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Research Fellow

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too w Battistin Erich Battistin is Professor of Economics at Queen Mary University of London, Senior Research Fellow at IRVAPP and Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA). He previously worked at the University of Padua, and at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies in London. His research interests cover a variety of fields in labour economics, ranging from applied work to more methodological aspects in policy evaluation. On these topics he published in various journals, including the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Econometrics. He also works with the World Bank on the implementation of agriculture development programmes in Nigeria.
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IZA World of Labor article: How manipulating test scores affects school accountability and student achievement
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8959  Joshua Angrist
Erich Battistin
Daniela Vuri
In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Mezzogiorno
8405  Erich Battistin
Michele De Nadai
Daniela Vuri
Counting Rotten Apples: Student Achievement and Score Manipulation in Italian Elementary Schools
8071  Erich Battistin
Michele De Nadai
Mario Padula
Roadblocks on the Road to Grandma's House: Fertility Consequences of Delayed Retirement
7437  Erich Battistin
Elena Claudia Meroni
Should We Increase Instruction Time in Low Achieving Schools? Evidence from Southern Italy
7086  Erich Battistin
Antonio Schizzerotto
Threat of Grade Retention, Remedial Education and Student Achievement: Evidence from Upper Secondary Schools in Italy
6337  Erich Battistin
Michele De Nadai
Barbara Sianesi
Misreported Schooling, Multiple Measures and Returns to Educational Qualifications
(published in: Journal of Econometrics, 2014, 181, 136-150)