Petri Böckerman
Research Fellow

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too w Böckerman Petri Böckerman is a professor at the Turku School of Economics and a research economist at the Labour Institute for Economic Research. He received his PhD from Helsinki School of Economics in 2003. He has published in journals, including Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Industrial Relations, and Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A. His current research interests include the use of subjective data in the labour market analysis and various topics in health economics.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in April 2013.
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IZA World of Labor article: High involvement management and employee well-being
IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10964  Petri Böckerman
Pekka Ilmakunnas
Do Good Working Conditions Make You Work Longer? Evidence on Retirement Decisions Using Linked Survey and Register Data
10773  Terhi Maczulskij
Petri Böckerman
Harsh Times: Do Stressors Lead to Labor Market Losses?
10486  Petri Böckerman
Alex Bryson
Antti Kauhanen
Mari Kangasniemi
Does Job Support Make Workers Happy?
9907  Petri Böckerman
John Cawley
Jutta Viinikainen
Terho Lehtimäki
Suvi Rovio
Ilkka Seppälä
Jaakko Pehkonen
Olli Raitakari
The Effect of Weight on Labor Market Outcomes: An Application of Genetic Instrumental Variables
9851  Petri Böckerman
Seppo Laaksonen
Jari Vainiomäki
Are Jobs More Polarized in ICT Firms?
9805  Jutta Viinikainen
Guido Heineck
Petri Böckerman
Mirka Hintsanen
Olli Raitakari
Jaakko Pehkonen
Born Entrepreneur? Adolescents' Personality Characteristics and Self-Employment in Adulthood
(published in: Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 2017, 8, 9-12)
9632  Petri Böckerman
Per Skedinger
Roope Uusitalo
Seniority Rules, Worker Mobility and Wages: Evidence from Multi-Country Linked Employer-Employee Data
9079  Petri Böckerman
Mika Haapanen
Christopher Jepsen
Back to School? Labor-Market Returns to Vocational Postsecondary Education
8557  Petri Böckerman
Pekka Ilmakunnas
Jari Vainiomäki
Using Twins to Resolve the Twin Problem of Having a Bad Job and a Low Wage
(forthcoming in: Manchester School, 2017)
8205  Petri Böckerman
Ohto Kanninen
Ilpo Suoniemi
A Kink that Makes You Sick: The Incentive Effect of Sick Pay on Absence
(substantially revised version available here)
8029  Petri Böckerman
Alex Bryson
Jutta Viinikainen
Christian Hakulinen
Laura Pulkki-Raback
Olli Raitakari
Biomarkers and Long-term Labour Market Outcomes: The Case of Creatine
(published in: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017, 142, 259-274)
7754  Mika Haapanen
Petri Böckerman
Does Higher Education Enhance Migration?
(published as "More Educated, More Mobile? Evidence from Post-secondary Education Reform" in: Spatial Economic Analysis, 2017, 12 (1), 8-26)
7424  Petri Böckerman
Jari Vainiomäki
Stature and Life-Time Labor Market Outcomes: Accounting for Unobserved Differences
(published in: Labour Economics, 2013, 24 (1), 86-96)
7399  Petri Böckerman
Mika Maliranta
Outsourcing, Occupational Restructuring, and Employee Well-Being: Is There a Silver Lining?
(published in: Industrial Relations, 2013, 52 (4), 878-914)
4013  Petri Böckerman
Ulla Hämäläinen
Roope Uusitalo
Labour Market Effects of the Polytechnic Education Reform: The Finnish Experience
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 2009, 28 (6), 672-681)