Ive Marx
Research Fellow

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Marx Ive Marx took degrees in Economics and in Political and Social Sciences.

He is professor at the University of Antwerp and Chair of the Department of Sociology there. At the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy at Antwerp University, he directs research on minimum income protection and poverty, especially in relation to labour market change and migration.

His main research interest is labour market change in relation to the distribution of income, with a particular focus on poverty. He has published extensively on the issue of in-work poverty and minimum income protection.

He has published books and book chapters with Amsterdam University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Edward Elgar and other publishers. Journal articles have appeared in International Labour Review, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Social Policy, European Journal of Industrial Relations, Journal of Common Market Studies, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Ethical Perspectives, European Journal of Social Security, Journal of European Social Policy, IZA Journal of European Labor Studies, Social Forces among others.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 2011.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
11069  Sarah Kuypers
Ive Marx
The Truly Vulnerable: Integrating Wealth into the Measurement of Poverty and Social Policy Effectiveness
11007  Jeroen Horemans
Ive Marx
Poverty and Material Deprivation among the Self-Employed in Europe: An Exploration of a Relatively Uncharted Landscape
10665  Sarah Marchal
Ive Marx
Gerlinde Verbist
Income Support Policies for the Working Poor
(Forthcoming in Lohmann, H. and I. Marx (eds) Handbook of Research on In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar)
10638  Lane Kenworthy
Ive Marx
In-Work Poverty in the United States
(Forthcoming in Lohmann, H. and I. Marx (eds) Handbook of Research on In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar)
10391  Sarah Kuypers
Ive Marx
Estimation of Joint Income‐Wealth Poverty: A Sensitivity Analysis
(Published in Social Indicators Research, December 2016 )
10365  Ninke Mussche
Vincent Corluy
Ive Marx
The Rise of the Free Movements: How Posting Shapes a Hybrid Single European Labour Market
(Forthcoming in European Journal of Industrial Relations)
9390  Sarah Marchal
Ive Marx
Stemming the Tide: What Have EU Countries Done to Support Low-Wage Workers in an Era of Downward Wage Pressures?
(forthcoming in: Journal of European Social Policy)
8717  Ive Marx
Dieter Vandelannoote
Matthew Runs Amok: The Belgian Service Voucher Scheme
(published in: Carbonnier, C. and N. Morel (eds.), The political economy of household services in Europe, Palgrave MacMillan, 2015)
8154  Ive Marx
Brian Nolan
Javier Olivera
The Welfare State and Anti-Poverty Policy in Rich Countries
(published in: A. Atkinson and F. Bourguignon (eds.): Handbook of Income Distribution, 2, 2015, 2063-2139)
7414  Ive Marx
Lina Salanauskaite
Gerlinde Verbist
The Paradox of Redistribution Revisited: And That It May Rest in Peace?
(revised version published in: Social Forces, 2016, 95 (1), 1-24)
6510  Ive Marx
Sarah Marchal
Brian Nolan
Mind the Gap: Net Incomes of Minimum Wage Workers in the EU and the US
(published in Marx, I. and K. Nelson (eds.), Minimum Income Protection in Flux, Palgrave MacMillan, 2012, pp. 54-80)
6264  Sarah Marchal
Ive Marx
Natascha Van Mechelen
Do Europe's Minimum Income Schemes Provide Adequate Shelter against the Economic Crisis and How, If at All, Have Governments Responded?
(revised version published as "The great wake-up call? Social citizenship and minimum income provisions in Europe in times of crisis" in: Journal of Social Policy, 2014, 43 (2), 247-267)
6068  Ive Marx
Pieter Vandenbroucke
Gerlinde Verbist
Can Higher Employment Levels Bring Lower Poverty in the EU? Regression Based Simulations of the Europe 2020 Target
(revised version published in: Journal of European Social Policy, 2012, 22 (5) 472 486)
6067  Ive Marx
Josefine Vanhille
Gerlinde Verbist
Combating In-Work Poverty in Continental Europe: An Investigation Using the Belgian Case
(published in: Journal of Social Policy, 2012, 41 (1) 19-41)