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Zhao Zhong Zhao is an associate dean and a professor of economics at the School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China, and a member of the university academic committee. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Population Economics. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the Renmin University of China and a doctorate degree in economics from the Johns Hopkins University. Before joined the Renmin University of China, he had worked for IZA as a Senior Research Associate. He also held faculty position at Peking University. His main areas of interest are labor economics, applied microeconometrics, social program evaluation and economy of China. His recent research topics on China include earnings instability and inequality, rural-urban disparity, rural-urban migration, labor relations, and health and health care reform in China. He has published in both international and Chinese economics journals such as Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Income and Wealth, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A) , Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Economics Letters, Journal of Population Economics, and Journal of Comparative Economics. He is a recipient of the 2013 Kuznets Prize of the Journal of Population Economics.

He continues to maintain close ties to IZA as a Research Fellow after leaving the institute in December 2008.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
11074  Liang Zheng
Zhong Zhao
What Drives Spatial Clusters of Entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from Economic Census Data
(published: China Economic Review, 2017, 46, 228-248 [Details & Download])
11029  Yaqin Su
Petros Tesfazion
Zhong Zhao
Where Are Migrants from? Inter- vs. Intra-Provincial Rural-Urban Migration in China
(published online in: China Economic Review, 2017 [Details & Download])
10424  Zhaopeng (Frank) Qu
Zhong Zhao
Glass Ceiling Effect in Urban China: Wage Inequality of Rural-Urban Migrants during 2002-2007
(published in: China Economic Review, 2017, 42, 118-144 [Details & Download])
10295  Liqiu Zhao
Fei Wang
Zhong Zhao
Trade Liberalization and Child Labor in China
9976  Can Tang
Liqiu Zhao
Zhong Zhao
Child Labor in China
(published online in: China Economic Review, 2016, [Details & Download])
9746  Fei Wang
Liqiu Zhao
Zhong Zhao
China's Family Planning Policies and Their Labor Market Consequences
(revised version published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2017, 30(1), 31-68 [Details & Download])
9643  Dongshu Ou
Zhong Zhao
Higher Education Expansion and Labor Market Outcomes for Young College Graduates
9621  Lingguo Cheng
Hong Liu
Ye Zhang
Zhong Zhao
The Health Implications of Social Pensions: Evidence from China's New Rural Pension Scheme
(published online in: Journal of Comparative Economics [Details & Download])
9397  Wang-Sheng Lee
Zhong Zhao
Height, Weight and Well-Being for Rural, Urban and Migrant Workers in China
(Published in: Social Indicators Research Vol. 132(1), 117-136 [Details & Download])
9350  Xiang Ao
Dawei Jiang
Zhong Zhao
The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on the Health of the Left-behind Parents
(published in: China Economic Review, 2016, 37, 126–139 [Details & Download])
9116  Lingguo Cheng
Hong Liu
Ye Zhang
Zhong Zhao
The Heterogeneous Impact of Pension Income on Elderly Living Arrangements: Evidence from China's New Rural Pension Scheme
(published: Journal of Population Economics, 2018, 31(1), 155-192 [Details & Download])
7251  Hong Liu
Qi Sun
Zhong Zhao
Social Learning and Health Insurance Enrollment: Evidence from China's New Cooperative Medical Scheme
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014, 97, 84–102 [Details & Download])
7160  Junfu Zhang
Zhong Zhao
Measuring the Income-Distance Tradeoff for Rural-Urban Migrants in China
6768  Hong Liu
Zhong Zhao
Impact of China's Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance on Health Care Utilization and Expenditure
(published as 'Does Health Insurance Matter? Evidence from China's Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance' in: Journal of Comparative Economics, 2014, 42 (4), 1007-1020 [Details & Download] )
6565  Jochen Kluve
Ulf Rinne
Arne Uhlendorff
Zhong Zhao
Endogenous Exit Bias in Training Programs for Unemployed Workers
(revised version published as 'The impact of training duration on employment outcomes: Evidence from LATE estimates' in: Economics Letters, 2013, 120 (3), 487-490 [Details & Download])
6528  Hong Liu
Hai Fang
Zhong Zhao
Urban-Rural Disparities of Child Health and Nutritional Status in China from 1989 to 2006
(published in: Economics and Human Biology, 2013, 11 (3), 294–309 [Details & Download])
5846  Hong Liu
Zhong Zhao
Parental Job Loss and Children’s Health: Ten Years after the Massive Layoff of the SOEs’ Workers in China
(revised version published in: China Economic Review, 2014, 31, 303-319 [Details & Download])
5446  Junfu Zhang
Zhong Zhao
Social-Family Network and Self-Employment: Evidence from Temporary Rural-Urban Migrants in China
(published in: IZA Journal of Labor & Development.2015, 4:4 [Details & Download] )
5421  Zhaopeng (Frank) Qu
Zhong Zhao
Evolution of the Chinese Rural-Urban Migrant Labor Market from 2002 to 2007
(published in: China Agricultural Economic Review, 2014, 6(2), 316 - 334, [Details & Download])
3910  Ulf Rinne
Arne Uhlendorff
Zhong Zhao
Vouchers and Caseworkers in Public Training Programs: Evidence from the Hartz Reform in Germany
(revised version published as 'Vouchers and Caseworkers in Training Programs for the Unemployed' in: Empirical Economics, 2013, 45 (3), 1089-1127 [Details & Download])
3659  Zhaopeng (Frank) Qu
Zhong Zhao
Urban-Rural Consumption Inequality in China from 1988 to 2002: Evidence from Quantile Regression Decomposition
3284  Olivier Bargain
Sumon K. Bhaumik
Manisha Chakrabarty
Zhong Zhao
Earnings Differences between Chinese and Indian Wage Earners, 1987–2004
(published in: Review of Income and Wealth, 2009, 55(1), 562-587 [Details & Download])
3270  Zhong Zhao
Earnings Instability and Earnings Inequality in Urban China: 1989–2006
3255  Jochen Kluve
Hilmar Schneider
Arne Uhlendorff
Zhong Zhao
Evaluating Continuous Training Programs Using the Generalized Propensity Score
(published in: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 2012, 175 (2), 587-617 [Details & Download])
2975  Richard W. Evans
Yingyao Hu
Zhong Zhao
The Fertility Effect of Catastrophe: U.S. Hurricane Births
(published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2010, 23 (1), 1 - 36 [Details & Download])
2520  Jian Wang
Zhong Zhao
Amir Mahmood
Relative Efficiency, Scale Effect, and Scope Effect of Public Hospitals: Evidence from Australia
2375  Zhong Zhao
Matching Estimators and the Data from the National Supported Work Demonstration Again
1877  Zhong Zhao
Analysis of Health and Longevity in Oldest-Old Population: A Health Capital Approach
(published in: Zeng Yi et al. (eds.), Healthy Longevity in China: Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Psychological Dimensions, 2008, Berlin et al. [Details & Download])
1873  Zhong Zhao
Sensitivity of Propensity Score Methods to the Specifications
(revised version published in: Economics Letters, 2008, 98 (3), 309-319 [Details & Download])
1835  Zhong Zhao
Health Determinants in Urban China
(substantially revised version (http://ftp.iza.org/dp1835_new.pdf) published as 'Health Demand and Health Determinants in China' in: Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2008, 6 (1), 77-98 [Details & Download])