Olga Nottmeyer
Managing Editor IZA World of Labor

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too w Nottmeyer Olga Nottmeyer received her PhD in Economics from the Free University (FU) Berlin in 2011. Before, she was a student of the Graduate Center of Economic and Social Research at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). She holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and a Diploma in Economics, both from the FU Berlin.

Her main research interests are applied Microeconometrics, Economics of Migration and Labor Economics. In her dissertation, she focused on interethnic marriages and its labor market implications for immigrants in Germany.

She joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in February 2009, and became a Research Associate in November 2011. She is now Managing Editor of IZA World of Labor.
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IZA World of Labor article: Intermarriage and the economic success of immigrants
IZA Discussion Papers:
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8695  Tanika Chakraborty
Olga Nottmeyer
Simone Schüller
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Beyond the Average: Peer Heterogeneity and Intergenerational Transmission of Education
6940  Amelie F. Constant
Olga Nottmeyer
Klaus F. Zimmermann
The Economics of Circular Migration
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5567  Olga Nottmeyer
Couple's Relative Labor Supply in Intermarriage
(revised version published in: IZA Journal of Migration 2014, 3:3 [journal version])
5109  Ludwig Ensthaler
Olga Nottmeyer
Georg Weizsäcker
Hidden Skewness
(published in: Management Science, 2016. Online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1287/mnsc.2016.2618)
5104  Olga Nottmeyer
Does Intermarriage Pay Off? A Panel Data Analysis
4675  Amelie F. Constant
Olga Nottmeyer
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Cultural Integration in Germany
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