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Research Fellow

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Autor David Autor is a Professor and Associate Department Head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics. He is also a Faculty Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Economic Perspectives (published by the American Economic Association), and has served on the Board of Editors at the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics and the Journal of Labor Economics.

Autor received a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University in 1989 and a Ph.D. in Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in 1999. His current fields of specialization include human capital and earnings inequality, labor market impacts of technological change and globalization, disability insurance and labor supply, and temporary help and other intermediated work arrangements.

Autor is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award for his research on labor market intermediation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, and the Sherwin Rosen Prize in 2008 for outstanding contributions in the field of Labor Economics. In 2012, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Science, and he is also a Fellow of the Society of Labor Economists and was a recipient of both the John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Award given by the Labor and Employment Relations Association (2006) and MIT Undergraduate Economics Association Teaching Award (2005). He is currently a member of the American Economic Association’s Standing Committee on Oversight and Operation of Programs (SCOOP).

Prior to obtaining his Ph.D., Autor spent three years directing efforts in San Francisco and South Africa to teach computer skills to economically disadvantaged children and adults.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in February 2006.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10539  David Autor
David Dorn
Lawrence Katz
Christina Patterson
John Van Reenen
Concentrating on the Fall of the Labor Share
(forthcoming in: American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings)
9748  David Autor
David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
The China Shock: Learning from Labor Market Adjustment to Large Changes in Trade
(published in: Annual Review of Economics, 2016, 8, 205-240)
9068  Daron Acemoglu
David Autor
David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
Brendan Price
Import Competition and the Great U.S. Employment Sag of the 2000s
(published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2016, 34 (S1), S141-S198)
8788  David Autor
Nicole Maestas
Kathleen Mullen
Alexander Strand
Does Delay Cause Decay? The Effect of Administrative Decision Time on the Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Disability Applicants
8514  David Autor
David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
Jae Song
Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence
(published in: Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2014, 129 (4), 1799-1860)
7906  Daron Acemoglu
David Autor
David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
Brendan Price
Return of the Solow Paradox? IT, Productivity, and Employment in U.S. Manufacturing
(published in: American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings, 2014, 104 (5), 394-399)
7329  David Autor
David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
Untangling Trade and Technology: Evidence from Local Labor Markets
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David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
The Geography of Trade and Technology Shocks in the United States
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7178  David Autor
The "Task Approach" to Labor Markets: An Overview
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7150  David Autor
David Dorn
Gordon H. Hanson
The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States
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7068  David Autor
David Dorn
The Growth of Low Skill Service Jobs and the Polarization of the U.S. Labor Market
(published in: American Economic Review, 2013, 103 (5), 1553-1597)
4290  David Autor
David Dorn
Inequality and Specialization: The Growth of Low-Skill Service Jobs in the United States
(see IZA DP No. 7068 for a substantially updated version)
3970  David Autor
David Dorn
This Job Is 'Getting Old:' Measuring Changes in Job Opportunities Using Occupational Age Structure
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3705  David Autor
The Economics of Labor Market Intermediation: An Analytic Framework
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2571  David Autor
William Kerr
Adriana Kugler
Do Employment Protections Reduce Productivity? Evidence from U.S. States
(published in: Economic Journal, 2007, 117 (521), F189 - F217)