Simone Schüller
Research Fellow

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Schüller Simone Schüller is an Economist at the Ifo Center for Industrial Organisation and New Technologies since 2016. Previously, she held positions as a research fellow at FBK-IRVAPP in Trento (Italy), resident research affiliate at IZA (Bonn, Germany), research associate at DIW (Berlin, Germany) and young graduate trainee at ESA (Noordwijk, The Netherlands). She studied economics in Mainz, Pisa and Leipzig and received her PhD in economics from FU Berlin in 2013.

Her research interests include applied microeconomics, policy evaluation, migration, education, and new technologies.

She became an IZA Research Fellow in 2013.

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IZA World of Labor article: Ethnic enclaves and immigrant economic integration
IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
9991  Samuele Poy
Simone Schüller
Internet and Voting in the Web 2.0 Era: Evidence from a Local Broadband Policy
9429  Giulia Canzian
Samuele Poy
Simone Schüller
Broadband Diffusion and Firm Performance in Rural Areas: Quasi-Experimental Evidence
8695  Tanika Chakraborty
Olga Nottmeyer
Simone Schüller
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Beyond the Average: Peer Heterogeneity and Intergenerational Transmission of Education
8545  Annabelle Krause
Simone Schüller
Evidence and Persistence of Education Inequality in an Early-Tracking System: The German Case
(published in: Scuola Democratica, 2014, 2 [Abstract & Download])
7868  Amelie F. Constant
Simone Schüller
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Ethnic Spatial Dispersion and Immigrant Identity
7052  Simone Schüller
The Effects of 9/11 on Attitudes Toward Immigration and the Moderating Role of Education
(published in: Kyklos, 2016, 69 (4), 604–632 [Abstract & Download])
6696  Annabelle Krause
Ulf Rinne
Simone Schüller
Kick It Like Özil? Decomposing the Native-Migrant Education Gap
(revised version published in: International Migration Review, 2015, 49 (3), 757-789. [Abstract & Download])
6155  Simone Schüller
Parental Ethnic Identity and Educational Attainment of Second-Generation Immigrants
(revised version published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2015, 28 (4), 965 - 1004 [journal version])
IZA Standpunkte:
No. Author(s)
34 Ulf Rinne
Simone Schüller
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Ethnische Vielfalt und Arbeitsmarkterfolg
(published in: Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung / Journal for Labour Market Research, 2011, 44 (1/2), 81-89 [final version] [journal version])