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too h Wang Le Wang is Chong K. Liew Chair Professor and Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma. He currently serves as an Associate Editor of Econometric Reviews and Editorial Member of Journal of Labor Research. He also holds a special term professorship at Jinan University. Prior to joining OU, he has held positions at the University of Alabama, the University of New Hampshire, and University of Minnesota. He was also a Women and Public Policy Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. He received his Ph.D in Economics from Southern Methodist University in 2006 and his B.A. in International Finance from Jinan University, Guangzhou, China in 2001.

His research focuses on questions in the subfields of microeconomics -- labor and demographic economics, development economics and public economics -- with a particular emphasis on the development and use of distributional/nonparametric and program evaluation methods to address issues in these areas. Specifically, he has written papers examining the returns to education in U.S. and China, the returns to language skills among immigrants, the gender earnings gap, and marriages and fertility issues. He has also written papers on politicians’ behavior, health care expenditure, and growth convergence. His work has been published in journals such as Journal of Econometrics, Econometrics Journal, Economics of Education Review, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Health Economics, Industrial Relations, and Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 2011.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
11058  Yuanyuan Chen
Le Wang
Min Zhang
Informal Search, Bad Search? The Effects of Job Search Method on Wages among Rural Migrants in Urban China
10747  Daniel J. Henderson
Andrew Houtenville
Le Wang
The Distribution of Returns to Education for People with Disabilities
(Published in: Journal of Labor Research, 2017, 38(3), 261–282 |)
10076  Daniel J. Henderson
Léopold Simar
Le Wang
The Three I's of Public Schools: Irrelevant Inputs, Insufficient Resources and Inefficiency
(published in: Applied Economics, 2017, 49(12), 1164-1184)
8771  Daniel J. Henderson
Junhui Qian
Le Wang
The Inequality-Growth Plateau
(published in: Economics Letters, 2015, 128, 17-20)
7103  Le Wang
Estimating Returns to Education when the IV Sample is Selective
(published in: Labour Economics, 2013, 21, 74-85)
6173  Le Wang
How Does Education Affect the Earnings Distribution in Urban China?
(published online in: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2012, [Early View])
5662  Daniel J. Henderson
Solomon Polachek
Le Wang
Heterogeneity in Schooling Rates of Return
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 2011, 30 (6), 1202-1214)
4078  Daniel L. Millimet
Le Wang
Is the Quantity-Quality Trade-off a Trade-off for All, None, or Some?
(published in: Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2011, 60 (1), 155-195)