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Fort Margherita Fort is Associate Professor at the University of Bologna (Italy) since Sept 2014, where she was previously hired as Assistant Professor in October 2007. While PhD student, she was Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER, University of Essex, UK). After she received her PhD in Statistics Applied to Economics from the Department of Statistics, University of Padua (Italy), she was ECASS Visiting Fellow at ISER and Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (Italy).

Her general research interest are in applied microeconometrics with particular focus on treatment effect identification and specifically to approaches that allow heterogeneity in the treatment parameters (e.g. quantile regression). Her main research interest are in the fields of labour economics, population economics and health economics.

She was the local coordinator of the Bologna Research Unit for the project "The Policy Implications of Demographic Ageing" funded from the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MIUR, FIRB 2008 call) and she was member of research teams of other projects funded from the EUI (project "La meglio infanzia", 2015), the Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti (project "La meglio infanzia", 2014), Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna (project "La meglio infanzia", 2014), the Institute of Advaced Studies (ISA 2013 call, single winner, project "La meglio infanzia"), the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (2011 call, project "Childcare, Grandparents or Nannies? What is Best for Children When Parents are Away"), MIUR (PRIN 2009 call, project "Problems and solutions for the evaluation of performance in the Public Administration"), CARIPARO Foundation (Progetti di Eccellenza, 2008 call, project "The Effect of Early Life Conditions and Outcomes on Economic Wellbeing and Health Later in Life").

Her research has been published in the Economic Journal, in the Journal of Labour Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, Health Economics, Economic Policy The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. She joined IZA as Research Fellow in March 2012 and CESifo in November 2013.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
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9756  Margherita Fort
Andrea Ichino
Giulio Zanella
Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Costs of Daycare 0–2 for Girls
8732  Rosario Maria Ballatore
Margherita Fort
Andrea Ichino
The Tower of Babel in the Classroom: Immigrants and Natives in Italian Schools
(revised version forthcoming in. Journal of Labor Economics, 2018 October)
7533  Giorgio Brunello
Margherita Fort
Guglielmo Weber
Christoph T. Weiss
Testing the Internal Validity of Compulsory School Reforms as Instrument for Years of Schooling
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Margherita Fort
Information and Learning in Oligopoly: An Experiment
(revised version published in: Games and Economic Behavior, 2013, 81, 192-214)
6989  Margherita Fort
Francesco Manaresi
Serena Trucchi
Banks Information Policies, Financial Literacy and Household Wealth
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6015  Margherita Fort
Nicole Schneeweis
Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
More Schooling, More Children: Compulsory Schooling Reforms and Fertility in Europe
(substantially revised version published 'Is Education Always Reducing Fertility? Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Reforms' in: Economic Journal, 2016, 126 (595), 1823–1855 [journal version])
5944  Giorgio Brunello
Margherita Fort
Nicole Schneeweis
Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
The Causal Effect of Education on Health: What is the Role of Health Behaviors?
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5844  Maria Bigoni
Margherita Fort
Mattia Nardotto
Tommaso G. Reggiani
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Daniele Fabbri
Margherita Fort
Years of Schooling, Human Capital and the Body Mass Index of European Females
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3102  Giorgio Brunello
Margherita Fort
Guglielmo Weber
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