Roger Wilkins
Research Fellow

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too w Wilkins Roger Wilkins is a Professorial Research Fellow in the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne. Since 2007, he has been Deputy Director of the HILDA Survey, an Australian household panel study that commenced in 2001. He has also produced the Australian income component of the World Wealth and Income Database (WID) since 2014.

His research interests are the causes and consequences of labour market outcomes, the distribution and dynamics of individuals’ economic wellbeing, and the incidence and determinants of poverty and welfare dependence.

Roger joined IZA as a Research Fellow in July 2016.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10868  Richard V. Burkhauser
Nicolas Herault
Stephen P. Jenkins
Roger Wilkins
Survey Under-Coverage of Top Incomes and Estimation of Inequality: What Is the Role of the UK's SPI Adjustment?
9718  Richard V. Burkhauser
Nicolas Herault
Stephen P. Jenkins
Roger Wilkins
What Has Been Happening to UK Income Inequality since the Mid-1990s? Answers from Reconciled and Combined Household Survey and Tax Return Data
(Forthcoming in: Oxford Economic Papers)
6225  Roger Wilkins
Mark Wooden
Gender Differences in Rates of Job Dismissal: Why Are Men More Likely to Lose Their Jobs?
(Published in: Industrial Relations, 2013, 52(2), 582-608. doi:10.1111/irel.12024 )
1737  Hielke Buddelmeyer
Roger Wilkins
The Effects of Smoking Ban Regulations on Individual Smoking Rates