Arjun S. Bedi
Research Fellow

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too w Bedi Arjun Singh Bedi is Professor of Development Economics at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Prior to joining ISS in 1999, he held positions at the University of Bonn (1998-99) and Columbia University (1996-98). In 2013-2014 he was visiting professor at Georgetown University's campus in Doha. His research focuses on labour and human resource economics in developing countries. His work has been published in several international economics and development studies journals including European Economic Review, Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Health Economics, Journal of Development Studies, Applied Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Transition,Economics of Education Review and World Development.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in November 2007.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10965  Maazullah
Arjun S. Bedi
Returns to Islamic Microfinance: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Pakistan
10939  Zemzem Shigute
Christoph Strupat
Francesco Burchi
Getnet Alemu
Arjun S. Bedi
The Joint Effects of a Health Insurance and a Public Works Scheme in Rural Ethiopia
10903  Admasu Shiferaw
Arjun S. Bedi
Mans Söderbom
Getnet Alemu
Social Insurance Reform and Labor Market Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia
10902  Bhaskar Chakravorty
Arjun S. Bedi
Skills Training and Employment Outcomes in Rural Bihar
9871  Luis Artavia-Mora
Arjun S. Bedi
Matthias Rieger
Intuitive Cooperation and Punishment in the Field
(published in European Economic Review, 2017, 92, 133-145)
9833  Zemzem Shigute
Anagaw Derseh Mebratie
Robert Sparrow
Zelalem Yilma
Getnet Alemu
Arjun S. Bedi
Uptake of Health Insurance and the Productive Safety Net Program in Rural Ethiopia
(published in: Social Science and Medicine, 2017, 176, 133-141)
6226  Randall K. Q. Akee
Arjun S. Bedi
Arnab K. Basu
Nancy Chau
Transnational Trafficking, Law Enforcement and Victim Protection: A Middleman Trafficker's Perspective
(revised version published in: Journal of Law and Economics, 2014, 57 (2), 349-386)
6048  Anagaw Derseh Mebratie
Arjun S. Bedi
Foreign Direct Investment, Black Economic Empowerment and Labour Productivity in South Africa
(published in: Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 2013, 22 (1), 94-115)
5462  Pedro Goulart
Arjun S. Bedi
The Impact of Interest in School on Educational Success in Portugal
(revised version forthcoming in: Journal of Educational Research, 2016)
4623  Admasu Shiferaw
Arjun S. Bedi
The Dynamics of Job Creation and Job Destruction: Is Sub-Saharan Africa Different?
(published as 'The Dynamics of Job Creation and Job Destruction in an African Economy: Evidence from Ethiopia' in: Journal of African Economies, 2013, 22(5), 651-692)
4361  Manasi Bhattacharya
Arjun S. Bedi
Amrita Chhachhi
Marital Violence and Women's Employment and Property Status: Evidence from North Indian Villages
(published in: World Development, 2011, 39 (9), 1676–1689)
3658  Juan Ponce
Arjun S. Bedi
The Impact of a Cash Transfer Program on Cognitive Achievement: The Bono de Desarrollo Humano of Ecuador
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 2010, 29 (1), 116-125)
3579  Ana Iturriza
Arjun S. Bedi
Robert Sparrow
Unemployment Assistance and Transition to Employment in Argentina
(published in: Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2011, 59 (4), 811-837)
3358  Carla Calero
Arjun S. Bedi
Robert Sparrow
Remittances, Liquidity Constraints and Human Capital Investments in Ecuador
(published in: World Development, 2009, 37 (6), 1143-1154)
2136  Gautam Hazarika
Arjun S. Bedi
Child Work and Schooling Costs in Rural Northern India
(published in: Ravi Kanbur and Jan Svejnar (eds.), Labor Markets and Economic Development, Routledge, 2009)