1992) and a fellow of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (1992-1993). Since 1999, he is a research fellow at IZA.

His main research interests include empirical econometrics applied to labor economics, financial markets, migration, and the economics of crime. Among other journals, he has published in the Journal of Labor Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Econometrics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, International Journal of Forecasting, and the European Journal of Political Economy.
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IZA World of Labor article: Migrants and educational achievement gaps
IZA Discussion Papers:
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10209  Horst Entorf
Liliya Sattarova
The Analysis of Prison-Prisoner Data Using Cluster-Sample Econometrics: Prison Conditions and Prisoners' Assessments of the Future
8334  Horst Entorf
Philip Sieger
Does the Link between Unemployment and Crime Depend on the Crime Level? A Quantile Regression Approach
(published in: International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 2014, 8(2), 262-283)
7686  Horst Entorf
Criminal Victims, Victimized Criminals, or Both? A Deeper Look at the Victim-Offender Overlap
6516  Horst Entorf
Certainty and Severity of Sanctions in Classical and Behavioral Models of Deterrence: A Survey
(published in: Gerben Bruinsma and David Weisburd (eds), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Springer, 2014)
5670  Horst Entorf
Crime, Prosecutors, and the Certainty of Conviction
(published jointly with Hannes Spengler in: European Journal of Law and Economics, 2015, 39(1), 167–201)
5434  Horst Entorf
Turning 18: What a Difference Application of Adult Criminal Law Makes
(published as 'Expected Recidivism among Young Offenders: Comparing Specific Deterrence under Juvenile and Adult Criminal Law' in: European Journal of Political Economy, 2012, 28 (4), 414-429)
4175  Horst Entorf
Eirini Tatsi
Migrants at School: Educational Inequality and Social Interaction in the UK and Germany
3976  Horst Entorf
Crime and the Labour Market: Evidence from a Survey of Inmates
(published in: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 2009, 229 (2+3), 254-269)
3710  Horst Entorf
Hannes Spengler
Is Being 'Soft on Crime' the Solution to Rising Crime Rates? Evidence from Germany
2182  Horst Entorf
Martina Lauk
Peer Effects, Social Multipliers and Migrants at School: An International Comparison
(published in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2008, 34(4), 633-654)
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Horst Entorf
Nicoleta Minoiu
PISA Results: What a Difference Immigration Law Makes
(published in: German Economic Review, 2005, 6(3), 355-376)
199  Horst Entorf
Rational Migration Policy Should Tolerate Non-Zero Illegal Migration Flows: Lessons from Modelling the Market for Illegal Migration
(published in: International Migration, 40 (1), 2002, 27-43)
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73 Horst Entorf
Jenseits der Fallzahlen: Die Kriminalitätsentwicklung bei ökonomischer Bewertung der Schäden