Norberto Pignatti
Research Fellow

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too w Pignatti Norberto Pignatti is Head of the Energy and Environmental Policy Center at the ISET Policy Institute and professor at the International School of Economics.

Before becoming part of ISET resident faculty in 2009 he worked at the Development Centre of the OECD in Paris, at the World Bank in Washington D.C. and at the University of Bologna. He currently teaches Economics of Energy Markets, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Program Evaluation in the second year of ISET Master Program

His teaching portfolio includes also Public Economics, Development Economics, Economics of Transition, Labor economics and Econometrics. His research interests are Labor Economics (with emphasis on labor markets of developing and transition countries), Behavioral Economics, Sustainable Development and, more generally, Policy Studies.

Norberto joined IZA as a Research Fellow in November 2016.

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IZA World of Labor article: Encouraging women’s labor force participation in transition countries
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Norberto Pignatti
Maksym Obrizan
Job Market Outcomes of IDPs: The Case of Georgia
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Norberto Pignatti
Informal Employment Relationships and the Labor Market: Is There Segmentation in Ukraine?
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Norberto Pignatti
Sophiko Skhirtladze
Employment Discrimination in a Former Soviet Union Republic: Evidence from a Field Experiment
10440  Norberto Pignatti
Karine Torosyan
Maka Chitanava
Toothless Reforms? The Remarkable Stability of Female Labor Force Participation in a Top-Reforming Country
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Hartmut Lehmann
Norberto Pignatti
Time-Varying Individual Risk Attitudes over the Great Recession: A Comparison of Germany and Ukraine
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3269  Hartmut Lehmann
Norberto Pignatti
Informal Employment Relationships and Labor Market Segmentation in Transition Economies: Evidence from Ukraine
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Norberto Pignatti
Jonathan Wadsworth
The Incidence and Cost of Job Loss in the Ukrainian Labor Market
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