Yann Algan
Research Fellow

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Algan Yann Algan is Professor of Economics at Sciences Po Paris, Research Fellow at CEPR and Co-Head of the Macroeconomic Program at CEPREMAP. He received his PhD in Economics at the University of Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne in 2001.

His research fields are labor economics, social interactions, political economy and cultural economics. His articles are published in various international academic journals including American Economic Review and Quarterly Economic Journal.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in May 2004.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10433  Yann Algan
Nicole M. Fortin
Computer Gaming and Test Scores: Cross-Country Gender Differences among Teenagers
8277  Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Marc Sangnier
Trust and the Welfare State: The Twin Peaks Curve
(forthcoming in : Economic Journal, 2014)
7464  Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Trust, Growth and Well-being: New Evidence and Policy Implications
(pubished in: S.N. Durlauf and P. Aghion (eds.) : Handbook of Economic Growth, Vol.2 , 2014, 49-120)
6053  Yann Algan
Camille Hémet
David D. Laitin
Diversity and Public Goods: A Natural Experiment with Exogenous Residential Allocation
6052  Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Andrei Shleifer
Teaching Practices and Social Capital
(published in: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2013, 5(3), 189-210)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Marc Sangnier
Efficient and Inefficient Welfare States
5185  Mariya Aleksynska
Yann Algan
Assimilation and Integration of Immigrants in Europe
4747  Alberto Alesina
Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Paola Giuliano
Family Values and the Regulation of Labor
(published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2015, 13 (4), 599-630)
4514  Yann Algan
Christian Dustmann
Albrecht Glitz
Alan Manning
The Economic Situation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants in France, Germany, and the UK
(published in: Economic Journal, 2010, 120 (542), F4 - F30)
3680  Philippe Aghion
Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Can Policy Interact with Culture? Minimum Wage and the Quality of Labor Relations
(revised version published as 'Civil Society and the State: The Interplay Between Cooperation and Minimum Wage Regulation' in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2011, 9 (1), 3 - 42)
2935  Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Social Attitudes and Economic Development: An Epidemiological Approach
(published as 'Inherited Trust and Growth' in: American Economic Review, 2010, 100 (5), 2060 - 2092)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Civic Attitudes and the Design of Labor Market Institutions: Which Countries Can Implement the Danish Flexicurity Model?
(published as "Civic Virtue and Labor Market Institutions" in: American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2009, 1(1), 111-145)
1683  Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
The Roots of Low European Employment: Family Culture?
(published in: J. Frenkel and C. Pissarides (eds.), NBER Macroeconomic Annual, MIT Press: 2007)
1192  Yann Algan
Pierre Cahuc
Job Protection: The Macho Hypothesis
(published in: Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2006, 22 (3), 390-410)