Bruno Coquet
Policy Fellow

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Coquet Bruno Coquet is currently Senior Economic and Policy Advisor in the Ministry for Labour & Employment, in France. His domains of expertise are Macroeconomics, European policies, Labour market and employment policies, policy evaluation. He is also an expert of Unemployment Insurance Benefit systems design and management.

Previously, he was President of the Employment Committee of the European Union, EMCO, one of the two Treaty based EU-Council policy committees, in charge of macroeconomic surveillance and labour market reforms; as such he was Member of the EU EPSCO Council of Ministers.

He began his career as an Economist at OFCE–Sciences-Po, a leading Paris-based economic research think thank, before being Global Chief Market Analysis and Sales Forecasts at Renault-Nissan Group, and then Chief Economist, Policy Assessment and Innovation, at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment.

Bruno received his PhD in Economics from University Aix-Marseille. He is also graduated from Ceram-Skema Business School and University of Paris-Dauphine.

He became an IZA Research Fellow in 2009.
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