Andreas Lichter
Research Associate

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Lichter Andreas Lichter has been Research Associate since September 2015. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Cologne in February 2016.

His current research interests are labor economics and political economy.

Andreas joined IZA as a student assistant in 2010 and continued as Resident Research Affiliate from October 2011 to August 2015.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10264  Andreas Lichter
Benefit Duration and Job Search Effort: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
9245  Andreas Lichter
Max Loeffler
Sebastian Siegloch
The Economic Costs of Mass Surveillance: Insights from Stasi Spying in East Germany
8964  Andreas Lichter
Nico Pestel
Eric Sommer
Productivity Effects of Air Pollution: Evidence from Professional Soccer
(revised version published in: Labour Economics, 2017, 48, 54-66)
7958  Andreas Lichter
Andreas Peichl
Sebastian Siegloch
The Own-Wage Elasticity of Labor Demand: A Meta-Regression Analysis
(revised version published in: European Economic Review, 2015, 80, 94-119)
7494  Andreas Lichter
Andreas Peichl
Sebastian Siegloch
Exporting and Labor Demand: Micro-Level Evidence from Germany
(revised version published in: Canadian Journal of Economics, 2017, 50 (4), 1161-1189)
IZA Research Reports:
Werner Eichhorst
Tommaso Colussi
Martin Guzi
Martin Kahanec
Andreas Lichter
Milena Nikolova
Eric Sommer
Report No. 74: People to Jobs, Jobs to People: Global Mobility and Labor Migration
Report commissioned by Randstad, Bonn 2017 (100 pages)