Luis Diaz-Serrano
Research Fellow

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too w Diaz-Serrano Luis Diaz-Serrano is full professor in Economics at the Rovira i Virgili University. He received his BA in both Statistics and Market Research from the University of Barcelona (1993, 1995), and his MSc in Quantitative and Regional Economics from the University of Barcelona (1997). He completed his PhD in Economics (2001) at the Rovira i Virgili University. His research interests focus on labour economics, behavioral economics, housing economics, health economics, immigration economics and applied microeconometrics.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in January 2004.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10700  Luis Diaz-Serrano
William Nilsson
The Reliability of Students' Earnings Expectations
10338  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Frank Gyimah Sackey
Do Leaders' Characteristics and Regime Transitions in Africa Matter for Citizens' Health Status?
10323  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Frank Gyimah Sackey
Empowering the Vulnerable to Be Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Test on the Effectiveness of the Ghana Microfinance Policy 2006
9044  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Enric Meix-Llop
Do Schools Discriminate Against Homosexual Parents? Evidence from an Internet Field Experiment
(published in: Economics of Education Review, 2016, 53, 133-142.)
9008  Judit Albiol Sanchez
Luis Diaz-Serrano
Graciela Teruel
Is Self-employment a Way to Escape from Skill Mismatches?
8999  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Frank Gyimah Sackey
Is Rationing in the Microfinance Sector Determined by the Microfinance Type? Evidence from Ghana
8110  Joop Hartog
Luis Diaz-Serrano
Why Do We Ignore the Risk in Schooling Decisions?
(published in: De Economist, 2015, 163, 125-153)
7793  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Jessica Pérez
Impact of Duration of Primary Education on School Outcomes: A Cross-Country Analysis
7661  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Jessica Pérez
Do More Educated Leaders Raise Citizens' Education?
6722  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Enric Meix-Llop
Do Fiscal and Political Decentralization Raise Students' Performance? A Cross-Country Analysis
5647  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
Decentralization, Happiness and the Perception of Institutions
(published as 'Decentralization, Subjective Well-Being and the Perception of Institutions' in: Kyklos, 2012, 65 (2), 179-193)
5578  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Josep M. Raya
Is there Discriminatory Mortgage Pricing against Immigrants in the Spanish Lending Market?
(published as 'Mortgages, immigrants and discrimination: An analysis of the interest rates in Spain' in: Regional Science & Urban Economics, 2014, 45, 22-32)
5338  Meritxell Solé
Luis Diaz-Serrano
Marisol Rodriguez Martinez
Work, Risk and Health: Differences between Immigrants and Natives in Spain
(published as 'Disparities in Work, Risk, and Health between Immigrants and Native-Born' in: Social Science and Medicine, 179-187)
4693  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Do Legal Immigrants and Natives Compete in the Labour Market? Evidence from Catalonia
(published as 'Immigrants, Natives and Job Quality: Evidence from Spain' in: International Journal of Manpower, 2013, 34 (7), 753-775)
4124  Santiago Budría
Luis Diaz-Serrano
Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell
Joop Hartog
Risk Attitude and Wage Growth: Replication and Reconstruction
(published as "Risk-Aversion and Income Growth: Replicating Shaw (1996)" in: Empirical Economics, 2013, 44 (2), 981-1004)
2569  Veneta Andonova
Luis Diaz-Serrano
Political Institutions and the Development of Telecommunications
(published as 'Political Institutions and the Development of Telecommunications', Journal of Development Economics, 2009, 89, 77-83)
2318  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Housing Satisfaction, Homeownership and Housing Mobility: A Panel Data Analysis for Twelve EU Countries
(published as 'Mobility and housing satisfaction: an empirical analysis for 12 EU countries ' : Journal of Economic Geography, 2010, 10 (5), 661-683 )
1558  Luis Diaz-Serrano
José António Cabral Vieira
Low Pay, Higher Pay and Job Satisfaction within the European Union: Empirical Evidence from Fourteen Countries
1396  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Income Volatility and Residential Mortgage Delinquency: Evidence from 12 EU Countries
(published as 'Income volatility and residential mortgage delinquency across the EU' in: Journal of Housing Economics, 2005, 14 (3), 153-177)
1355  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Joop Hartog
Is There a Risk-Return Trade-Off across Occupations? Evidence from Spain
(published as 'Is there a risk-return trade-off in educational choices? Evidence from Spain' in: Investigaciones Economicas, 2006, 30 (2), 353-380)
1214  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Donal O'Neill
The Relationship between Unemployment and Risk-Aversion
1208  Luis Diaz-Serrano
On the Negative Relationship between Labor Income Uncertainty and Homeownership: Risk Aversion vs. Credit Constraints
(published in: Journal of Housing Economics, 2005, 14 (2), 109-126)
1008  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Labour Income Uncertainty, Risk Aversion and Home Ownership
(published as 'Labor income uncertainty, skewness and homeownership: A panel data study for Germany and Spain ' in: Journal of Urban Economics, 2005, 58 (1), 156-176)
963  Luis Diaz-Serrano
Joop Hartog
Helena Skyt Nielsen
Compensating Wage Differentials for Schooling Risk in Denmark
(published in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2008, 110(4), 711-731)
641  Joop Hartog
Luis Diaz-Serrano
Earnings Risk and Demand for Higher Education: A Cross-Section Test for Spain
(published in: Journal of Applied Economics, 2007, 10 (1) , 1-28)