Oana Calavrezo
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Calavrezo Oana Calavrezo joined the DARES (Statistical Department of the French Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Public Service) in January 2010. She works as an Economist in the Division of Research Coordination (Mission Animation de la Recherche, MAR). The DARES is in charge of coordinating research and evaluation in the fields of labour, employment and training. The Division of Research Coordination is responsible for strategic monitoring of all questions related to the scientific research on the labour market. Since 2005, Oana Calavrezo is also a member of the Laboratory of Economy of Orleans (LEO). Between 2006 and 2009, she was an Associate Researcher at the Centre for employment studies (CEE). In 2006, she was a Research Assistant in the French short-time compensation project financed by the DARES. Oana Calavrezo defended her PhD dissertation in Economics at the University of Orleans in 2009. The main issues she is dealing with are short-time compensation, professional trajectories, flexicurity, minimum wages, layoffs, firm survival and professional equality between women and men. She is author and co-author of several publications. Oana Calavrezo gave lectures in econometrics and quantitative methods at the University of Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV), the University of Evry and the University of Orleans.

She became an IZA Policy Fellow in May 2010.
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