Nicolai Kristensen
Research Fellow

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Kristensen Nicolai Kristensen is professor MSO at VIVE - The Danish Centre for Applied Social Science, which is located in Copenhagen. He was previously senior research fellow and programme director at AKF and KORA (now merged into VIVE). He holds a phd degree from Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University and has been visiting phd student at University of Maryland and Concordia University. Nicolai has worked on a variety of topics in labour economics, including returns to training, use of subjective data in economics, co-worker and neighborhood spill-over effects on job and income satisfaction.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in September 2009.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
11124  Britt Ostergaard Larsen
Nicolai Kristensen
Building Human or Criminal Capital? School Peer Effects on Future Offending
9655  Nicolai Kristensen
Henrik Lindegaard Andersen
Consumption Smoothing in the Demand for Health Care
6301  Nicolai Kristensen
Training and Retirement
5309  Tor Eriksson
Nicolai Kristensen
Wages or Fringes? Some Evidence on Trade-offs and Sorting
(published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2014, 32 (4), 899-928)
3989  Nabanita Datta Gupta
Nicolai Kristensen
Dario Pozzoli
External Validation of the Use of Vignettes in Cross-Country Health Studies
(published in: Economic Modelling, 2010, 27 (4), 854-865)
3882  Christian Belzil
Jörgen Hansen
Nicolai Kristensen
Estimating Complementarity between Education and Training
3813  Andrew E. Clark
Nicolai Kristensen
Niels C. Westergård-Nielsen
Economic Satisfaction and Income Rank in Small Neighbourhoods
(published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2009, 7, (2-3), 519–527)
3073  Andrew E. Clark
Nicolai Kristensen
Niels C. Westergård-Nielsen
Job Satisfaction and Co-worker Wages: Status or Signal?
(published in: Economic Journal, 2009, 119 (536), 430–447)
2329  Nicolai Kristensen
Niels C. Westergård-Nielsen
A Large-Scale Validation Study of Measurement Errors in Longitudinal Survey Data
(published in: Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 2007, 32 (2-3), 65-92)
1026  Nicolai Kristensen
Niels C. Westergård-Nielsen
Does Low Job Satisfaction Lead to Job Mobility?
(published as 'Job satisfaction and quits – Which job characteristics matters most?' in: Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift / Danish Economic Journal, 2006, 144 (2), 230-248)