Stefanie Schurer
Research Fellow

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Schurer Stefanie Schurer is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney. Her research interest is the Economics of Human Development. Most of her current projects explore the evolution of skills, preferences, and health over the lifecourse and the role that parents and the public sector play in determining these skills. Currently, she is involved in several linked administrative data projects in Australia, evaluating, among others, the impact and cost-effectiveness of early-life medical care and cash/in-kind transfers in strengthening children’s skill development. She is also a University of Sydney SOAR Fellow and an Australian Research Council Early Career Fellow. Previously, she held positions at Victoria University of Wellington and University of Melbourne, and she is a Visiting Scholar at The University of Chicago. She joined IZA as a Research Fellow in April 2012.
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IZA World of Labor article: Does education strengthen the life skills of adolescents?
IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10538  Jason M. Fletcher
Stefanie Schurer
Origins of Adulthood Personality: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences
(forthcoming in: B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 2017)
10525  Jason Gaitz
Stefanie Schurer
Bonus Skills: Examining the Effect of an Unconditional Cash Transfer on Child Human Capital Formation
8874  Sonja C. Kassenboehmer
Stefanie Schurer
Felix Leung
Testing the Validity of Item Non-Response as a Proxy for Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills
8873  Stefanie Schurer
Sonja C. Kassenboehmer
Felix Leung
Do Universities Shape Their Students' Personality?
8821  Stefanie Schurer
Lifecycle Patterns in the Socioeconomic Gradient of Risk Preferences
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,119, 482-495, 2015)
8814  Stefanie Schurer
Michael Alspach
Jayden MacRae
Greg L. Martin
The Medical Care Costs of Mood Disorders: A Coarsened Exact Matching Approach
(published in: Economic Record, 2016, 92 (296), 81–93)
8203  Stefanie Schurer
Bouncing Back from Health Shocks: Locus of Control, Labor Supply, and Mortality
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,133, 1-20, 2017)
7451  John Roy
Stefanie Schurer
Getting Stuck in the Blues: Persistence of Mental Health Problems in Australia
(published in: Health Economics, 2013, 22(9), 1139-1157.)
7017  Stefanie Schurer
Daniel Kühnle
Anthony Scott
Terence Chai Cheng
One Man's Blessing, Another Woman's Curse? Family Factors and the Gender-Earnings Gap of Doctors
(published in: Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society )
6789  Deborah A. Cobb-Clark
Sonja C. Kassenboehmer
Stefanie Schurer
Healthy Habits: The Connection between Diet, Exercise, and Locus of Control
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014, 98, 1-28)
6656  David W. Johnston
Stefanie Schurer
Michael A. Shields
Maternal Gender Role Attitudes, Human Capital Investment, and Labour Supply of Sons and Daughters
(published in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2014, 66 (3), 631-659)
6014  David W. Johnston
Stefanie Schurer
Michael A. Shields
Evidence on the Long Shadow of Poor Mental Health across Three Generations
(published as "Exploring the intergenerational persistence of mental health: Evidence from three generations" in: Journal of Health Economics, 2013, 32 (6), 1077-1089)
5943  Deborah A. Cobb-Clark
Stefanie Schurer
The Stability of Big-Five Personality Traits
(published in: Economics Letters, 2012, 115 (1), 11-15)
5630  Deborah A. Cobb-Clark
Stefanie Schurer
Two Economists’ Musings on the Stability of Locus of Control
(published in: The Economic Journal, 2013, 123 (570), F358-F400)
2915  Michael Fertig
Stefanie Schurer
Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Germany: The Importance of Heterogeneity and Attrition Bias