Therese Rebiere
Research Fellow

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too h Rebiere Dr Thérèse Rebière graduated from the University of Caen/Le Havre, France in 2006 and completed her PhD. in Labor Economics at the University of Le Havre, France, in 2009 where she held a position of Teaching and Research Assistant until August 2010. She currently holds an Assistant Professor position at the CNAM institution (National Conservatory of Arts and Jobs), Paris, France.

Her research interests are mostly in theoretical labor economics: search and matching models; public policies: tax and subsidy schemes; and macroeconomics. In her thesis, she studies the impact of the on-the-job search and learning-by-doing process on the labor market efficiency. Other work includes theoretical analysis of the impact of the minimum wage on low-skill workers' turnover as well as complementarities between public instruments. She is also interested in segmented labor markets in developing economies.

She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in March 2010.
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