Masaru Sasaki
Research Fellow

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Sasaki Masaru Sasaki received his Ph.D. in economics at Georgetown University in 1998, and subsequently joined the World Bank and then the Asian Development Bank. After serving at these international organizations, he was appointed as lecturer at Department of Economics, Kansai University. He then moved to Osaka University in 2004. He has since then served there.

Among his research interests are determinants of unemployment and mismatch in the labor market. He works not only on theoretical and empirical studies but also on laboratory experiments. He develops laboratory experiments to study the implications on various search models. In addition, he is interested in various topics covering from health economics to personnel economics.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in February 2012.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10760  Keigo Inukai
Keisuke Kawata
Masaru Sasaki
Committee Search with Ex-ante Heterogeneous Agents: Theory and Experimental Evidence
8946  Noritaka Kudoh
Hiroaki Miyamoto
Masaru Sasaki
Employment and Hours over the Business Cycle in a Model with Search Frictions
8124  Fumio Ohtake
Naoko Okuyama
Masaru Sasaki
Kengo Yasui
The Long-term Impact of the 1995 Hanshin–Awaji Earthquake on Wage Distribution
7933  Takao Asano
Hiroko Okudaira
Masaru Sasaki
An Experimental Test of a Search Model under Ambiguity
(forthcoming in: Theory and Decision, 2015 )
7836  Masaru Sasaki
Fumio Ohtake
Corporate Sports Activity and Work Morale: Evidence from a Japanese Automobile Maker
(published in: Journal of Behavioral Economics and Finance, 2013, 6, 37-46)
7559  Tomohiro Machikita
Miki Kohara
Masaru Sasaki
The Effect of Extended Unemployment Benefit on the Job Finding Hazards: A Quasi-Experiment in Japan
7104  Kenn Ariga
Fumio Ohtake
Masaru Sasaki
Zheren Wu
Wage Growth through Job Hopping in China
7077  Miki Kohara
Masaru Sasaki
Tomohiro Machikita
Is Longer Unemployment Rewarded with Longer Job Tenure?
(published in: Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 2013, 29, 44-56)
6861  Yoichi Hizen
Keisuke Kawata
Masaru Sasaki
An Experimental Test of a Committee Search Model
(published in: European Economic Review, 2013, 61, 59-76)
6486  Masaru Sasaki
Katsuya Takii
Junmin Wan
Horizontal Transfer and Promotion: New Evidence and an Interpretation from the Perspective of Task-Specific Human Capital